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Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers

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  • gwen22261 3

    Side effects of Tablets

    I wrote on here before about the terrible side effects i get from Hypertension tablets , a few months on and i am still suffering and at the end of the road in more ways than one , i was told just to take Bisoprolol which i can take ,however it is not enough and my BP is now sometimes too high ,My GP...

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  • wendy02361 2

    Weight Gain on Losartan!

    Hi all, I am a 56 year old female who has always been on the slim side. Since taking Losartan (after awful side effects on Ramipril and Amolopodine) I have found that I have put on a lot of weight. my GP warned me about swollen ankles but they didn't swell, my legs certainly have though. i have put on...

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  • Curlyloxx 1

    Taking Losartan and have on-going cough probs

    I am almost 52 years old and in relatively good health. I have a chronic kidney condition although my kidney function and BP is pretty good. My renal specialist put me on 25mg of Losartan daily to reduce BP in kidneys - more as a preventative measure to slow down progression of kidney disease. In the...

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  • Stacy 2

    Losartin Potassium

    Hi I would love to hear from any one who is on Losartin Potassium for High Blood Pressure. I am a very fit 56yr old who is working in a professional job that needs a clear head and plenty of energy. However after three years of constant anxiety I was diagnised as having high Blood Pressure following...

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  • Salydoodle 2

    Candesartan for Migraines - anyone else

    Him Ive been prescribed Candesartan 4mg (rising to 8mg soon) for the prevention of migraines (nothing to do with blood pressure). Ive been taking them a week and I have been experiencing the moist horrendous nausea and occassional vomiting all week. Ive also been to the GP this week and got antibiotics...

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  • Matron 6

    Losartan Muscle cramps

    I have been taking Losartan for 2 weeks now (along with 5mgms of Amlodipine) and have started to suffer from painful muscle cramps. Has anyone else had similar problems as I cannot find anywhere if it's a side effect?

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  • MrsO-UK Surrey 6

    Losartan and UTIs

    Is anyone taking Losartan Potassium for their high blood pressure, please?  I have been taking Losartan 50mg for 3+ years, with various other drugs being added along the way, all with intolerable side effects so all stopped apart from the Losartan with the dose being increased to 100mg at the beginning...

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  • parbin25565 2

    Feel Weak and have Muscle Twitching for 2 years

    Hi. I have had muscle twitching for at least 2 years now. They come and go daily but somedays its all over the body but sometimes its at one spot for days. Went to get checked up but they think its muscle fasciculation and nothing serious. I play cricket and played for scotland u15 last year so very...

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  • dennis33 2

    I know it was Avapro (Irbesartan)

    I started Avapro just before I started college to treat my high blood pressure due to kidney disease. It completely drained me of energy. I was so tired I had trouble concentrating and spent most of my time sleeping. I did go back to my specialist and gp to tell them the issues I was having but they...

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  • Pip78 2

    Losartan causing me to feel so sleepy during the day

    Hi all - I wonder please if I may ask the help of anyone with personal experience of the BP medication 'Losartan'. I am a 79 year old male, having been on various BP medications over the past 30 years. Over the past 18 months I have been prescribed a daily dose of 1 x 25mg of Losartan. The only side...

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  • pvf50286 2

    Why are GPs worried about kidney function with losartan?

    When losartan reduces the decline in kidney function with age, and when it is used in high blood pressure in those with Type2 diabetic kidney problems, why, O why, won't GPs allow a larger daily does than 100mg per day? I know the recommended daily maximum is 100mg daily but it's only recommended. I...

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  • todd70383 2

    wish me luck..losartan dose doubling tonight

    After talking with the kidney doctor, he wants my blood pressure under 120 over 80. This morning it was 124 over 81. He requested I take 100 MG of losartan instead of 50 MG.  He also asked me to take it right before bed time. I'm hoping I don't go to low. I take toprol Xl in the morning. Anyone who has...

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  • nicola33775 1

    annoying catarrh

    I have had ongoing rhinitis and catarrh affecting my throat for a few years which is driving me crazy. I am beginning to think that the candisartan I am taking for hypertension is the cause. I am wondering if anyone else has similar symptoms ?

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  • gwen22261 3

    Am still trying to find a tablet i can take for hypertension !

    Recently both my CRP and ESR were raised , my DR said i must have an infection but ? where . can candesartan get into the blood stream and cause this does anyone know ? My life has been so bad since i had to start BP medication ,,, thanks to all the lovely folk who replied before to my posts  !

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  • jill52362 2

    Candesartan side effects

    I've been taking this drug for a month and am experiencing a lot of pain in knee joints, is there anyone else who has experienced a similar (although uncommon) side effect?

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  • Sigatoka 3

    Candesartan, Amlodipine and Grapeseed extract

    I was on 5mg Amlodipine for many years and about 3 years ago my GP added 4mg candesartan.  I have suffered with bleeding gums and didnt think it could be a side effect of amlodipine.  Thought candesartan was the culprit.   My nice young dentist was wondering if it was actually the amlodipine causing...

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  • Dr.ZafarAli 2
  • pam60654 2

    Long term use of Losartan

    I have been taking Losartan since 1996. During that time I have noticed several changes in my health but until now I did not even consider that they may be side effects of the drug. I will list my symptoms and I would appreciate anyone's views or similar experiences whilst taking this drug. (I have asked...

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  • Guest M

    Candesarten - a drug that makes healthy people ill?

    Diagnosed with bp 30 years ago. Am healthy, but side effects are so severe I cannot understand why they are being prescribed. I have neck pain, back pain, leg pain, cramp, weight gain, dry mouth, watery eyes and reflux. You name it I seem to suffer and have a number of drugs prescribed to counteract...

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  • barbara54336 1
  • linda60190 2
  • james41060 1

    Too many meds, morning surges can't be controlled

    Patient is a 65 years old woman with diabatese and high blood pressure, she used to take Losartan Pottasium 50 mg early morning + concor 5 mg at night which kept BP readings to about 150/80 but she would often wake up to a high reading of + 195/95. 1 month ago, her doctor added Natrilix 2.5 mg to the...

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  • mary43266 2

    Losartin cough

    I was put on a 50mg dose of this as the Rampril I was on for years gave me a hacking cough. Only taking this two weeks and the cough has started again, doctor says there is no cough with this but I can't lie flat at night because of the cough 

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  • enda27923 2

    Ramipril and losartan

    reading the effects of above on other guests. I just wanted to confirm that I was put on 2.5mg ramipril last year , having suffered from Coughs for 3 months, asked my GP to change the drug ( as my mother had suffered 2 years before it was diagnosed and the doctor changed her ramipril, what a nightmare...

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  • wendywoo62 2

    Candesartan Cilextil so many side effects for me, help!!

    Hi, I have been on Candesartan Cilextil 8mg for well over a year now and have a list of side effects. Wondered if anyone else has had any of these: Stuffy, congested, pressurised head and ears.Tinnitus and crackly ear sounds. Severe anxiety, mild panic attacks. Heart palpitations, even when resting....

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  • jewel91483 1


     have been taken Lorsartan for about 4yr. now. Was only told have sugar. problem my labs came in and from 80, 90, my sugar jumped to 109...I am thinking maybe to much Icecream over the weekend...does lorsartan in long term cause doctors that i have had present and past...

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  • Nana7 2

    Losartan and Hair loss

    I have been taking Losartan and have noticed some hair loss at the at the crown of head has anyone else had this problem. Thanks

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  • JohnWest 2

    Linkage between stress and Hypertension

    Hi, Was thinking about the objective of dropping blood pressure, and I've been thru a range of drugs. None of which were pleasant or even without side effects. Tinnitis follows me daily from a combination-therapy attempt at controlling borderline BP.  NOnetheless, its a noble objective to cut the spikes....

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  • Matron 6

    Losartan with Naproxen

    I take Losartan 50 mgms daily but also regularly take Naproxen as I have Rheumatoid arthritis. Now my GP wants me to have 6 monthly blood and urine tests. I have read the combination of these 2 drugs could affect kidney function. Has anyone any knowledge of this please?

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  • gwen22261 3

    Hypertension ,

    I have had bad side effects from many tablets for high blood pressure , i was on Losartan but am now on Candesartan ,,the same family of drugs ! i get knee pain,back pain ,dizziness to name a few side effects ,, If i stop them my B/P goes up yet if i take them i feel so bad ! im at my wits end now and...

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  • gwen22261 3
  • russell81750 1

    Anxiety coming back after being put on irbesartan

    Hi i have general anxiety disorder and high blood pressure. My gp took me off of benicar and put me on Irbesartan 300 and norvasc 10mg. Into it about 4 months and my anxiety is off the wall. Will this drugs cause this i take 30 mg of paxil daily.

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  • elke04062 2


    Re: Angiotensin Ii Receptor Blocker       EPROSARTAN Has anyone experience, and if so, details, please, with the ARB mentioned above.  My Dr. prescribed them 6 weeks ago to replace Olmesartan which have no effect, no side effects.  I had never heard of Eprosartan but have now duly taken them for weeks,...

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  • wendy82413 2

    candesartan and arthritis

    Has anyone else experienced excessive joint pain while on candesartan? or is it a long term side effect of  the Amlodipine which I stopped 3 months ago? In Februayr Iwent to the dr. to check about my knee pain which is due to arthritis, she said my blood pressure hadn't been checked for a while and the...

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  • heyitsmepco 1

    ARB alternative uses?

    Angiotensin Receptor Blockers are being investigated for other applications related to anxiety and stress because of its modulating effect on the heart and brain and how these react when dealing with stress. Would anyone know if ARB could be used to control the physical symptoms of anxiety experienced...

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