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Hi there - I have been on Irbesartan 300 HTZ for the last couple of years & was also on Amlodipine 5ml until I weened myself off of that nasty drug.  I am trying desperately to determine what has caused my burning sensation on the tops of my feet, sometimes on the front of my calves, upper back, front of my chest. I am also menopausal and some woman complain that they suffer from these same symptoms.  Yesterday I went to a hormone specialist seeking answers and she said she has never heard of menopause causing these issues and said to look at my B/P RX as possibly the cause.  Since 2012 when I was first put on Amlodipine, I have never felt myself or well - irbesartan is the less of two evils, but still toxic to my body.  Does anybody have a magical cure?  I have felt so unwell that it is hard to exercise & it feels like I look at food & it just gets added on to my body - I would really appreciate it though if someone has experienced the burning sensation to let me know - 

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    debra16694...Are you thinking the Amlodipine is the culprit of your problems???? It's quite possible. Do read about Amlodipine in the forum.

    You are having burning sensations. Well, being male, I'm certainly not having menopausal symptoms. lol lol

    However, I have experienced burning sensations in my feet, mostly on the bottoms, but the toes certainly get very warm as well. The bottoms turn a dark red, the toes just a light pink. Mild burning is experienced in the shin areas. I also get the odd burning sensation in my back. The neurologist doesn't know what's causing this. I've have EMG, bloodwork..but all is fine. I've also had MRI of the lumbar, cervical spines & the brain. There are some issues in the neck..but how does that affect the feet/legs?...Believe it or not, if you apply Solarcaine when your skin is burning, it helps a great deal. I've even told the Neurologist about this. 

    The burning can last for 20min or longer, then stops. I can feel it starting. I do have days where there's very little burning, or no burning at all. While the areas do feel hot to me, they are not hot to the touch. A lot of people said to me..'that's the nerves having a party"., yet the Neurologist hasn't a clue as to what's going on. I can have my feet emerged in cool lake water, yet I can feel the burning inside my feet (when they're doing their thing of course). Odd, isn't it. I can well understand what you're going through, & it's a royal pain in the a*s!

    My problem started with a sensation of a string being dragged across the top of my ankles. This went on for a few days, then while watching tv one evening, my feet & legs felt very warm. When I looked, they were pink, as though I had a mild sunburn. The rest is history. All of this started at the end of 2014...

    I hope you find some answers. It may be worthwhile to have your Dr. order an MRI of your spine to see if there are any discs, or narrowing of the nerve openings. 

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      Hi Mike - Thank you so much for your speedy & informative response - I started Amlodipine in 2012, Irbesartan in 2015.  Weened myself off the toxic Amlodipine 11 months ago.  During this same very stressful time (caregiver to my ailing parents) & going thru menopause, I developed a laundry list of side effects.  If you are so interested, side effects of B/P RX’s also mimic side effects of menopause so I am so confused as to what is causing all my bizarre side effects.  I have spent thousands of dollars going to drs, ER, Urgent Care, specialists all giving me the same answer...I don’t know.  I am a regular on menopause forums, where woman do describe tingling & burning sensation & yet the hormone specialist said she has never heard of this side effect of menopause.  I am just so confused, but in my heart of hearts, I believe these horrible b/p rx’s Might be the culprit behind it all.  Yes, how you describe the burning sensation is exactly how it feels, almost like a horrible sunburn, but yet the skin is not hot to the touch like a sunburn sometimes is.  I have only experienced it on my calves (front only) top of my feet, upper back, front of my chest & neck.  I also have hand & feet tingling on occasion.  I think it’s suspect that my health and well being fell apart once I started taking B/P RX,’s, it could be that this was also a stressful time in my life & also menopause has played a part...I just want answers as to what is causing this & I am not getting it from anybody - Ugh!

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      debra16694...I hear 'ya when you say you cant' get answers. Doctors say when they don't know the cause, it's called "idiopathic". I think that's a load of bullsh*t. I don't believe for a second that the body simply decides to do something. I've searched & searched for burning side effects of all the meds I'm taking. Either they are missing the item, or it's denied. What's going on in my lumbar spine..nothing major of course, should not be the culprit for the burning in my feet, or the pins/needles I sometimes get in my feet. The Neurologist said I do not have neuropathy. Pins/needles ARE nerves, so my questions is.."what's going on?". I too have spent a lot of time/money in trying to get an answer. Perhaps one of the meds is causing it, but I can't figure which one. I've thought & thought about when I started a certain med, & when I began the next one. The only thing I can come up with is when I started the Amlodipine..but that was back in 2013...say around July/August. I was only on it a couple of months & was taken off because of swollen feet/ankles, lower legs. I do recall though that in the Sept. of 2013...I experienced swelling in my legs (I'd been on a bus for over 6 hrs, & also the medical staff wanted me to wear compression socks). We made a stop., & the sensation in my legs was unbelievable. It felt as though both legs had been wrapped in thorns, & someone was squeezing them. This lasted about 30 sec., or a bit more. I do wonder though if this did some damage in the legs. 

      As I mentioned to you in my previous post, I highly suggest you have your Dr. order an MRI of your complete spine...lumbar, cervical & brain. Don't take no for an answer. You could have disc or narrowed nerve openings.

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      Thanks Mike - Well, I have had every other test, why not add an MRI? Yes, I am convinced the burning/tingling is nerve related..tingling in extremities seems to be lessening, but burning ramping up - Ugh! Have you tried any alternatives aside from prescription RX’s to bring your B/P down? 
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    Try to be healthy and exercise and drink lots of tea, tea is good for the digestive system.

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