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maryterese maryterese

Can you increase your blood oxygen level with exercise?

I am supposedly mild but my oxygen has gone from 98 to 96, sometimes 95. Of course I check it about 20 times a day, sometimes it is 97. Does anyone know if there are ways to increase the blood oxygen level? Does deep breathing help?

Also does anyone do strength training, upper body?

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  • Nanny1086 maryterese

    Hi ,firstly my copd nurse who looks after me ,,,told me to put my Oxymeter back in the draw ,,as like you I was obsessed with checking my levels, it would seem your oxygen levels are similar to me ,,,but I'm never 98 ,,,,,

    yesterday when I saw the nurse my level was 94 and she said that was ok ,

    as I understand it ,,,,exersise opens your air ways which helps get oxygen in to your lungs,which in turn increases your levels ,that's why they reccomend attending the pulmary rehab course, I'm assuming you've been diagnosed with copd?????. If so 98 97 96 levels are good, best wishes ,


  • jude65855 maryterese

    I don't know if exercise could increase your oxygen levels, but deep breathing isn't recommended for people with COPD, because it results in even more carbon dioxide being trapped in the avioli.   I was taught at rehab to breathe in normally but breathe out as long as possible to empty the lungs as much as possible before taking another breath.   

    Upper body strength training is definitely helpful as are learning correct breathing techniques and most importantly, WHEN TO STOP....   the most important thing I learned at rehab was that it's pointless to "soldier on" with COPD because it just takes you longer to recover when you run out of breath:  better to stop and rest before it gets to that stage

  • hypercat maryterese

    Hi I am mild/moderate copd and my oxygen levels can fall to 91.   It's only a cause to worry if they start falling below around 88.  I think yours is fine and nothing to worry about. 

    Checking it 20 times a day is unecessary and a bit obsessive so try and cut that down.  It only makes you worry too much!  x

  • hypercat maryterese

    I am just sitting here and taken my sats.  They are 92 but I feel fine.  I wish mine were as high as yours!  x


    • maryterese hypercat

      Mine are pretty good but I don't sleep well, wake up every 2 hours, and have a dull headache in the morning. Do you? Does it not mean that oxygen is getting lower? The headache goes away after a couple of hours.

  • hypercat maryterese

    As far as I know a headache doesn't mean lack of oxygen.   Finding it hard to breathe would I guess,   But I think you are worrying over nothing and have got a bit obsessed with it.   Anxiety won't help your illness will it?  But I have never heard of anyone with mild copd needing oxygen as this is usually at the severe levels and only if your oxygen level regularly falls to below 88%.   You are a long way from that so stop panicking please!  x

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