Candesartan fifth time lucky?

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I have been prescribed 2mg daily Candesartan and have been taking it for only three days now having had very nasty side effects from three of the four previously prescribed. The last one was Amlovasc which I stopped after 3 1/2 weeks due to excessive aches and pains in joints, weight gain, sleeplessness,acid reflux, sweating and worst of all swelling and tightness of legs and arms. The previous treatments were Ramipril- dizziness, cough, sleep disturbance or no sleep at all: Lisinopril- giddiness, cough, acid etc. The only thing which did not cause any side effects was a diuretic, but I was told I couldn't have that as renal function was low. I had been resisting medication for high BP for around six months by losing weight, swallowing garlic and taking solidago. I got my BP down, but then it started to rise and I had no choice. Since starting these pills I have felt worse than at any other time in my life and am hoping that maybe Candesartan might be the one that might be bearable. Having read the comments I am not so hopeful as have been started on a dose, which they tell me is of no use, but just to get me used to a new drug.Is there any hope out there, all comments are so negative?Why are you told to lose weight when all the things you are given pile it on?

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    Hi sorry to hear your having probs with your bp tablets. if it help to know your not the only one.. (see below 2/3/07 36yr old... its me)

    well its now september as you know. i have had a noghtmare of a year lol

    i am now on diaretics as i have had no luck in the other groups of bp tablets... i have had so many tests and none seem to be getting to the route of problem. i have acid reflux and had helibactor pylori been really run down and am generally run down.. all this sadly since taking bp tablets. i had a 24 hour bp test about 6 weeks ago and was told my bp was normal and didnt need bp tablets. 3 weeks without and started getting real bad headaches checked my bp and it was off the scale 169/101 never ever been that hi. i was away on holiday so stress levels had to be low. i had bp tablets with me and started taking them again. within 4 days it was bac to normal. my gp says i have what is termed as layby hypertension. which i am told means my bp can be fine for days or weeks but shoots up for no reason. i have had a 24hr urine test and awaiting results and am going for a endoscopy for acid reflux. i know this dont help you but my gp insisted when i was trying to find a bp tablet that suited that i should try and put up with some discomort and side effects as they would wear off in time. i did this the first time and never again.. as soon as side effects start i go to gp and if not happy i will get second opinion. its your body not theirs. sadly candastan was meant to be a newish all singing all dancing bp tablet. my gp gave it to me but the side effects for me were unbareable. everyone is different so dont let this put you off as i know people on them and they are fine but you may find you have a low tolorance like me to some of the chemicals they use in bp tablets. diarectics are bareable but i get bad cramps and pee alot. i think life style has alot to do with it as i am a shift worker working all hours. please dont give up hope


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    Hi Ally,

    Sorry to hear of your rotten year and it does help to know that someone else is going through the same as me though I wouldn't wish this on anyone.have now had my dosage upped and as well as tingling hands and arms have been waking in the night with horrible pains in back and chest and burping pure acid. Hey ho.


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    Hi Jenny..

    its me ally.g

    I hope you are having some luck with your bp.

    I am still on indapamide 1.5mg i have bad leg and arm cramps but am trying to stick with them as the last to try beta blockers i hear are pure hell. I suffer from bad acid reflux and i am sure this isnt being helped by my bp tablets.. i am taking tablets for the reflux and they have side effects to. it seems that so many people suffer from these tablets but still gp's insist they do us good. yes high bp is serious but one of the tablets i was on made me pass out and no where on the write up did it say this was a side effect.. i could have been driving. still we try and get on with life the best we can lol...

    i hope your better or at least getting sorted.


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    Hi Jenny - I was on Ramipril, but changed to Candesartan after some unpleasant experiences when Ramipril was upped to 5mg. I have been on Cadesartan for about 3 weeks now, and most of the symptoms I attributed to Ramipril have either gone or reduced - I do still wake up at night though, feel nauseous sometimes and get muscular pains across my chest but the dry cough has gone. I am interested about your comment on weight gain - I am as active as I was before my heart attack, but my diet is much better....but I am really struggling to lose or even maintain my weight - is it the tablets????
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    Hi Ihave just been given Candesartan instead of Ramipril had not realized that wieght gain was one of the side affects i realize now why iwas finding it difficult to lose wieght even thou i eat healthy.
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    Hi I was diagnosed with high blood pressure 6 years ago. I started on Coversyl 2.5 mg (diuretic) which made me dizzy and I had heart palpitations. I have been taking Olmesartan 20 mg and within a few months developed a racking dry coughing fits. The heart palpitations still occur but not as regularly. When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, my doctor advised me to change my diet, exercise and avoid stress. I joined a walking club, avoided carbs, take salads 5 days a week, went to yoga and meditation classes. After a year, I was able to half my medication and my cough disappeared. My blood pressure is under control. A few weeks ago, I complained about the effects of Olmesartan on my memory. I was prescribed candesartan 8 mg which my doctor agreed I could take 4mg on alternate days. My blood pressure is still within range. Although the heart palpitations have not occurred, and my memory has improved, do not give up on exercise, eat lots fresh vegetables. I have recently started on vitamin supplements like fresh krill oil capsules and COQ10 to further reduce my medication. I have not experienced any weight gain or loss. Don't rely solely on medication to control your blood pressure.

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