Told i have mild emphysema

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Hi a few weeks ago i had a ct scan because i am loseing 2kgs a month, i got results a few days ago no cancer found but some bowl problem and was told i have mild emphysema and he just said i take it you smoke ? never said stop or see chest specialist so really confused what to do.

I don't have any shortness of breath just yet.

I read online it says you could only live 1 or 2 years so that's scary.

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    Wash it the respiratory consultant who told you that you have mild emphysema or your GP.  I would ask for a copy of the letter that the hospital sent to your GP and discuss with your doctor.

    Very mild and not shortness of breath is a huge plus as far as lung damage goes, but definitely seriously think about stopping smoking as this will cause further lung damage.

    I guess if someone was only diagnosed at a very late stage with very severe lung damage and lung cancer to boot they may only live 1 or 2 years.  But quite honestly, mild and no shortness of breath you can look forward to a lot more living.

    I've moderate lung damage / emphysema, diagnosed over 12 years ago and I predict for myself at least another 15 or more years left.  ( I am already in my 60s)

    If you are UK check out the British Lung Foundation for information and helpline telephone contact.  If you are overseas, check out the Lung foundation or Association in the country you reside for information.  Read about all the does and don'ts 

    If you continue to smoke you will for sure deteriorate more quickly in essence, you can smoke yourself to death.

    Lots of reading on patient UK site :


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    Specialist at hospital told me i had that and gallbladder full of stones plus Diverticulitis.

    But reading what you said has put my mind at rest now thank you very much and will speak to my doctor about it. PS i am 55 years old smoked for over 40 years.

    Got to have a barium swallow to check for acid and hiatus hernia and will check my throat too.. but i did have a camera to look at my throat in march and was all fine. Still loseing weight but i also have acid reflux so don't eat much sad

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      I too smoked 40 years, I feel so stupid n ignorant for starting in the first place! I have quit for 8 years now n I had a hard time too, They were like tranquilizers! . I Still want them ,but I need to live as long as i can I can, I don't want to suffer!So why or how did u start?

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      John, in UK we have a specialist for lungs, the same specialist wouldn't discuss gallbladder or diverticulitis.  I am no doctor myself but I would say your weight loss is to do with your not eating properly.  You need to get the reflux, gallstones and diverticulities treated by the appropriate specialist and perhaps you want to check out the discussion groups for those illnesses separately.  'Search thousands of dicussions' search box to the right.>>>>>>>>>

      Yes do get help with quitting smoking, its will aid your lung health and health generally.

      I had a barium meal check when I was going through the process of elimination before emphysema was diagnosed, the barium meal I was told in my case it was to check and make sure its not cancer.  Fortunately it wasn't and hopefully your results will eliminate that too.

      Yes I had the camera / throat check too earlier on before diagnosis.

      At the time these checks are worrying but necessary so that a true diagnosis can be given.

      Best wish for your future test results.

      Search list diverticulitis:

      Search list results for gallbladder stones:


      Some people with COPD do get reflux but its not necessarily that one goes with the other but it can do with patients whose lungs have stretched, it doesn't normally happen with mild emphysema but do check with your lung doctor further about this.

      Acid reflux can occur it you are not eating properly and its very important to have the reflux treated and not let it go untreated.

      Best wishes V

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      For me it was a gradual change for the better.  Its not unusual for coughing to increase when stopping smoking, that is just the body wanting to expel the tar from the lungs, you will find black spots in what you cough up, well I did.  I gave up within 3 weeks of diagnosis, a long time ago now.

      Get help with stopping smoking to help you succeed in quitting.  I found drinking water, eating oranges and going for a walk every time I got a craving, the distraction is the key to choosing an alternative to giving in to the craving.

      After 12 years + of not smoking I don't miss it at all now and I know I have save my lungs further lung damage.

      Good luck V

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      I had mentioned how long I've 'had it above John...

      I wasn't ever given a stage but you can check yours on the link below if you wish (scroll down under the heading Spirometry: )


      Repeating some:-   .....  I was diagnosed over 12 years ago with 50% lung function.  I attended a Pulmonary rehabilitation course, stopped smoking and applied all the things known to help manage the condition (you learn all the does and don't on a PR course)

      Currently my lung is functioning at 72% I continue to remain smoke free and I continue exercising as recommended, these 2 things and attending the PR course has to my mind been the result of improved lung function and remaining stable most of the years.

      spirometry results can change year to year, one year showing improvement, another year showing a loss in lung function, results can improve or get worse and improve again or get worse again, it all depends how well we look after our health, if we have a lung infection, etc.  Someone who continues to smoke will run the risk of lung function loss year to year.    As I said previously the PR course will give all the information you need to help manage the condition successfully.

      Repeating myself again (I've posted this info before), check with the Lung Foundation or Association in the country you reside and search the site for PR information or better still chat with their helpline.

      Be selective in what you read on google and try always to select information from a reputable / reliable source.  In UK that may be the British Lung Foundation, NHS Choices, Patient UK, NICE, .gov sites etc.


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      Thank you i live in the UK but not had any help or Spirometry test, but i will ask my doctor in teh morning to get my results and some help hopefully.

      i just listened again to the recording of what the doctor told me when i had my ct scan results. and he never said mild he just said there is signs of smoking i take it your a smoker but that's by the by and started talking about my other problems.

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      So did any one actually say you have mild emphysema ?

      Being told after your CT scan results "there is signs of smoking" is not a diagnosis of emphysema / COPD

      Get a copy of the report from the hospital that accompanied the CT scan, on that it will say if you are diagnosed with emphysema or not.


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      Doctor had my report today when he called and just i have cronic something COPD i think that's why he's booked me in for a Spirometry test in 2 weeks time.

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