Cannabis the real truth

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Short explanation i have copied and pasted this, as this is a posting from another experiance subject but wanted to post it here as it is is direct connection to smoking cannabis..

Hey Guys, sorry its took so long to follow up on my posting, but a very Big Thankyou to you all for your time and messages.

Not feeling any benifits yet on the sertraline yet.. but you never know....

In response to one posting on recreational drugs no offence taken, but to answer you question and all mates were in to the rave scene,started off on cannabis to speed to LSD to Ecstasy and a little cocaine, and never felt any problems while taking them or after

However i will put my blame on Cannabis without a doubt its what started me off,i have always been a thinker always planning things having good ideas,working things out etc..

But this was the trigger as well as being in prison (for a stupid offence) but anyhow,this is when it started i was smoking the herb,as they say,but also feeling very alone and at times being on my own with my own thoughts and then i could not thinking.... i don,t take anything now and when i have been with freinds in the past after a few drinks and tried it boy does it bring my thinking issue on very strong and feelings of paranoia its horrible, hence i do not smoke it anymore.

Cannabis does or can screw you up i have seen in in many freinds even people that have never taken anything else,its seems fine for ages even years but depending on your own mind set, and how your mind works it can tip you over the edge.when your young and carefree living day to day theres nothing to worry about, only when you have to face issues and think about them cannabis can heighten your thinking process to the point you can not stop it anymore...I am living proof and so are some freinds.

Cannabis and personal,family,or work related problems that need your thought process to work and help you through things, whilst smoking Cannabis,these thoughts will be deeper and last longer to the point that you can not stop them anymore,even if you stop smoking the drug some damage has occurred and then you are on the long uphill struggle to turn this back around,but it comes quicker than it leaves.

Take care and best of luck and wishes to you all, please keep us all updated as to how we are getting on.

Regards and Best wishes for now and into the New Year Mark

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    hey mark,how you doing.

    i totally get what you say about the cannabis but i think you can relate that to almost any substance on earth that is mind altering.we are all different and diferent chemicals affect different people in different ways.

    there are people that can smoke cannibis all thier lives and it does not affect them the way it might affect the guy that had a sychosis on it,but then again i know people that smoke alot of weed but cant touch mdma because it has caused sychosis in thier lives before.take me for instance,i fell ill for the first time in the military and i had been strait for about three months prior.but i used alot of lsd and mdma for about three years prior to the army,and i know it caused my sychosis,..i got paranoid to f*#k,attacked someone,totally lost it,then landed up in a mental institution in roma,proper bad place,i thought i would never get out.looking back on it i think i had alot of mental issues before i did drugs and they just agrevated it,i again in 2002 i had another sychosis,and again in 2003,2004,..and not its been the longest stretch iv ever been without falling ill.the docters have given me so many different diagnosis,bi-polar,schizofrenia,toxic sychosis bla bla,they cant make up their the end of the day i cut down my drug intake,i still do drugs but not that often,i still smoke weed but want to stop for other reasons,but i do understand where you coming from.i think,ounce your mind has had an experience,a certain feeling,it can always inisiate those same feelings,like a door thats been opened,pandora's box if you will.,and if yoouve had strange thoughts,and paranoid feelings ,they can return on memory when youre in contact with the same chemical.when i was nineteen in south africa i got addicted to crack cocaine and towards the end of my addiction i used to get so paranoid i cant even explain the paranoia from smoking,so much so that at the end the highs just wernt worth the paranoia,and so i did eventually stop but a few years later i scored a rock while on holiday in cape town and on the way home,like every time before my stomach would play up like almost getting sytoms of dioria,and when i did smoke the rock,the first high was great but again the paranoia set in,your min remembers.

    take it easy,and at the end of the dAY,if i could turn the clock would i change my drug abuse??ofcouse i would,its great to use drugs,but it aint great when the drugs use you

    peace digiemi

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    Hi both - my son has smoked weed for over 18 years and is having a really hard time stopping. (He's 27 now.) The doc just says it's not an addiction, and gives him anti depressants and sleeping pills, which he refuses to take. He has had the paranoia etc for years, and it's getting worse. He can't function properly, or sleep without it, but it's got to the point that he's not enjoying it anymore and can't afford the £200 odd a month it's costing him.

    My partner was also smoking heavily over the last 2 years, but suddenly decided enough was enough, and stopped, just like that. It took an episode of almost constant sleepiness, so bad that he didn't really register what was going on round him, to stop him. He was also getting very paranoid and his work was suffering. He must be very strong willed to just stop like that. When my son tries, he gets the shakes, and cannot control his temper, which worries him.

    Any suggestions? They are both lovely guys and wouldn't hurt a fly, but why don't the docs have some answers?

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    Hi ginatonic16,

    I just wanted to respond to you ,and tell you about my situation. I was ADHD until I had treatment from an orgnisation called the DDAT/Dore program (peeps can google that if they want to find the website) It's a bit controversial , due to it not haveing long term reserch done on it, but all I can say is it totally changed my life for the better, and I wouldnt class myself as ADHD now on any level.

    I started smoking cannabis when I was about 20 , it was amazing , it calmed me down and focused my mind .I felt set free from my ADHD problems for the first time in my life. I smoked quite heavely for several years even during the DDAT program , and then started to realise that I just wasnt getting the same high or \"release\" from the drug as when I was ADHD , I guess because my neurological function became more \"normal\" after treatment. I'm lucky because I dont have any mental health issues , and never had a bad reaction when smoking . (Just wanted to tell you all that to give you some background.)

    I was never taken seriously as a ADHD person , even though my memory and cognative function was dire. I went through University being told I was too intelligent to be ADHD , and no G.P ever gave a sod .I finally got diagnosed at University , and that set me on the path to finding support.

    I also grew up with whats called floating joints (no puns intended lol).The muscles around my shoulder, and hip joints are too loose and subsiquently I have suffered very painful joint dislocation all my life.

    Again no G.P at any point in my life would help me or even send me to a physio .

    On top of that (and this is the big problem) I have a deteriorative neurological condition called Hyperpathia, it is extremely painful and effects your cardeo vascular system. The sh*t really hit the fan six years ago . I was in so much pain I couldnt walk , my life feel apart , and again my G.P was totally unsupportive, telling me I had anxiaty and was just depressed, giving me anti depressants, which sent me off my rocker (as I wasnt depressed).

    I went from G.P to G.P and saw all the wrong consultants etc etc , they all treated me like sh*t and just kept telling me it was a mental health issue .I kept asking to see a neurologist as I thought it was related to nerve problems but no one would let me see one. I finally ended up at a pain clinic at my local hospital , who could'nt do anything for me . So I demanded a phycologist to see if I was mad , and if it was all in my head.

    I ended up with a really suportive cognative therapist, who told me I had no mental health issues , and that out of all her patients I was the most self sufficient , and that she really couldnt help me more than I was already helping myself.

    Soon after I was thrown off my G.P's list and was told by a very abusive doctor in my own home that I was a fake and a parasite on the NHS !

    The next G.P was awful too, but the one after that ( the G.P I have now) was totally amazing, and for the first time in 4 years of suffering finally let me see a Neurologist . A year last November , almost 5 years after it all started I was finally diagnosed with Hyperpathia ...I was right all along,it was real and I wasnt mad. My new G.P also got me to a physical therapist

    which helped me sort out the problems with my arms and legs .

    The point of my little essay (lol) is that it can be a hard slog to find the right help . There is a very weird instatutional bigotry with many consultants and G.P's , like with anything in life ,theres the good and the bad .Theres all kinds of help for all kinds of problems but it can be very hard to find .

    I really dont enjoy smoking cannabis like I used to , and I cant afford it anyway as i'm on Income support because I cant work due to the Hyperpathia . It can help my pain and spasms , but I dont like my mind all clouded up. Some people might hate what I'm gonna say , but if you need any

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    :D Thank you so much for the reply to my post!!!! You have helped, my son has been to 3 different docs who still say he is depressed, not addicted to dope. He has since been prescribed citalopram (made him worse, bad insomnia) and then sertraline, which seem to be helping a bit more. He's had 3 weeks on the sick, so being broke is adding to his problems and stress.

    I told him about the websites you said, and he thought they were helpful. The main problem he has is that he is in a metal band, has been in various semi pro bands for years, and it's hard not to join in, it's just part of it, smoking. The not being able to sleep is his biggest problem, he is up online gaming until 2 or 3am, then can't get up for work at 6am (the sertraline isn't helping with that, you get brain fog).

    Anyway, it's good to know he's not alone in this. The gp's don't help at all, probably funding issues, and weed smokers do NOT want to go to drug clinics with the smack heads. Any gp's please note CANNABIS IS ADDICTIVE PHYSICALLY AS WELL AS MENTALLY!

    My partner had another issue, as he is Afro Caribbean, and smoking weed is in their culture, but I am very proud of him for giving up something that gave him a lot of pleasure. Me? I have obviously tried it (several times!) but it either makes me feel sick, or instantly sends me to sleep, so I don't get pleasure from it.

    Hope things are ok with you. Thank you again.


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