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for absolutley no obvious reason, I started having really bad episodes of reflux. I woke up one day about 4 weeks ago with agonising stomach pain, but didn't attribute it to reflux. The whole day was spent laid down waiting for it to go. Woke up the next day spitting up yellow saliva with blood - deffinatley reflux. I spent the next week drinking mostly water and eating minimal as well as taking 20mg omeprozol which worked. 

A week later, as everything seemed okay - again unexpedatley, I'd eaten nothing but a sandwhich all day - my stomach began swelling up with pain going into my chest. Went to A+E and they suspected appendicitis. After a scan, urine test and blood test, everything came back okay, doctors concluded reflux again. 

First few days back from A+E okay - but since the start of this week, symptoms have progressively worsened. Given 40mg Omeprzaol but just not working. Constantly waking up every morning with acid in my mouth with fresh blood, even my teeth hurt because of the acid damage. 

Constant stomach ache all day, everytime I spit its fresh blood with acid. My tounge and the back of mouth are stained yellow / green - again clearly its acid but nothing is helping. 

I'm at the point now where there's just no point in eating anymore. No one seems to understand what's happening, or why any of this occured for seemingly no reason. Omeprozal doesn't seem to be working at all. I'm living off gavison and water now. 

I don't know what to do, I'm depressed, and I'm constantly aware that I'm bleeding and no one can do anything about it. I mention it do the doctors and I get a blank stare or a dismissive response. 

This happened about 7 years ago - but that was attributed to my stomach being affected by anti-inflammatory medication. That took 3 months to clear - now I'm back here again and I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say, I don't know where to begin. I can't get advice online other the generic stuff, i.e don't get spicy food etc. 

To be honest, I can't eat at all now, and there's no point. My stomach continually hurts, it still occasionally causes chest pain even with omeprozol and gaviscon, and I'm still bleeding. I'm at the end of what I can do or deal with on my own.

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    i feel your pain, the same is happening to me atm im literally living of water and one bowl of soup a day. medication dont even seem to work no more and the pain is unbearable. Have they discussed with u the reflux surgery?
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    ...reflux surgery...? never heard of that

    haven't had endoscope, been discharged with the usual omeprozol. What would endoscope show / prove? Last time they did biopsy and said they found nothing special in the stomach or from the samples as they suspected Barratts 

    I'm more frustrated as the to the "why" this happened - out of the blue, unexpected, no obvious reason. I just don't understand. 

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    I'm so sorry to hear what your going through. Sounds hellish. My only advice is to have an endoscopy to see what is going on. You could have an ulcer, particularly as it started with very bad stomach pain. If you do have an ulcer mastic gum is meant to be effective and Manuka honey.

    I would try a very alkaline diet if u have an ulcer. No citrus fruits, alcohol or caffeine.

    Don't let doctors thob you off!! Go in demanding for the tests. You are not bleeding for nothing. Something ain't right. What country are you from?

    Good luck with everything. Let us know how you are.


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      I agree with you Dominic.

      Don't get fobbed off, demand further tests.

      You should not be bleeding really.... if it's the reflux, they should at least try different types medication.

      I'm on my 3rd different type with other tests happening.

      Have a scan booked and waiting on blood test results. All because I didn't just walk out without something being done. X

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      I didn't think about an ulcer, but I suppose thats possible... I'll suggest it next I see the doctor. 

      I've found that if I saturate myself with water this seems to help neutralise the acid - I've cut down smoking from like 10 to 1 or 2 a day, I've cut caffine out and I'm "trying" to eat minimal - accept sometimes I get so hungry from working my instinct is to eat loads but what can I do?

      I'll go back to the doctors and keep at it, thank you

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      the reason their reluctant to try other medications is simple cost - last time i went onto esomeprozel which i was informed by the doctor that this is a different version to omeprozol but more costly - however it did work very effectivley for me last time when omeprozol didn't - and i think their simply reluctant to prescribe the other because of cost 

      I'm in the UK - so cost and the NHS is always a big deal 

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    I am apalled at the poor treatment you are getting.

    First of all you do not seem to have been tested for h.pylori - either with a Breath Test or an Endoscopy.

    Secondly whether you are infected with h.pylori or not that sounds like serious damage resulting from acid reflux.

    You really need to be seen by a Consultant Gastroenterologist and possibly have an Endoscopy.

    You can have two operations for Acid Reflux. The newest is called Linx and is not very invasive.



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