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Him Ive been prescribed Candesartan 4mg (rising to 8mg soon) for the prevention of migraines (nothing to do with blood pressure). Ive been taking them a week and I have been experiencing the moist horrendous nausea and occassional vomiting all week. Ive also been to the GP this week and got antibiotics for a sinus infection whichI assumed was causing the nausea and vominting but reading up on side effects of candesartan and it seems sinusitis is a possible side effect but nausea is rare.

Im unsure if the candarsatn is the cause of this all or just coincidence, anyone else experienced similar?

(ps the migraines are SO bad I dont want to come of the preventive pills until theyve had chance to work if theyre not to blame for the mausea and vomiting).


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    I've never heard of people being put on BP meds for migraine, but having done a bit of researching it does appear that blood pressure lowering drugs such as beta blockers, Calcium Channel Blockers and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers are beiing found to help with migraine.

    Certainly if Candesartan is causing nausea and vomiting as a side effect, then it is not suitable for you, but there are loads of other BP drugs that you could try.  If you are someone who usually has normal blood pressure, then I assume that the GP is going to monitor it from time to time to ensure it doesn't go too low.

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    I was prescribed Candesartan, for high BP, at the end of last year because Ramipril gave me a terrible cough 24/7. I vomited every day for 5 weeks before I realised that it was actually the Candesartan which was making me sick, as I had been putting it down to a Winter bug (which it wasn't), but the day after I stopped taking Candesartan I stopped being sick. It did lower my BP and I could have put up with being sick a couple of times a day but when it reached 25 times a day I thought enough is enough.
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    Hi Salydoodle.

    I have been on Candersartan for about a year for migraines, on 16mg. 2bh I had very few side effects but I have been on beta blockers (propanolol and then atenolol) which I did not have massive issues with either. I think at the beginning I got a bit dizzy but that is expected. If you really want to continue to give candesartan a try ask fro an anti-emetic (anti-sickness drug) and know how to stop nausea. For me I will only actually be sick if I over-heat, so when I feel like im gonna be sick I run my wrists under cold water for bout 5 mins. I'm sure you have a trigger that will do the same.

    I have actually just come off the tablets as they were not really doing much help for me.Personally, Topiramate massively helps my migraines but I'v tried it 3 times and I cant cope with the side effects so I know the situation you are in.,..

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    I was prescribed candesartan for migraines 4mg increasing through 6mg to 8mg, I also had major vomiting spent 48hrs  in the bathroom, Had major brainpain (explosions ) and memory loss of work issues from that period. I reduced back to 4mg where I got reasonable reduction on BP levels which I also had an issue with and am using Topamax for the migraines.
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    All my life I have suffered with terrible headaches. They seemed to be similar to migraines but without the flashing lights. If I laid down my head would feel like it was lifting off the pillow every heartbeat.

    After 60 odd years it was eventually discovered that I had high blood pressure and kidney stones and for the last few years I have been taking Candesartan and Bendroflomethiazide. I can honestly say that so far I have had absolutely no bad side effects from the drug and as a bonus the pills, whilst lowering my blood pressure, have completely stopped my headaches, so it really is no surprise to me that this drug is being used for migraine relief.

    What is curious about this drug is the result of changing the dose. Looking back over my fairly extensive records, after being on 8mg with steady average BPs of 107/70, it was increased to 12mg and my average slowly increased to 120/75 and only this year has it dropped again to an average 107/69. I started on the Amias brand but since their patent ran out I have used several others without any bad side effects. Regards...

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    I cannot comment on nausea as a s/e of Candesarten.

    What I can tell you is this.

    Candesarten has changed my life.

    i am 55 years old and got Migraine at 10 years.

    I have been on every preventer available in New Zealand including Botox.

    Started taking 16mg Candesarten and got my life back!

    so amazing.

    I can now work, book appointments, go out socially etc etc.

    Give Candesarten a go!!!



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    Thought I'd update.

    Well the side effects didn't last too long, and candesartan has been incredible.

    I have suffered migraine since teenage years, I'm now 42. They've come and go and I've had various levels of control from different drugs in.the past but they've still morphed over time and I still got days and days of hideous pain, vomiting, paralysis, blindness and pain so horrendous I have contemplated ways to end it!

    I've been able to stick in 4mg and have regained great control, they've not gone, maybe they would if I upped the dose but even on the lowest dose I get incredible control. I may now get a migraine once every few months but the pain is predictable and manageable and is very readily shifted with zolmitriptan. So I'm happy with the minimal dose and exceptionally manageable control.

    Anyone still wondering about candesartan, don't! It's quite a miracle worker!

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    Yes, they use quite a few BP meds now for prevention of migrane, its because of their effects on blood vessels. It seems some people tolerate these drugs very well, others can have a really difficult time and they have a wide range of potential side effects.

    Really if this is the first one they have tried, you shpuldn't have to put up with all these side effects, there are a number of drugs that have similar effects and lots of people try several before they find one thats OK. A drug group called ACE inhibitors are very similar in action but have a different side effect profile and calcium channel blockers are also used.

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    yes, arbs cause nausea.  ..maybe your system is very sensitive - stop and see if the nausea goes away. i thought i had migraines...tried everything....then knowing I have allergies all the time,...not always severe,....hayfever, dust, I started taking desloratine (certizine, etc) second generation antihistamine once a is working, stops histamine and therefore reduces inflamation, cleared up my sinuses,..etc...and now I am imprroving. Buy over the counter med and try one a day for 10 days......doesn't make you drowsy.


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