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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

New discussion Join group Also known as Alpha 1-antitrypsin Deficiency, Bronchitis - Chronic, COPD, Emphysema, Inhalers for COPD, Smoker's Cough

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  • Vee2 5

    Tips + Know the difference

    If you wish to check further about the different lung conditions to gain a greater understandanding do check out Patient UK pages, just type the condition in the search box top right. Below are three patient UK page links, Asthma, Bronchiectasis and COPD.  Sometimes people group all lung condition or...

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  • anthony33530 1
  • weerix 2

    COPD and gym

    I do know that if youi have COPD and if you can you must exercise, walk etc. But can you visit gym also? Or is it too hard?

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  • Dbt 1

    COPD diagnosis dispute

    I was diagnosed approx 6weeks ago at a COPD clinic locally. I had to really push to get this assessment.  I had recently had pleurisy, bronchitis and bouts of breathing problems, trips to a&e , previously given a reliever inhaler without a assessment for asthma. my sister died from asthma, my father...

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  • Eco 2
  • carol08785 2

    Working Fulltime while on oxygen

    I was just put on oxygen 24/7 a week ago. Fortunately, I teach and have the summer off so I feel grateful for having the time to adjust, but I plan to teach full time in the fall. Are there words of wisdom out there for me? I certainly think I can do it, but I'm also learning so much. 

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  • coxan56 2

    Peak flow tracke

    i am newly diagnosed With COPD and been given a peak flow tracker to do for 5 weeks.  This is the 5 week and results are 150/155 how does it look, 

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  • Nathp83 2

    Problems Flying

    First im sorry if this is in the wrong section but i dont know where else to go. Im going to try and keep this as short as possible. I have an issue flying. I’ve flown numerous times as a child and teen without a problem. When I last took a flight around 7 years ago I had trouble breathing whilst up...

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  • carol37901 1

    Coughing up blood

    Hi all. Have been diagnosed with COPD stage 2 since Jan. 2016. Am a 57 year old non-smoker. Every ten months or so, for the last three years, I have experienced sudden incidents of coughing up blood. My doctor did a Bronchoscopy but was not able to discover the cause. Is there anyone else experiencing...

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  • coxan56 2

    Newly diagnosed

    i have recently been diagnosed with copd and I have a puffer steriods and a blower to track my breathing levels.  Going back to hospital soon to see if it has improved or not. but my problem is we like holidays so would this problem cause me to have problems with travel insurance.

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  • rachael71638 2
  • helen50835 2

    bad chest for 5 weeks

    i started on easter sunday with a chest infection was prescribed antibiotics and steroids returned to hospital 5 days later due to getting worse was diagnosed with pneumonia prescribed different antibiotics was very ill at home in bed for over a week returned to doctors not getting any better after 4...

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  • Vicki58 1

    My feet and ankles are swollen

    Two days ago, I was bitten by a mosquito twice on each leg by my knee. My feet and ankles started to swell about an hour later. The next morning, they were swollen much more. If I elevated my feet, the swelling goes down. As soon as I stand, the swelling comes back. I thought this had to do with a bug...

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  • eleanor55804 2

    Feeling confused

    Hi All,I have copd and was managing really well then 4 nights ago I experienced total tightening of chest like never before.I felt like a boa constrictor had hold of me and full on shortness of breath.I haven't had SOB like that for 3 years and I have never had  total chest constriction.I went to hospital...

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  • georgina1976 2
  • wendy47988 2

    Copd ?

    Hi guys I wanted to ask a few questions. I'm 29 and have smoked the past ten years. Probably around 12 per day. I recently went through a stressful month and was smoking a lot. The past week i noticed my chest feels really heavy and I'm not breathing the same. When I'm laying down, it feels like I can't...

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  • james67815 2

    Copd / asthma / ?

    Hi I'm Jay 37 smoked since 15 only smoke around two aday . I'm not sure if I have copd or asthma or even just plem on chest . I do suffer from health anxiety . I send doc on Fri with a tickle in chest and lower throat the V part . Feels like I have trouble breathing but I'm not sure . Did thinks season...

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  • georgina1976 2
  • catarratto 2

    I'm terrified I have COPD

    I recently stopped smoking after a year of stopping and starting again. During this time I noticed a wheeze and the cigarettes seemed to set it off along with a cough. I went to doctors yesterday and she gave me ventolin and has booked an appointment for a spirometer test. Needless to say I've been on...

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  • brenda62546 4
  • deanne77778 3

    I'm more breathless since my last flare up

    Hi All, I had a flare up just before Easter and took the usual antibiotics and steroids which didn't clear it.  I was then put on Doxycycline ab's which seemed to clear it.  Since then I have beome breathless more easily and Ventoline doesn't help much although I'm not coughing much and I don't bring...

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  • darlene 71896 1


    I have a severe obstruction and have just started to see a naturopath.  Does anyone out there have experience with one and if so, what treatment did you try?

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  • leanne73643 2
  • john80670 4

    User Breathless

    When i first joined i use to talk to a user called Breathless but not seen them on here for a long time now, i hope they are doing ok ?

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  • john80670 4

    Sneezing fits

    Just a question to see if anyone else get's this. For years now i ahve been having sneezing fits and put it down to smoking. But i stopped 6 months because of me being told i have emphysema changes, but still have them and now instead of rubbish coming up off my chest nothing does. But i sneez that...

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  • Guest M

    Son of COPD patient.

    Hi, I am not a COPD sufferer but I do suffer the disease with my mother who at 56 is very young to be at an advanced stage. I came onto this site looking for information on why she had suffered another acute exacerbation, which is her second in 6 months and I thought I would post my experience of the...

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  • julie07318 3

    The Umbrella of COPD

    HI  everyone  as  a recently  diagnosed   person with  COPD.   Does  anyone  on here  actually  know   what   the names  of all  the  illnesses  are  that  are  under  the  umbrella  of  COPD.    hope  you understand   what  im  asking  .  many thanks    julie    xx

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  • MSME 2


    Hi I went to the doctors two weeks ago, doctor took bloods said it came back with low oxygen could indicate COPD, had a Spiro test with the nurse a few days later, i blew 78% the first time, then blew 102 the second time after i took my inhaler, Nurse said to me im 78% and have mild COPD and the doctor...

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  • caroline79096 2

    I need some advice ref my p I p claim.

    Hi I'm currently on low d la care but higher mobility so I have a car. Recently bought second hand scooter as I can't walk far at all now. But had a p I p assessment... Even though she'd written I can walk more than 20 meters without being out of breath. Plus spinal problems. Then ticked the 50-200...

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  • patricia88091 1


    Hi i have alpha 1 antitryptsine defficiency and i am getting dredfull cramp at night I have tried all the usual meds ( vit c and magnesium ) but not helped can anyone else who have this tell me if this is due to the alpha or something else entirley , Has anyone any good remidies to prevent cramp?

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  • gaharr 1
  • Wainright22 2

    Advice please

    Hi Everyone, I am not looking for medical advice obviously, but has anyone here had a bad cold and ended up coughing clear phlegm for weeks afterwards...I went to my Dr and he gave me antibiotics, did a oxygen test on the finger and said it was near perfect, but still have the phlegmy cough

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  • Rea41 1

    Loss of Fev1

    Hello all, bit nervous not done this before. Diagnosed 5 yrs. ago with emphysema. Fev1 - lost 4 ml each yr. for 4 yrs. which is normal loss am told. This year lost 120 ml. Symptoms same. Seeing specialist - 4 months wait. Anyone any experience of this and what happens at appointment  please?

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  • john80670 4

    Had another lung function test

    My last lung function results some say this means i don't have CODP if you go by The GOLD reports but my doctor says i do. can anyone on here help with these ?

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  • ryan27021994 1

    23 Years Old with Mild Emphysema

    Hi All, I am 23, a non-smoker and consider myself fit and healthy. I had a nasty cough for 8-10 weeks and have been susceptible to colds, feeling run down for stretches of time etc for about 6 months. Hoping to get some reassurance or perhaps just a bit more information as I have recently had results...

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