carbimazole and sore throat

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Hi I been taking this tablets for 6 weeks now (3 5mg 3 times a day). I read in the leaflet that came with it if you got sore throat STOP taking the tablets and see your doctor, what I would like to know is how bad must the sore throat be to stop taking the tablets? Can anyone tell me before I rang my GP.

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    I was diagnosed with Graves disease about six years ago at the age of 34. I understood the reason to be careful about the sore throat was because the Carbimazole can reduce your immune system and the sore throat could be a sign of this. I had several sore throats and was blood tested a few times but all was ok. The sore throat was at times very severe but this did not indicate anything adverse for me. I was on the drug for about 18 months in total. I was sent to a London hospital for radio-iodine but refused it. My condition gradually improved, I came off teh drug and have not been affected since. Hence I was very glad I did not have the radio iodine or I would be on permanent thyroixine now.
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    i have been on carbimazole for two months now and have had a very sore throat, went to my gp who just gave me antibiotics. Explained to GP other symptoms im having such as weight gain, depression and generally feeling unwell and GP said this condition Hyperthyroidism is beyond them and should wait to see specialist in two weeks. this is frustrating for me as i have a two year old and want to get back to work but most of the time cant be bothered to get out of bed in the morning. Are these symptoms from carbimazole or hyperthyroidism?
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    I have been taking carbimazole for 7 weeks now, been to my gp quite a few times because i feel very lethargic and have severe mood swings. i have a three year old and struggle to do stuff with him through the day because i feel soo tired. i am also on proprananol 3 times a day for palpitations and trembling. my gp has just done more blood tests and is sending me back to my consultant because my levels were off the scale. when do you start to feel normal again because i cant cope with this for much longer.

    i also get severe headaches and lose my vision, my endocrinologist send me for a ct scan haven't had results yet, has anyone else had this and what are they looking for.

    take care all.


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      I have been going through themail same thing only I was misdiagnosed. I have had severe trembling, palpitations and weight loss, severe headaches and blurred vision for over 7 months. My GP'so failed to notice the signs of an over active thyroid all this time (so I was informed by my own GP whom I can never get in to see). He apologised that this has been missed. I am now on Propranolol 3 times a day and Carbimazole 20mg. Over the weekend my throat has been so sore and ulcerated and I have struggled to keep my eyes open. Have had 3 weeks off work already and still not right. I am waiting to see an endocrinologist. I hope you get your results soon and that they find the cause to the problem 😊

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    Hi ollysmum23, how did it go with the consultant? I feel the same and have been on carbimazole for about 7 weeks now. I'm seeing the consultant next Thurs but feel so ill.
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    I was diagnosed last November and have been very poorly with overactive thyroid.

    I am now on 10mg carbimazole a day and feel much better. Am no longer on beta-blockers. Coming to this Forum helped me a lot and I want to tell you to hang in there because you will feel better but it does take a long time.

    You never think you're going to feel human again.

    Your heart rate will settle, the runs will get better, your tremor will stop, breathlessness will improve, but muscle weakness takes a lot longer. The crying will stop, the sicky feeling goes and you will sleep through the night again.

    YOU MUST REST whenever possible. Believe me, rest has helped me get better. I only do one thing a day and then rest and I am not afraid to say NO if I don't want to go somewhere or see someone, as I found I suffered the day after.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks again Kaye,

    You've really made my day. I've been waiting for someone to say that it does get better and I'm not going mad.

    My last 4 weeks have been hell although I have felt better in myself over the last few days. I've seen the endo on Thurs and my levels are coming down but after getting more angry/weepy, less muscle strength and other stuff I was begining to feel like it would never end.

    The info about resting is good as I normally go all guns blazing if I get a good day and it's left to my mum to tell me to rest (I'm 38 yrs old mind you!)

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    Hope you are starting to feel more human. I hate my thyroid and what it has done to my body and well-being. Im 49 and used to be at the gym three times a week, always on the go etc etc. I am no longer working as energy levels took a huge dip, but I am starting to feel much better now.

    No one REALLY tells you what will happen to you with an overactive thyroid! I have now started to put on weight, which, for years, I have battled with, but have decided not to worry about it and go with the flow.

    Who'd be a woman??!!

    Take care and keep resting.

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      I am exactley the same as you Kaye!!  

      I reply to all of you as well as Kaye, I too am taking Carbimazole, have been taking them for around 2 and a half years I think?!  I lose track of time I'm afraid!  I do a lot of singing in church, and when I had to start on the tablet, my singing voice was non-existant!!  I asked my GP and the consultant who was treating me at the hospital, " Will my voice return to normal"?  All anyone said was, "In time!"  Well, here I am, still waiting for my voice to get back to what it was!    I have had to alter the songs to suit my voice now, no point waiting for my voice to return!!   I am very sad about this, I know this must sound quite trivial when we have lots of other symtoms, but, to me, it IS important for me to keep on singing!

       I too had a fast heart rate, I had been taken off Carbimazole after a year of taking them, my thyroid was 'normal'...was I happy about being taken off them??!!  Yep, almost jumped for joy....whoopsy, 6 weeks later when I had a blood test, yep, you've guessed it, thyroid had returned to overactive, and back on the tablets I went, and am still taking them! Seems I'll have to have them for the rest of my natural!


       As for the sore throats,  at first, whenever I had a sore throat, I would panick like crazy!!  mainly because I wasn't told why to stop taking the tablet if I got a sore throat!  I was terrified!  But as time has gone on, I occasionally get sore throats, I have been to the Docs, who have  usually looked into my throat and said something like " Oh, it's O.K nothing to do with the Carbimazole"....on the odd occasion I have had to have an extra blood test because of it, but, they have always come back O.K.

        I agree with you Kaye, I used to be more active than I am now, ALWAYS tired, and can't do much at all, how frustrating this is!!   I do have OA too, so, combine the two, I'VE HAD IT!!  frown

       But, we must carry on the best we can, I know it's very hard, but, at least on here, we have each other, and we KNOW what we're talking about, and do not tell each other, NOT TO WORRY!! well, at least, not in the same way some of the 'proffesionals' do!!     No use telling us not to worry when we've been warned about side effects now is there?!

       Right, my rant over, well, at least for a little while....

       I wish you all well, and keep your chins up....I'll keep both of mine up folks!!

       Bless you all.

      Love to all...xx


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    I was the same, a very active gym goer and only saw the doctor because I was lifting less weight with every session (not the normal way it goes :? ) and going on the cross trainer set my heartrate at 220 bpm within 2 minutes followed by chest pains!

    My appetite has always been good but eating everything in site and feeling starving within 5 minutes was definately odd. Unfortunately I gained about 1.5 stones until I went on meds. I've now lost about a third of that just down to the fact I'm eating more normally (obviously I'm not exercising yet!)

    I'm self employed so I've been able to take a back seat and my husband has taken over everything except phone calls and emails. We've even employed cleaners as I just can't keep on top of that.

    The most frustrating thing for me is not being in control. I have no control over my body anymore, it controls me! My levels are on the way down but I know I could start gaining weight any time soon. The only thing that helps where that's concerned is that I wouldn't need to consume the amounts I have, and I'd be healthy enough to actually work it off!!!

    It does feel like a lifetime just existing though and thats difficult to get my head around, no wonder I want to kill someone sometimes!!!

    Take care, I know things will get better.


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    Hi Shaz,

    I was finding it really hard to lose weight before being diagnosed, even with going to a diet and exercise club and the gym. When I was diagnosed the weigh fell off (1.5 stone in a week!) along with all my muscles which became just like jelly! All that hard work in the gym ruined! Although I was told that had I not been as fit, when I was rushed to hospital (heart rate 220 and in Resus for 9 hours) it could have been fatal. I don't want to even think about that!

    I have put the weight back on without trying, which is a pain, and have been advised not to go back to exercising just yet, although I am walking for half an hour each day. I feel at least I am doing something. My levels are coming down and do feel much better, although not working as still get weak. Have got another blood test on Monday.

    You hit the nail on the head when you said you weren't in control. That's exactly how I feel. I am an organised person and always on the go, but this has stopped me in my tracks.

    Oh well, onwards and upwards!!

    Kay x

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      m do depressed at the minute as I list so much weight.... I'm a naturaly curvey 12/14 & been on 30mg of carbimazole for 5 weeks now & not put any back on as yet..... I hate it....howong b4 u started gaining the weight back?

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      Hi Kaz, 

      I lost a stone in three weeks and looked really ill and scrawny. I have been on Carbimazole for 3 months now and some of the weight has come back on. People say I look healthier and I do feel so much better. I am now on block and replace as the Carbimazole took my thyroid levels below average so am on Thyroxine to bring them to normal levels. I no longer have palpitations, hair loss or surges in my metabolism causing hot sweats. 

      My advice is to give it a few more weeks and things will improve and you will gain some of your weight back. Life for me feels so much better - which is such a relief because I felt so ill.

      Good luck, Clare

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      Thank you lovely, I was told I'd put it all back on & more lol....I'm also on hormone therapy now & that also makes u gain weight..... glad to hear u are doing well & feel well now.


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    I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid in February. I had been feeling really poorly since beginning of December and landed up in hospital in January as my heart was racing(I already have heart problems)just thought it was my heart working it self. I saw the Endo at the end of February. He he immediatly started me on 20mg carbimazole twice a day I am already on beta blockers for my heart. My heart rate was still going fast. Like you I enjoyed going to the gym and from the beginning of December to February I had lost 3 stone. I thought I was doing really not realising it was the thyroid. Since then I have put on a stone in weight. I am suffering depression and anxiety and I am taking antidepressants. I have no strength in my arms or legs, I find walking up the stairs such a chore. I am always tired but I am lucky if I get 3 hours a sleep a night. I went back to work and I am building my hours back up. I needed to get back into a kind of normalty. I find it a struggle most days but at the end of each day I feel I have achieved something. I know it will eventually get better. Supposedly my thyroid levels were sky high and at least they are coming down. I am starting to feel more human again but time will tell. I go back to see the endo at beginning of June and they are thinking of doing \"block and replace\". I didnt realise how much your thyroid can affect your life but my god it does. So everyone out there good luck with everything and try to remember things can only get better. Lets face it they cant get much worse.

    Bye for now


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