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Can warfarin cause mood swings?

I've been on warfarin for just over a year after suffering a second DVT and seem to be suffering mood swings and getting irate at things that would not have bothered me before taking the warfarin. I had no problems of any sort the first time i took warfarin but this time had memory probs, head fog, tiredness and now mood swings. I am a bit worried that my job as a lecturer might suffer. Has anyone else had these mood swings?

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  • rob60599

    I've been on Warfarin now for almost a year, and haven't noticed these symptoms. I was very wary when told I had to start on Warfarin, as I had read and heard so many stories of people suffering all sorts of side effects, but I guess I must be one of the lucky ones, or maybe I just suit Warfarin, because , to date, I don't seem to have had any side effects at all. It might be the Warfarin causing these symptoms in your case, but I think I would err on the side of caution and maybe have some hormone level tests done if the symptoms persist.

    • lucy02639

      Hi Lucy, thanks for the reply. I didn't have any side effects the first time I was on warfarin at all. This second time though, I've had allsorts. From doing a bit of research it does appear to be males who suffer mood swings more at ages 40 + which is the category i fit into.

  • rob60599

    I've been on it for less than a week now and find I am angry and upset a lot of the time. I too must teach and feel inordinately irritated with my students. Now maybe I am going through an adjustment period psychologically. Having a PE is, after all, a life altering diagnosis. But, this rage I'm experiencing is very out of character.

    • Revansca51

      Hi Revansca, my advice to you is to keep a check on your mood swings as it could be used against you at somepoint. Small things just seem to really annoy you or you feel really down. I've been on Warfarin for over 2 years now and it cost me dearly in terms of both my teaching and my personal relationships. Employers pick up on this side effect and can make a big deal out of it.  If i knew then what i know now i would have changed to another medication. Hope this helps.

  • rob60599

    Hi Rob

    I hope you are well.

    In my experience warfarin was awful and probably the worst thing I have ever experienced.

    I got symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood swings, heart racing, exhaustion, joint pain you name it.

    I only discovered this when I stopped taking the warfarin and all of those symptoms disappeared. I would suggest trying one of the newer forms of anticoagulant until you find one that doesn't cause you as many side effects, at least for me that was the case.

    Hope this helps.

  • rob60599

    Hello Rob

    First of all I hope your moodswings are now a thing of the past. I've been on Warfarin for 40 years and antidepressants on and off for most of my adult life. I had a dvt in my left calf at age 19 and then suffered with a further 4 during the next 5 years, after which I was put on long term Warfarin. On reflection this seemed to coincide with the onset of depression. About a year ago I felt the antidepressants weren't working very well and at Christmas 2017 I was very low and weaned myself off the antidepressants (under my GP's supervision). I've been "clean" for about 4 weeks now, however not without probIems. The depression has returned, along with mood swings, aggression, crying episodes, extreme anxiety especially first thing in the morning, Going to the gym, meditation and even a lightbox for SAD arent having any effect now and a trip to the GP will mean yet another SSRI. I'm on the waiting list for counselling. After to speaking to a friend who is a holistic therapist with a medical background it was suggested that Warfarin could be causing my depression, I'm now trying to find out anything I can about a possible relationship between Warfarin and depression. After reading yours and others' similar experiences I'm hopeful I can get some insight into dealing effectively with and taking control of this dreadful,insidious disease.

  • rob60599

    Hi Rob, Thanks for posting this. I was thinking I was the only one that blood thinners made angry. It's not just one of them!! Rat poison and my brain DO NOT GET ALONG!! They also give me serious panic attacks that I still have to take medication for. Those started when I was prescribed xarelto 2 years ago. Praying you have you situation worked out I went holistic/ herbal and am feeling much better.

    I now totally question everything my Doctors wants to do and prescribe to me.

    Good Luck

  • rob60599

    Having been allergic to blood thinners from day one, because I had a stroke, my first experience was that with the first blood thinners,  i went to out completely,  and afterwards, i was then put  on another type of blood thinner, but again, i could not move all morning  because of a high temperature.  Afterwhich, I was given Warfarin - used for all factors of very high blood pressures.  The reason given was that I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation and therefore, I had to follow suit, otherwise,  i was putting my life in danger. For this,  I was stuck with Warfarin for two years.  For many reasons  through the above circumstances,  I became  determined to discover herbal medicine use which  avoids high blood pressure, however, you cannot mix herbal medicine with Warfarin and other blood thinners.  For two years, i have been on one herbal medicine  successfully - stick on the herbal choice  that is appropriate for your well being.  Another alternative could be ones interest in Homeopathic Medicine.  

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