Is it safe to take 5 htp while on apixaban 2.5mg?

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hey guys

i hope all is well.

i am a 27 year old guy who was prescribed life long anticoagulant therapy due to an idiosyncratic VTE about 6 years ago.

ever since iv been on anticoagulants i have been suffering with difficult side effects such as depression, fatigue and nervousness. i have managed to control them but its still difficult.

Recently i came across a supplement called 5HTP, which apparently helps with these symptoms and is OTC.

however before i take it i have bee. extremely worried about its interaction with apixaban and whether its safe to take it. Having spoken to my Dr. about it, he didnt seem to know too much and just said there is no trial data on this subject.

As such o am stuck with what to do. please help.

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    I used to get very bad anxiety and depression when I was on apixaban but when I changed to tinzaparin injections the anxiety completely went away. Also I got terrible chest pains and really bad breathing which go a lot better when I changed meds. Have you tried out different anticoagulants? It maybe a reaction to apixaban.

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      Hey moon

      thanks for your reply I appreciate it at least I feel like I'm not the only one.

      As you can tell from my question the side effects I got from apixaban rivaroxaban warfarin and heparin included terrible anxiety depression and sadness.

      AlI I only know this because when I stop them all these feelings went away and it wasn't a placebo as it was for an extended period.

      the the reason why I asked about 5 HTP is because I have been researching the apparently it helps to cure these bad symptoms without being a prescribed drug.

      as far as I know so far apixaban seems to be the best out of the 5 I have tried but it's still causing problems as I know I am not myself.

      I have bought 5 HTP but I'm terrified of possible interaction and if it's safe to take it. I know you might not know moksha boat as you can probably tell I'm quite worried.

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      I took 5htp in my 20s when I had very bad anxiety and depression, it had a weird affect on my heart. It became very irregular and I had weird jumpy moments on it. But having said that I didn't get on too well with any prescription antidepressants or anti anxiety tablets either. I think it is important before taking them just to mention it to your doctor, just in case they know something about it. My doctor had never heard of 5htp when I told him about it affecting my heart though! I hope it works for you though because I remember all to well the anxiety and depression.

      Just out of interest, does it list depression and anxiety as side effects in the packet of apixaban? I feel like quite a few of the side effects I had weren't listed. Do you get chest pains or breathing issues?

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      A useful website I have found to check out drug interactions and side effects is webmd have a look at that. It is good because it lists prescribed drugs and herbal ones too.

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      Hey Moon

      Thanks again for your suggestions.

      having having just taking 5 HTP today I already see a massive improvement. the only side effect I have so far is slight heartburn.

      but I hope it's just bearable because I'm willing to go through that if it helps with the other problems if you know what I mean.

      I'm I'm currently taking 100 mg per day or 5 HTP is there a reasonable dose or is it high do you know?


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      also yes you are right a lot of the side effects I experienced on all anticoagulants I was on we're not listed.

      this made it very tricky to explain to doctors about the issues, however I am glad I went through trial and error to find this out.

      as you will see you in my next reply, the 5 HTP seems to be doing exactly what it says on the tin very well.

      II suppose I just have to give it some more time to find out if I will get any more side effects, if any.

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      I am not sure about dosage but you are supposed to take them with food, I don't know if that will help with the heartburn.

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    Hi Adame,

    I was put on apixaban for 3 months but after a month I stopped taking it as the side effects were awful. Sickness, headaches, dizziness, they were at first mild but just on the month they got so bad along with anxiety, my whole body was shaking inside it was horrible. I know all that is not answering your question, my hubby was on two anti coagulants aspirin and a drug called ticagrelor and he takes it without problems. 5HTP is not a anticoagulant therefore no reason to interact.

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      Hey Jen

      thanks thanks very much for your reply it's a great help. it sounds like you also had some problems on apixaban, so at least I'm not the only one hehe.

      The only thing that gets me very worried is that whether I was on apixaban or rivaroxaban or warfarin or heparin, ,they all seem to have similar side effects which seem to listen when I come off them.

      Trouble is I can't come off it because the doctor told me that it's taking a big risk, so I just did some research and found out that there is a supplement called 5 HTP which apparently increases serotonin which helps with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

      However my fear is that may cause other side effects if you know what I mean more importantly will it affect bleeding time. I already asked my doctor but even he didn't really know so that also worries me.

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      I have had a look and there are no interactions reported by people who have taken these together as I said before 5HTP is not an anticoagulant. I take natural anticoagulants and these are the things that can increase bleeding if taken with the pharmaceutical drugs.

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    Ask yourself why are you depressed. Once you figure this out, you will know exactly what to do to defeat this issue. Sometimes its not medication alone that is the answer, but actions we decide to take.

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