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I am just over a month of diabetes diagnosis. I was put on metformin twice a day. I just went to new primary care and she wants to add Ozempic injections once a week. She says it has also helped with weight loss. Has anyone tried this yet?  And if so any advice or reviews?

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    Not familiar with this and wonder if weight loss is the main factor behind it. Would be interested to follow your question and responses.

    Best of luck.

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    Don't know anything about this one specifically, but that class of medicines is widely used now - in spite of a somewhat scary list of warnings.  But frequently metformin alone is not enough, even if you are limiting your diet properly and getting daily exercise as you MUST.

    What are your BG numbers, what was your A1C at diagnosis?

    And if you would like to say, just how much weight do you stand to lose?

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      My bg numbers range from 121-189....but average around 150.  At diagnosis my A1C was 9.2. Honestly....I should probably lose 60-70 lbs but would be happy with 50
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      Vickie, that sounds just like me. My sugar spikes are worrisome because it can cause organ and nerve damage. It's so difficult to control bg because I enjoy eating but today's foods are loaded with sugar and starch. What are we to do ? Eat lettuce for 6 months? I just ate a piece of cake and now I feel like ... Need some more willpower and words of encouragement.

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      Vickie snd Bori, it could be you have multiple subclinical health issues.

      I say this from experience. I have thyroid disease and have had an extremely difficult time treating it. The meds I was taking for my thyroid (didn't help the thyroid symptoms) cause increased blood sugar levels. Meanwhile, since the meds didn't work ss expected , the thyroid disease carried on, which can lead to chronic pancreatitis and rkevated a1c. But now after 5 years of meds tgat didnt treat the thyroid disease AND caused massive side effects, I’m pretty much a hot mess. The concern of high blood sugar not even worth my time to test, considering all the other stuff I’m dealing with and the autoimmune disease so bad from the thyroid meds that I wouldn’t dare risk taking more meds. And let’s not forget the massive weight gain caused by this lovely combination of thyroid disease, ineffective meds and  side effects.

      Between mysekf and caring fir my mother, I track all the known side effects of drugs and read many posts. My conclusion is that the “known” side effects disclosed by drug companies are limited to the side effects that are highly likely, not rare. I take the side effects of medications VERY seriously!

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    Ask your dr. if the metformin would be enough to keep your blood sugar levels within 80 and 115. I say this because some doctors participate and get rewarded for pushing certain drugs.
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      Bori us right. Docs never tell you that you can control with diet and exercise.  I can’t tell you how much easier it is for my mom now that she’s off the meds!!!!

      I was told she would never be off  meds. But it took less than 6 months of proper diet, supplements and acupuncture to restabilize her blood sugar levels.

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    Vickie, good that youre doing research on the meds.

    I look after my diabetic mother. She’s used insulin daily and then with dietary changes, transitioned to metformin and  eventually went off metformin. 

    You might want to read the information about side effects on the manufacturer’s websites. Its important to read all the information because, well, reading about the side effects motivated me to help my mother improve her diet to try and  control her diabetes

    I was shocked when I found that many diabetes meds cause diabetes and diabetic complications. 

    My mom was on insulin with every meal, morning and night. I don’t remember the name of the two types she was on- long and short acting insulin. She never took the weekly injection. 

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    Ozempic is meant as an adjunct to diet and and exercise. I think it's fairly new as there isn't a lot of data regarding side effects in humans only that a rapid decline in blood glucose can worsen renal function and retinal


    And yes drug companies do offer incentives to Dr's that push their drugs as do local authorities for detection rates.

    I work in blood sciences and it seems like everyone over the age of 40 who's overweight gets a diabetic screen or a glucose tolerance test if they visit their Dr.

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      Hi Kelly, thanks for posting. Ironic that its known to cause rensl problens. Kidney function is very linked to diabetes.

      As I’ve looked after my mother for the last two years, I’ve been through at least 25 different meds with her. Every single medication causes kidney or liver problems or both.  When these two organs are compromised you get very rapid decline in health.  Both kidney and liver regulate fluids and elimination of toxins that greatly affect circulation and toxicity in the body. 

      While mom was in hospice, we took her off all the meds. We were told she would die without the meds. Now, the withdrawl of the meds was very bad and caused a bunch of temporary problems that nearly killed her. Even so, her health improved rapidly once off  the meds. The hospice nurse said it is very typical that when people are taken off meds, their health improves and they recover from their illnesses. That was nearly two years ago. My mother has a very strict diet and recieves regular acupuncture and chiropractic treatment. She’s doing fabulous without meds, taking herbs and supplements instead. 

      It’s certainly worthwhile to look into diet, supplements and alternatives. Keep in mind that vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause a lot of health problems.

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      What a miracle I swear some of these meds wreak more havoc on our bodies then the good they are supposed to do

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      yes Kdlz, I watch the old TV reruns with mom. There are tons if class-action lawsuits: many are for diabetes drugs. Drug manufacturers avoid full disclosures.

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    My new doctor prescribed Ozempic to me 3 days ago. I am type 2 diabetic brought on by side effects of a daily pill I take for post-breast cancer. I’m on metformin and gliclacide. She suggested the Ozempic and not the gliclacide. My A1C is 6.8 and rarely do I run high numbers. I weigh 158 lbs and am active every day biking or walking. I started .25 mg Ozempic 3 days ago and have had terrible nausea and diahhrea constantly. Went in to see her today to say I do not want to take it and she suggested taking 1/2 of the dose next. My brief experience has not been good - it’s no wonder a person loses weight as food is revolting to me right now with my stomach churning. My numbers are lower because I’m barely eating anything.  Not sure I’ll stick it out. Feeling like crap doesn’t work for me. Hope others have a better experience than me.  Sorry I don’t have great news about it.

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