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wendywoo62 wendywoo62

Candesartan Cilextil so many side effects for me, help!!

Hi, I have been on Candesartan Cilextil 8mg for well over a year now and have a list of side effects. Wondered if anyone else has had any of these:

Stuffy, congested, pressurised head and ears.Tinnitus and crackly ear sounds. Severe anxiety, mild panic attacks. Heart palpitations, even when resting. Depression, lack of libido & broken sleep. Joint aches (toe, ankle, knee, hip, fingers, elbow) that move from one place to another.

I'm seeing my Dr again on Friday to discuss coming off Candesartan and trying a different drug for my hypertension (again). I have tried a few different ones over the past six years and need help. Does anyone have any good feedback or recommendations about their medication they take please?

Hoping to hear something positive soon 🤔

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  • mike92384 mike92384 wendywoo62

    wendywoo62...First of all, my question is...why have you been on this medication for over a year with all these side effects going on? Are you SURE it's the Candesartan causing this? Again, a year living with the side effects you describe certainly would be far too much for me. 

    • elke04062 elke04062 mike92384

      Hello, Mike, here I am again - assuming that you are the one who gave me some useful advice in the same matter.

      As you can see from my reply to Wendy, I am back on Olmesartan (Openvas here), since Eprosartan had did not agree with me at all. And Felodipine I honestly have come to hate: I do have to "grab" it quite regularly I am afraid (life is pretty exciting at the moment), and then feel absolutely awful. Do you happen to know, or be acquainted with, a calcium antagonist that has fewer side effects?  Please consider that I cannot take diuretics owing to my intolerance to sulfonamides - have tried though. Oh dear, the effect!

      Anyway, look forward to hearing from you. You can ask "them" to send your reply direct as I do not often open this forum.

      Thank you and best wishes


  • betty34 betty34 wendywoo62

    I agree with Mike - why have you not seen the doctor about changing your medication when you have had these side effects for a year.  I would certainly have seen him before this.  I have tried many medications for blood pressure over the years and some just do not agree with my current medication. Have tried Candesartan, Losartan and Valsartan amongst others.  Settled for Valsartan and have been on this for quite a long time now.  I still have certain side effects (i.e. slight coughing) but am sticking to this one until I find something better.  Keep on at your doctor to try other medications as I am sure you will find something that agrees with you eventually.

    • gwen22261 gwen22261 betty34

      Hello Betty , i too have had side effects from Candesartan and before that Losartan , they are much the same as wendy says ! Before that i tried many more tablets and they all gave me bad side effects so i had to stop them ! My Dr lowered the dose of Candesartan to 4 mg to see how that goes ! I wondered if i should ask for Valsartan as someone told me it can be tolerated better than the other sartans but i suppose it is all down to the person who takes it ! I too would give a lot to find one that gives me no side effects ! perhaps for Christmas ,,,, as that is all i want !

    • wendywoo62 wendywoo62 betty34

      Dear Betty and Mike, thanks so much for answering me. I was on Valsartan briefly before I took Candesartan but it was withdrawn unfortunately. I repeatedly told my Dr of all my complaints as they appeared, over the year I've had an mri, anxiety meds, antidepressants, and a 24hr ecg test. Needless to say nothing was found & I felt that I wasn't getting anywhere so I started looking into the drug, saw the many side effects and raised this with my Dr. He listened but acted surprised like the side effects don't exist! He told me Valsartan was available again so put me on 40mg twice a day, a dose that I've never had before. I'm hoping that I can come off the anxiety tablets soon if I Valsartan agrees with me. I won't fall into the mistake of putting up with random ailments again though!

  • elke04062 elke04062 wendywoo62

    Dear Wendywood,

    I am afraid, they all have side effects, sadly.  I have gone through quite a few over the last 10 ! years and still am not feeling alright, in the contrary.  Of the Ang. II blockers I am presently taking Olmesartan (luckily here in Spain the Original).  Yes, there are the joint pains, the palpitations and, the worst, change of taste and burning tongue. And so forth.  

    It´s just trial with error, as I said before (and someone else).

    So, maybe your Dr is aware of the side effects of the different drugs (most are not) and gives you something that suits you.

    Good luck.


  • darlene88042 darlene88042 wendywoo62

    Currently also on Candesartin just started a couple days ago 4mg. This will be the 5th medication I have tried as well. I think some of us are just super sensitive to medications, I'm still searching,  I had the best success with Hydrochlorazide (water pill) but it eventually was not effective enough. Good luck in your search, report your symptoms to your Doctor

    • mike92384 mike92384 darlene88042 sateed that the Candesartin is your 5th medication you've tried. Have you tried a few pills together, i.e. the Candesartin along with the Hydrochlorizide? Sometimes our bodies need more than 1 medication to get the bp down.

    • gwen22261 gwen22261 darlene88042

      Hello Darlene , I am super sensitive as well and its horrible ! I was recently taken off Candesartan because of the side effects and had my dose of Spironolactone raised to one a day , i now seem to have a lot of the side efects i had with Candesartan and wonder if anyone else has been on this and if they got side effects ? I live in a nightmare world just now because of all this and have no idea if there is anything i can take !

    • darlene88042 darlene88042 gwen22261

      Hi Gwen

      Terrible to hear, why does it have to be so difficult it is a scary process for all of us. The side effects are a real problem for amn I am finding out but not taking anything doesn't seem to be an alternative. I've never heard of Spironolactone so i can't offer any insight there. I'm only on day 3 of Candasartin and only 4mg plu 25 mg hydrochlorazide which i seem to be doing okay on so far, but the first little while of any drug is usually okay it's down the road that things seem to go sideways

    • mike92384 mike92384 darlene88042

      darlene88042..You're so right when you say 'down the road that things seem to go sideways". I can take a new med...things go great...then when it hits the 2 week mark, I can feel very weird. This happened very recently, but I persevered with it, & now I feel fine. 

      I don't know what's worse..having the ailment, or the medication at times. The side effects can make us feel very ill, so it makes me think..'what's the point'. I have a great I can talk with very easily, & I trust him implicitly. 

    • gwen22261 gwen22261 darlene88042

      Hi Darlene , it is scary not being able to take any drugs for hypertension , Im glad you are managing the 3 of candesartan and the thiazide , I find that im ok for a few days then it all starts ! I had to stop the 25of Spironolactone today as i had so much pain last night i thought i wa dying ! The Dr has said he will try me on a centrally acting hypertensive so i just hope ! it is now frightening me as i cannot do without anything ! I looked up Dr Melvin Lobo who deals with people like us and he uses liquid and patches  and drugs not yet licensed and has had some success ! i wonder why more doctors do not study this ! Good luck Darllene !

    • darlene88042 darlene88042 gwen22261

      Hi Gwen

      I have never heard of a centrally acting hypertensive or Dr. Lobo I'll have to have a look into these 2 options, thanks for the info I really hope you find something that works for you!

    • darlene88042 darlene88042 mike92384

      Hi Mike

      Having a great Doctor is VERY important I'm glad that you have someone you can talk to easily, I feel exactly the same way about meds, sometimes I feel like the side effects are just not worth taking the medication but then the alternative could be worse, quite a precarious situation. My sister had a stroke last week so that makes me even more aware that I have to control the monster within. Best of luck!

    • gwen22261 gwen22261 darlene88042

      Hi Darlene ,,, nice of you to reply ,, Im sorry to read that your sister had a stroke last week , i do hope she is recovering well ! Like you i somnetimes think that there is no point taking medication with terrible side effects then the reality dawns ! I found Dr Lobo on  the internet when i looked for intolerant people , I don't know why more are not doing research like he is ! He is based at Barts , but has a private practice ,,, i only know the names of some centrally acting ones but no doubt they will not be any use for me ! I feel at rock bottom now as just when i think things are ok i get the bad side effects ! Hope you are ok on the combination you are taking Darlene !

    • mike92384 mike92384 gwen22261

      Hi gwen22261...Candesartan as you know is in the class of ARB' is Valsartan, Irbesartan. There are some differences in the ARB's..perhaps you might like to try another besides Candesartan. 

      I was always taught that the reason for elevated bp is because of something going on in the body. The body will react by the bp rising. Makes sense to me...but doctors don't seem to investigate what might be going on..instead they prescribe a bp medication. 

      I have a few things going on in the spine (nothing drastic) the bottom of the spine I have moderate-severe narrowing at L5-S1 on the bilateral neural foramina...& I also have some osteophyte (bone growth) in a vertebrae in my neck which also has caused some narrowing. The Neurologist blamed what's going on in the spine as to why my legs burn, or I have pins/needles. My family Dr. who is a great guy, quoted the Neurologists report.."In conclusion I believe what is happening in the spine is the cause of what the patient is experiencing". Of course, Doctors don't contradict one another unless a doctor is a complete idiot. So, considering that surgery on the spine can be very risky, does this mean I'm stuck feeling horrible?. It's simply not fair. Now here's my theory as well...Yes, I have things going on in the spine..but I also have bp medication, & frankly I don't think the meds are lowing the bp as my GP would like. When meds are increased, there's always the probability that side effects will pop up. As long as something's going on in my spine, I don't have a whole lot of faith that the bp will ever come down to where the Dr.wants it. I have spent thousands of $ trying to find relief from what's going on...& finally I'm having treatements with a Chiropractor. The burning in my legs has been alleviated a lot, but I still get the burning the odd time, AND headaches because of the cervical spine. Sometimes I feel as though I'm doomed to be not feeling as well as I could/should..all because it's 'risky to have surgery on the spine".

      I try to keep positive..& can certainly sympathize with anyone dealing with side-effects of medications.  

    • gwen22261 gwen22261 mike92384

      Hi Mike , I have tried Losartan as well as Candesartan , both gave me the same effects , i have not tried Valsartan tho i do know that some tolerate it better than the others , My Dr thinks that all in the same goup will do the same things so he wants me to try a centrally acting one ! I feel as tho i will end up not being able to take any and then what happens ,,,, i daren't think ! You are right that the body reacts to something going on and it is the easy way out to just prescribe a tablet , I was sent to have tests to rule out anything else when they call it essential hypertension ,that included a kidney scan and a CT angio < The tests were all ok so that is when i started on the treadmill of tablets ! I have read about your spinal problems ,, all no fun altho not sinister ,I think it does mean you are stuck with feeling horrible in the absence of an operation which the Neurologist probably will not do as it can be very difficult and could leave you worse off ! No its not fair , Iv had such a terrible six months after my heart decided to go into heartblock and i had to have a pacemaker inserted ,, i keep saying the same ! Doctors will not contradict each other ,you are right on that as well , sometimes perhaps they should ! I can imagine how awful it is to have burning and pins and needles ! you just want it to stop ,Its hard having to spend a lot of money on alternative therapies but if the Chiropractor is helping now then perhaps worth it ! Headaches are terrible to have , I also have fibromyalgia or chronic pain syndrome and i get headaches sometimes and a lot of muscle pain which i find had to put up with ! hopefully your BP will stay at a reading which is acceptable ,,, pain will put it up as you know ! Its good that you manage to stay positive as i cannot and wallow in despair ! I dread side efffects and yes when the dose is upped the side effects can get worse ! Of course because i get muscle pain anyway it is easy for the Dr to put it all down to that , and some maybe is but some definately is not ! its good to know that there is someone who can empathise with side effects ,,, and there does appear to be more that we  read about ! take care Mike ,, I would keep asking about an op as things change !

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