Losartan = Stomach Pain?

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I've been taking 25mg of Losartan every morning for the past 5 months. 4 months ago I had a discomfort in my lower left abdominal area, not a pain just discomfort. Now that same discomfort has begun to move around, lower left one day, lower right the next, upper right the next, and so on.  I have been doing some research and now find that Losartan may be the cause of this. I have tried most everything to alleviate the discomfort but nothing works. 

It doesn't matter what I eat it is no better or worse. 

It doesn't matter if I drink caffeine or not it is no better no worse.

I'm fully functional it is not debilitating at all, it's just uncomfortable.

When I have a bowel movement, it is no better or worse (sometimes it feels a little better but it's constantly there)

I'd say my level of discomfort is typically a 2 on a 1-10 scale.

Anyone who has had stomach pain related to Losartan, I would be interested in hearing your opinion as I am currently at a loss. Also, does it ever go away? I was taking Lisinopril but the damn cough was more than I wanted to deal with......

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    Hello Rusty! I'm on losartan 50mg but haven't notice abdominal discomfort but it could definitely be the cause of it, best thing you can do is talk to your doctor and get checked to see if there's something else causing you that problem, side effects usually go away within the first month of treatment.

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    Rusty, that’s a very low dose and I would be surprised if it was the cause of your discomfort.   Losartan is the BP pill that my pharmacist has said he hears the least complaints about from his patients.  It is certainly the only drug out of 8 that hasn’t given me any problems at the 50mg daily dose although if I increase it to 100mg I get an all over body itch. One thing I would recommend is to eat a small pot of ‘live’ yoghurt before taking the pill.   It will help to line your stomach from any possible pill side effect.  
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      I myself was on a tiny dose, it was working well re lowering blood pressure even at that dose, which was why i persisted despite other side effects, having had probs with other blood pressure drugs.. i also ate at least 2 small pots of yoghurt a day!  i have been told i am  medication sensitive. 
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      “I have been told I am medication sensitive”.  

      Snap, only the consultant has added the word “super” before “sensitive”!

      At my next consultation I am expecting trial of yet another pill to be added to the Losartan - the 9th or 10th trial pill - dreading it as the last one had me in A&E on a drip for uncontrollable diarrhoea.  I was told to continue it as the considered it was a bug (I knew it wasn’t but they were more concerned about the health he BP).  Eight days later, such bad nausea for 3 days (plus blurred vision and weakness) that I couldn’t eat.  Stopped the new pill (Hydralazine) and recovered back to normal.  I guess my stomach may have become a little sensitive as an idiot of a GP thought it would be okay to give me an extra week’s supply of Cefalexin for a UTI about 18 months ago - that landed me in hospital with Clostridium Difficile!  Pharmacist described the GP’s decision as “dangerous”!

      Please let me know if you find a drug that works without any side effects, Annie?!!!! 

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    Top of the side effects list although probably as in alphabetical order.

    More Common

    Abdominal or stomach pain


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      Agree top of side effects, i think because that is the most common ARB effect, was reading re Olmersartan, and how that was the worst ARB for these effects, some people having constant diarrhoea. i had only 2 periond of several days of this, tho the gut did not feel right until stopped and weeks had gone by , 6-8 weeks
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    Hi, i had possibly similar gut problems, worse at first , then that sort of calmed a bit over time but  it never went, and was, by the time i had to stop, (because of the other side effects including tight chest and breathing difficulties) i had sort of got used to it, and had not realised, once of was off it, and 2 months had gone by, how much that side effect had impacted my life, i now consider losartan the most awful of the drugs i have taken, even surpassing beta blockers.  i am still not over the sun sensitivity it seems to have started, Though this has been worsened by a few weeks of ACE. now off them . re losartan, hair loss was one symptom i did not notice at first as it seemed to be in patches, now it is growing back it is amazing how much is coming back.
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    yes, i have been taking 25mg of Losartan for the last 3 months and within 4 weeks develop same symptoms as you! (lower left abdominal pain and then moving to right side as well over days) what have you done to relieve the pain?

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    yes, i have been taking 25mg of Losartan for the last 3 months and within 4 weeks develop same symptoms as you! (lower left abdominal pain and then moving to right side as well over days) what have you done to relieve the pain?

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    I am on Benicar (Olesmartin) and I am having terrible gut issues. Benicar is in the same class as Losartan. The pain wasn't bad when I was on a low dose, but they have increased my MG because my blood pressure was still borderline. I am just recovering from shingles as well, so I am trying to decide if its the shingles or the meds. It started on my left side to the left of my belly button and has worked its way up to under my breastbone. It feels like a cramp or a knot. I have also had constipation and when they first increased it I had indigestion in my stomach. I have taken Losartan and it worked well on my blood pressure. It did however make my ankles swell and my joints stiff. I have been on so many blood pressure meds. Benicar is like my 6th pill. But I am losing my mind with this gut pain. It's not a doubling over type of pain just like a knot or twist or burning. If you have found a medication that has worked let us know.

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    Hi Rusty,

    I'm pleased I've found your post, I'm having a similar problem its really getting me down, I started BP medication 16 months ago, 5mg Amlodipine & 25mg Lisinopril at first everything was fine then I developed an irritating cough which was the Lisinopril, so the nurse put me on 25mg Losartan instead.

    Things seemed to settle then I started with swelling ankles , a constant dull ache in my side right upper quadrant radiating up into my shoulder, my face bright red and a irritating rash all over it, so I had another talk to the nurse we decided to stop taking Amlodipine, again things settled for a little while, but the rash still comes and goes, the pain is just there all the time.

    I thought the pain could maybe be muscular.

    The doctor thought maybe i have gallstones, now she's thinking I'm lactose intolerant they really don't know what's causing pain.

    She's even sent me for physio & to try going for a sports massage.

    I was diagnosed with haemochromatosis last year so I've had scans & an x-ray nothing has shown up on anything only slight fatty liver.

    Its very frustrating whatever I do, eat or drink nothing seems to make a difference its really effecting my daily life.

    I am yet again going to have to say to the nurse to change meds again, but I'm almost certain it must be Losartan causing the problem.

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    I do not think its the drug that is causing these issues. Its not often where a drug cause muscle pain to move around the body. Whatever the case, its best to work out and look after your body and exercise your muscles.

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    Hello Rusty,

    i was put on 50 mg of Losartan, first month did 25mg, half, no side effects, after i started eating 50mg after 4-6 weeks exactly same pain, left abdomen, moves. i didn't knew, did cat scan, cysto, nothing.

    Saw your post, thanks god, i am going to let my doctor know. my pain gets more if a run, but otherwise remains 1-2 level from 10. i have stopped running.

    what did you do or anyone who had this pain, did it go away. please reply

    thanks Amrish

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    Just found this and yes i have the abdominal issues too. Same thing that it started on left side around naval height and moves. Closest thing i can compare to are Braxton Hicks contraction. It gets really bad if I lay back or lay down. improves upon standing. I started on 25 mg and had it slightly but when i increased to 50mg it has made me miserable. Almost feels like when you are pregnant and baby moves. my Dr. insists it is not the pill and tells me its anxiety, which i do nit have. it happens when im most relaxed. Im certain its the medicine. My blood pressure remains high and it is not working a bit for me.

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    Yep 50 mg losartan here as well .Suddenly starting to get extremely dry mouth during the night while sleeping a couple of months now and this week lower left stomach pain .

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