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  • wendywilts 3


    Hi all, looking for advice, I am female 65, had a small tia last year, was put on Clopidogrel until 10days ago when changed to low dose asprin, spoke to doctor and told also ok to take omega 3 supplements, I Bruise so so easily ever since beginning the Clopidogrel, but i understand it to be a side

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  • shannon20985 2


    I would like to here from people who decided not to take anticoagulants and why. Most of the forums I have read seem to say that anticoagulants are a must if you are female and 65. 

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  • ann55375 5


    dr has today told me that it was a mistake to put me on 2.5 twice daily,. i am now told the therpeutic dose is 5mg twice daily. i am very confused anyone comment on their dosage

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  • adame76 2
  • rob60599 3

    Can warfarin cause mood swings?

    I've been on warfarin for just over a year after suffering a second DVT and seem to be suffering mood swings and getting irate at things that would not have bothered me before taking the warfarin. I had no problems of any sort the first time i took warfarin but this time had memory probs, head fog,

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  • ann55375 5
  • Deathwish 1
  • gillian81509 5
  • kay19801 3

    Rivaroxaban - muscle aches

    I had been on warfarin for 16 years and since January 2017 I was switched to Rivaroxaban, about 4 weeks ago I have noticed extreme muscle aches, like my lower back, my right leg, I get out of bed and feels like I have been exercising all anyone experienced this on Riva?  I am only 36

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  • ann55375 5


    i have anxiety and depression and take warfarin.  Dr suggested trying apixaban but i have heard some people feel awful on it, even having suicidal thoughts.  Can anyone give me some experiences so I can make a decision  

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  • don21900 1

    Joint Pain From Warfarin ?

    I have been on Warfarin for 10 months and have shoulder pain that started for no reason. Has anyone experinced shoulder inflamation/tendonitis pains on movement from Warfarin?

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  • nadejda03772 1
  • kate07761 3

    Anyone else feel much better coming off Apixaban?

    It's only a few days and I have progressed from stopping Flecanide to stopping Apixaban.   Maybe its a bit early to say but I can really sense a difference coming off the Apixaban.     Have others experienced benefits coming off.     I'm sure my alertness is improved and less thick headaches. Lots

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  • murray13882 2

    Warfarin and beta blockers

    Hi, I'm 63 year old male, with average weight and keep fit. I had my aortic valve replacement 3.5 years ago and my mitral valve repaired. I take warfarin and my INR is table. My cardiologist told me a year ago that I do not need to take beta blockers as I was on warfarin. They were causing me

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  • ann55375 5

    Warfarin to apixaban side effects

    anyone with any comments about this changeover? i am more nauseous each day and ibs has returned  since changing over.  I am also,having pro lemsmwith sleep, waking a lot in night. i am on lactose free diet and I heard apixaban is made with it so that could explain some of it. anyone had to

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  • sarah2805 1

    Are there any serving police officers on warfarin

    My husband had a PE last year and no cause can be established, he has no blood condition diagnosed and did not have a DVT but the consultants have differing opinions, one said warfarin for 6. Months and the other lifelong. In addition to this his work have said they may look to medically retire

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  • jordi77 2

    Increase in blood pressure with Warfarin

    I'm 40yo male, reasonably healthy apart that I've had a DVT in my left arm at the end of January. This is my second DVT, after a similar one in May 2015. We tried Apixaban, but had to discontinue due to a mild reaction. So now on Warfarin for 2.5 months (and presumably for life). I take either 8

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  • ann55375 5

    Change anticoagulant

    anyone tried apixaban and had anxiety/depression/fatigue/insomnia? considering going back to warfarin has anyone done that?

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  • samantha 60074 3
  • youngatheart1 5

    does apixiban cause levels of iron to drop

    Hi, I have high levels of iron but since taking thinners from December my level has come down considerably.  Before I go into panic mode over internal bleeding, do blood thinners have an effect on iron levels  Thanks

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  • ann55375 5


    just started this and have had no voice now. Just like laryngitis. Cant face another change of meds!  I think it is a side effect, any comments. 

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  • nigel0151 2

    Apixaban Side Effects?

    I have a history of DVT's and Pulmonary Embolisms that started for me after orthopaedic surgery to my right knee in November 1990. I had a DVT to my right calf, which was regarded to be a provoked DVT. Subsequent DVT's and PE's over the years have all been unprovoked. My last episode of a PE

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  • youngatheart1 5

    What to expect

    Hi all, a bit scared about being given apixoban, found a DVT behind knee and upper thigh.  Concerns are that after taking, now on day 2 have a headache and feel like I am getting the flu, a bit dizzy and achy, was on heparin injections for 2 days so blood thinners in one form or another now for 4 days. ...

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  • ann55375 5
  • Tez22 3

    Help me get off subutex please

    11 years ago I was referred to the drug and alcohol service after a 8 month addiction to codeine I was taking approx 400mg of codeine a day I ewas placed on a prescription of 8mg subutex with no warning how this actually worked ,my behaviour changed dramatically and became quite a volatile person.I

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  • ann55375 5
  • ann55375 5

    Warfarin to apixaban

    since bilateral have to be anticoag for life.  Been on warfrarin couple of years now dr suggests apixaban.  I am already on snri and wonder if anyone else uses anticoagulant with anti depressant and if there are any problems

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  • nigel0151 2

    Abnormal Liver Function Tests

    Dear All, I was invited to attend my Doctor's Surgery to discuss the results of my liver function tests, which were abnormal. I am new to this GP's Surgery and was seen by the Practice Nurse to discuss the abnormal results. The first question that I was asked was 'Do you drink a lot'? I do not

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  • Gilldy 2

    Left atrial appendage closure- is this a cure?

    Hi - I'm new here - had a stroke 6 weeks ago and told it was a-fib. No advice from doctors so did an internet search and came across left atrial appendage closure. Apparently they've been doing this for about 15 years and when it's done you can come off anticoagulants. This would be great as I've

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  • glenys52251 2

    Rivaroxaban been on for 6months

    HI, Had two embolisms 4 years apart first time put on Warfarin for 6 months with no problems then after embolism in July put on Warfarin again and got aches and pains so changed to Rivaroxaban which is even worse muscle pain weekness sometimes in hands other times in shoulders or knees feel as

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  • Mark Wright 1

    General Tiredness Knee & Shoulder Pain

    I was diagnosed with bi lateral PE's after being taken ill on 12thJune 2008 I have now been on warfarin since 19th June (3 months) I have found that I am feeling more and more tired and I am now experiencing shoulder and knee pain has anybody else had a similar experience? the other thing I have

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  • holly75952 3

    short but frequent nosebleeds

    I'm taking Dabigatran and i've had the occasional nosebleed since i starteed it however i've had at least two nose bleeds a day for the past 4/5 days. Does anyone else experience this? ​The nosebleeds don't last long at all (a few seconds up to a couple of minutes) but I've had 3 today already and

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  • anne 44958 2

    Taking Warfarin

    I am sorry that so many people have problems with this, but please remember that many people take it successfully, and although it is often far from perfect, we are lucky to have the care that we do have. I just felt that this sometimes needs pointing out

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  • Guest M


    I have just been on warfarin for 6 months for a left femoral dvt,during the prescribing phase no information was given to me,and I am shocked to find out myslef after having an episode were my vision went very weird with associated vomiting for 5 hours that warfarin is a neurotoxin and can in some

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  • rosina 1948 2

    Back pain

    Been on rivaroxan for just 7 days went shopping today terrible back pain funny feels in parts of body didn't feel right at all had afib 8 days ago anyone else had this ?

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