Can UTI's cause permanent damage?

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Hi everyone, 

I know I post on here a lot but when I google I never get a straight answer and even when I ask my doctor I don't either it's just so confusing. 

I keep asking if UTI's can cause damage to the bladder but the only responses I get are 'they can move to the kidneys and cause more damage'. I already know this, but I wanted to know if it can cause any further damage to the bladder itself rather than the kidneys. I've had UTI's for years and years but sometimes when I have no uti i can feel a random burning pain but the doctors don't think its interstitial cystitis. 

I was wondering if a lot of UTI's in childhood or untreated UTI's can cause structural damage to the bladder or urethra?

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    I've never heard of this being possible so I doubt any long term irreparable damage occurs as the bladder is very tough.

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    I dont know the answer to that question as i dont think drs know.  I have not only repeated utis for three months now, but pain in bladder area, yet no cystitis pain. Have you had tests done to check bladder over?
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    Hi Danielle, firstly there is no problems with you posting on here a lot. It good to have support from fellow sufferers. Secondly I am thinking that the answer is no. The reason being that I have had all types of catheters, botox and other medical liquids in my bladder for over 31 years and I have NOT as of yet got anything to suggest that my bladder is getting upset. However, having spasms and non stop infections including pain, spasms, burning and ripping feeling it still seems to be fine. I am meant to be seeing a leading specialist soon as they are suspecting cancer as I am currently in the gates of hell with spasms and bleeding I Will ask this question for you and post it on here. The reason they focus on the kidneys is they're very much needed where as a bladder can be re routed without causing too much problems. If you are concerned about your bladder you can ask for a second opinion from another specialist. Healing wishes to all. Pammi.

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    Hi Danielle, Ive been suffering as much as you do  & consuming carbonated cranberry juice did help a little. I did all the blood test & ultrasounds hundreds of times yet the doctor told me that my bladder is fine & in good condition although almost on daily basis i feel like i have uti. I need to drink 2-3litre of water to keep the pain mild. Have you done any tests ? 

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      Hi yaya

      Thank you for responding.

      The reason I ask this question is because when I was eleven I had a bad uti I didn't tell my parents about until two days of unbearable pain. Antibiotics got rid of it but ever since then I haven't had a normal bathroom experience. There's always been a mild discomfort that I've gotten so used to it doesn't bother me anymore, however I kno it is not normal. Occasionally it can get very uncomfortable when I don't drink enough but not uti level pain.

      I've had ultrasounds done which found no abnormalities. I've also had blood test and extensive urine tests that have found nothing wrong (unless I have a Uti then bacteria and cells). I also get extremely red down there andthe skin can burn.

      I'll be getting more tests done soon.

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      Yes I can see now why this would be of concern. Hopefully after all testing is complete you will have the answers you need and get help should you need it. Not being crude about it and if you don't want to answer that's okay but the soreness.. Maybe it could be a skin condition of some kind. I am saying this as recently I had a red hot lower abdominal area and very red in the ladies area and it turned out that I had a skin infection. Just a thought. Anyway I wish you well.

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      I have now had uti since may and frequency during night.  They have tried many antibiotics but nothing stops symptoms, now the last culture was clear but i still have symptoms.  Is it going to take a while for all this to calm down, theyve put me on a lowdose trimethroprim but it is making me feel so sick i cant tolerate it. Anti nausea pills needed.  Dr says see urologist.  I would like ultrasound first, do you think he will do that or go straight for cystoscopy?
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      Just out of interest what tests can they do for this? I only know cystoscopy and dont really want it but symptoms wont go.
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      Dannielle, i first had my bad uti on the age of 22, Im 24 now, then I took antibiotics and the pain is gone, except, ever since that day I also experience mild discomfort after peeing, I also do need to drink a lot of water per day to keep peeing & to keep avoiding the pain severe. I am used to the mild burning sensation as well. That weird huh ?? Sometimes im ok. Sometimes i dont. Ive been to urologist, urogynaecology, gynae, all of them ruled out everything was fine. I dont know what to do ,

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      Hi yaya,

      It looks like you might be at the beginning of what I have copped for the past 12 years. I really hope that is not the case. While it's nice to find someone who can relate and understand it's sad that other people are going through this.

      Have they also ruled out interstitial cystitis?

      That hasn't been ruled out for me just yet but they don't think I have the condition.

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      Hi Pammi,

      Interestingly enough whenever I take antibiotics the skin burn and redness/swelling decreases almost like it's a skin infection. My doctor suggested cellulitis but I will be speaking to my specialist about this tomorrow

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      They did the scanning etc and ruled out thats its just cytitis, will do the further check up with another urologist next mnth. We really need to change doctors just to get the right opinion. I hope the next doctor im seeing will do the further tests on me cause i cant bare this pain anymore. It’s depressing and i sometimes cry hardly at night. Have you tried D mannose ?? Cystoscopy? ct Scan ? Thank you dannielle I hope both of us one day will get better and free from uti
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      Yaya it sounds like yours is a lot worse than mine as I can quite easily live with mine, but perhaps that's because I grew up with it and never really discussed it with a doctor until this year.

      I think getting different doctors opinions is a great idea. I have know just started seeing my urogynecologist.

      I haven't had any of those scans yet, but I'm hoping I'll be scheduled for a few so that we can see if there's anything causing my everyday discomfort as well as my susceptibility to these urinary infections.

      I have never tried D mannose, but it has been reccommended

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      Hi ann

      From my experience that do a process of elimination to try and find a diagnosis. So far I've had an ultrasound which has come up clear but if symptoms persist more testing will be done and procedures to eliminate other possibilities. I'm unsure of other tests they can do

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      I have had this uti for some months now and lots of different antibiotics but it seems stuck.

      all dr has arranged is cystoscopy. Ut i feel it is more than that, sometimes i feel it might be bowel pressing on it.  What can i ask for in way of tests? Could a cat scan show if theres somehting else there?  I am beginning to be very depressed about it all and am scared.

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      Sorry to hear that dear. Yes CT scan should  show if any abnormalities shown. It is more clearly to diagnose rather than just the normal scanning. I hope everything would be ok for us afterwards. Will keep you guys updated after my check ups ❤️
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      Yes dannielle, its quite hard for me that I am married actually, and Im sexually active, my uti usually gone bad after intercourses, that is depressing me lol 😪 I have to go to toilet like more than 6 times a day & maybe because I drank a lot of water as well. Will keep u updated after my further check ups, and let me know if D mannose is working for you after you taken it. Thank you dannielle ??

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