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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

New discussion Join group Also known as Alpha 1-antitrypsin Deficiency, Bronchitis - Chronic, COPD, Emphysema, Inhalers for COPD, Smoker's Cough

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  • Vee2 5

    Tips + Know the difference

    If you wish to check further about the different lung conditions to gain a greater understandanding do check out Patient UK pages, just type the condition in the search box top right. Below are three patient UK page links, Asthma, Bronchiectasis and COPD.  Sometimes people group all lung condition

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  • sherylbceroc 2
  • samantha17749 1


    Hi my dad as been diagnosed with emphysema and cor pulmonale can anyone give me any information please and what life expectenancy

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  • matthewmanaw 1

    Weight Loss

    I have chronic bronchitis and I've lost so much weight. How do I regain the weight I've lost? Please help.

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  • Shandra55 1

    copd what will get this junk out of my lungs?

    I am in the last stages of copd or so they say. My biggest problem is flare ups and all that junk in my lungs. I take seveal inhalers but is there anything I can take that will bring this mucus up?  Any help I will be grateful for. Thanks

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  • LouAnne8000 2

    Stage 4

    My dr. recently said I was in Stage 4 of COPD. I feel like I've been here for years! Does anyone know how this progresses? I'm on 30mg of steroids and on oxygen 24/7. It is very difficult to do housework, but I think I'm ok. Am I just hanging on waiting for a really bad flare up?

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  • Nanny10 2

    Copd and pleurisy

    my husbands family have all died from lung cancer.  He has very severe copd and uses am bipap machine at night. He gave up smoking on diagnosis.  We manage exacerbations with emergency medicines. He has now developed pleurisy which is being treated with antibiotics.  His sister developed this

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  • will24 3

    Quick question regarding results

    27 yr old male,I am currently in the middle of being diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disorders and had to undergo a lot of pulminary function testing. My family doctor did not understand the results so i have to wait 3 months until i see the neruomuscular specalisist again. The breathing test

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  • deanne77778 2

    How to deal with a COPD flare-up

    Hi Lovely People, I have just finished a five day course of antibiotics and steroids for a flare-up but I am still SOB and coughing.  Does this mean I need a second course please?  Of course, it's the Easter week-end and I can't get hold of my nurse or pharmasist.  I'm not desperate but I'm a bit

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  • Secerbus 2

    Spirometry results again!

    Hello guys. I posted a while back that I had gotten a 84% on my spirometry and thought this wasn't my FEV1 predicted as the doctor had told me my results were really good. So I've just gotten my actual results back and figured I would share them here in case anyone remembered me. These results

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  • john80670 3

    Had another lung function test

    My last lung function results some say this means i don't have CODP if you go by The GOLD reports but my doctor says i do. can anyone on here help with these ?

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  • caroline79096 2
  • blainegreen 1

    20, lungs of 100 year old

    Hello everyone, so, I'm 20, and recently went to the doctors and they checked my lungs and said they were at 66%, ive had asthma my whole life, my lungs weren't fully developed when i was born premature, so theyve never been good, but never bothered me. anyways, they have me on albuterol which ive

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  • markhigh 2

    advice or info

    diagnosed with moderate copd fev of 56 first test month later improved to 67 told by lung doc my lung function was near normal dont understand i thought copd only got worse i am battling anxiety and depression as my job requires a yearly physical and am scared of losing it and insurance anyone been

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  • copdcrete 1

    Oxygen Concentrators - Portable

    Just had the diagnosis I was expecting, I suppose I should have gone to the doctors long ago!! I went into hospital after a bleeding ''episode'' (as the hospital called it), which they couldn't really explain or find any reason On admission to hospital my ABG reading was 88%, and on

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  • pam34048 4

    Well I finally told my immediate family I have copd.

    i gave in and told them I had to, my husband was reving his motorcycle in the garage with the door to the house open and I flipped.  I said you know I have been sick for months and I have copd.  I told my children and it was strange all of there reaction were the same.  They did not say much not

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  • annann 2

    Lung congestion and e-cigs

    I gave up smoking almost 2 years ago but the congestion in my lungs seems to be getting a lot worse. My daughter is sure it's because of my e-cig, it's not the pipe kind but the one that resembles a real cigarette. Has anybody had any expreience of this. Also, any good ideas for clearing the congestion? 

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  • jessie2150 3

    Shortness of breath and inhaler difficulties

    Hi.  I am not sure how to start, but I since suffering shortness of breath I've been given an inhaler Salamol.  Bit of background 3 years ex smoker, last year during a pre op test was told to visit GP as my stats are low.  GP not concerned, maybe 'bit of' polycytheamia! Had chest xray and lung

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  • rosemary27900 2
  • rtaxron 2

    How bad is your COPD?

    The reason I am asking, is that some people on here, have it bad, some mild, and for some getting worse, so bad is yours on a daily basis. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, and its getting worse. Walking 3/4 yards now, makes me out of breath, and sometimes on a bad day, just getting out of bed leaves

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  • Pigg 1

    Copd with sarcadois

    I got a call from the Wei institute today about soup A and B they contacting my doc to see will it help me Maybe worth a try I'll let u know

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  • julie07318 2

    just been diagnosed with COPD

    Hi  for those  who  ive  been talking  to   just  got  back from the docs.   and  the doc  said  its  been  caused  through smoking  even  though  i  was a  moderate  smoker  for  only  18  yrs.   i  gave  up  in  2014.  so  my  fault.  quite upset with  my  self.   anyway  meds ive  been  given  

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  • rtaxron 2

    How bad is your COPD?

    The reason I am asking, is that some people on here, have it bad, some mild, and for some getting worse, so bad is yours on a daily basis. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, and its getting worse. Walking 3/4 yards now, makes me out of breath, and sometimes on a bad day, just getting out of bed leaves

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  • Secerbus 2

    Spirometry results!

    Hello guys. So I got my results, kind of. I actually never got them in hand, but she did tell me a value, 83%. Now, I don't think this is the FEV1? She said that my lung function was exemplary for someone my age(26, male). And that I was a bit above average even. So where is this 83% coming from? ...

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  • julie07318 2

    new to copd

    hiya  ive  been  reading  some  of  your discussions,  and  i do  feel  better  reading  them.     im  seeing  my  GP  today  to discuss  about  my  early stages of  copd   and   he  will be  hopefully  getting  me  on some  medications.    ive  been  gradually  getting worse  with my  breathing  

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  • susan46141 2

    Struggling to sleep at night with copd

    After seeing a doctor just after Christmas last, due to suspected chest infection and shortness of breath & a persistant cough. Asked me how long I'd had cough, told her about six weeks,  she wouldn't prescribe anti biotics as she felt I didn't have an infection, but noticed crackly breathing,  so

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  • julie07318 2


    hi  today  ive  been told  i have  COPD     im  seeing   a  doctor  on monday,  to  discuss  it  all   and  hopefully  get  some medication.    im  looking  to learn  as much  as  i  can  about  this.      thanks for listening   julie   x  

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  • COOKIE25 2


    I have been followed for several years with mildly reduced lung function tests.  We recently relocated so I have a new doctor following me.  My FEV1 had decrerased to 76% but has since come up to around 82%. However, my TLCO is still declining.  It started at 7.44 two years ago and is now 6.3.  I

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  • Guest M

    My Dad COPD and CO2 retention

    Hi This is the first time I've done this, I'm hoping to find someone who understands what's happeneing to my father, He has COPD I think he is in the final stages, he has been on oxygen for about 18 months, and he keeps having episodes of CO2 retention, the last one was yesterday, he went into a

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  • clarew04 2

    Emphysma, how quickly can it progress?

    My dad has kidney failure and since having a transplant in 2013 (which has since failed! Currently at 12%) then his aorta tearing in 2014 he has been breathless, just getting out of breath from walking short distances. In December he seemed to suddenly get very bad with this and ended up in

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  • shirley 55865 2
  • kim3933 1

    oxygen abroad.

    Hi Can any tell me if I'm entitled to get free oxygen while on holiday? I have chronic C O P D and use O2, 15hrs a day plus mobile. I'm travelling to Spain for a 4 day break in May and have heard you can apply for it over there with an EHIC but can't find any confirmation on this or an enquiry

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  • Katinka46 2

    Obliterative Bronchioltis

    Ten months ago someone called Cheryl posted that she had recently been diagnosed with Obliterative Bronchiolitis. Are you still on this forum,Cheryl? I should like to make contact with you if so. Our histories are similar, apart from the fact that I am much older than you.  Anyone else with this condition? ...

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  • Asthmagirl97 2


    Hello I was diagnosed with asthma 5 years ago. I was then diagnosed with Brinchiectasis 4 years ago. The past year, my asthma has been playing up including a week in hospital. I had lung function tests 2 weeks ago and my consultant said my FEV1 is 24% predicted. I am guessing this isn't great.

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  • grace96774 1

    Asthma and side effects of inhalers

    I was wondering if anyone else that had Asthma had terriable side effects when useing the inhalers that was on the market for Asthma.  I think that I was better off, with being sick a couple times of the year.  Even thou i can breath better for a couple of weeks while using the inhalers, the side

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