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  • joanne 26181 1

    Hives and overactive thyroid

    I have had very bad hives, face swelling for around a month so doc did blood tests and have overactive thyroid. On another course steroids for the hives. Did anyone else have hives and was it due to overactive thyroid?

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  • Guest M

    carbimazole and sore throat

    Hi I been taking this tablets for 6 weeks now (3 5mg 3 times a day). I read in the leaflet that came with it if you got sore throat STOP taking the tablets and see your doctor, what I would like to know is how bad must the sore throat be to stop taking the tablets? Can anyone tell me before I rang

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  • popping candy 2

    carbimazole side effects

    hi, does carbimazole make you hyper active, I am now down to 10mg,been on that for 4 months i started pramipexole at the same time for rls,but I have noticed in the last month that I feel like a corkscrew tightening in me,if I wake up at night I have to suddenly jump out of bed and start

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  • Karmaway 4

    Coming off carbimazole...

    Hi anyone have any advice about coming off carbimazole? My endo is crap! No I can't see another one as only one in my area! Ugh! Had two normal blood tests for t4/t3 in fact dropping to lower end! TSH still undetectable but that can take months to catch up! He wants me to take 5 mg daily but it was

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  • naz 2

    Carbimazole - weight gain

    I have so struggled with weight gain since taking Carbimazole. I have been taking it for 18 months now and despite being quite fit and constant daily exercise, I am not losing it and struggling to keep my weight down.I am a size 10 to 12 but recently found that I was moving to just the size 12 and

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  • L F 1

    Hyperthyroidism made me put on weight

    I have recently been diagnosed as hyperthyoidism, even though most of my symptoms indicated to hypothyoidism, so much so doctor did blood test twice. I'd put 3st on in weight, felt cold all the time, couldn't sleep (still can't), really tired, etc. (Been like that for 3 years!) Apparently it's

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  • cynth1983 1

    Puffy eyes after a mth of carbimazole?

    I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and was put on 15mg of carbimazole. Everything was getting better soon after i started. No more tremors, sweat and fatique 1 mth on carbimazole, I developed puffy eyes! Not bulging/staring though. Just puffy eye bags. This is causing me to feel tired

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  • Karmaway 4

    Carbimazole dosage...

    Hi all, I am currently taking 10 mg a day for Graves! My T4 is now 24.2-nearly in range what dose are other people taking please?

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  • kristell57822 2
  • Karmaway 4

    Carbimazole-lymph node infection!

    Hi I am currently on 10 mg a day of carbimazole unfortunately! As I really didn't want to take it! I seem to have developed a lymph node infection in my abdomen, has anyone else had this? I also think I have it in my neck, armpit and chest area! Ughhh!!

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  • Karmaway 4

    Carbimazole head and neck ache?

    Hey I am now on 10 mgs of carbimazole! I hate having to take it and since going up 5 mgs I am getting a headache all down the back of my head and neck and a strange taste in my mouth! Ugh! Has anyone else experienced this? .

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  • james22918 3


    Hi, I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I was put on 15mg of carbimazole and after 3 weeks my blood test stated my condition had worsened. I was then increased to 20mg and after 3 weeks had blood tests and the condition had got worse still. I'm now on 40mg of carbimazole and although my

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  • monica2409 2

    Carbimazole is not for me!

    Hi everyone, I have been through hell since I gave up smoking 10 months ago. After a few weeks of being nicotine free my family began to say that I had changed into a different person. I knew that I was agitated and short tempered and furthermore ai found that I was saying and doing things that

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  • LindaLolly 1

    Carbimazole and itching

    Hi I've just found i have an overactive thyroid, after palpitations and weight loss drive me to see my doctor. My T3 and T4 were treble what the should be and TSH Non existent. I've been taking 40mg carbimazole for the last 4 weeks, just dropping down to 30mg today. I've had 2 sore throats which

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  • cyril52616 2

    High TSH

    My TSH was down to 0.01 and given Carbimazole 20mg initially and 5 mg. Later I went through 1/2 dose of Idodine treatment. Even then my TSH level not settled and again dropped up to 0.04 then  I was given 20 mg carbimazole per day. After 2 months my level came up to I have stopped taking

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  • Amyx 2

    Carbimazole weight gain..

    Hi I'm currently still on 40mg of carbimazole a day I've noticed my eyes always look puffy like I haven't slept and (in the past week especially) I'm gaining weight rapidly 😖 I refuse to step on the scales as I don't want to obsess too much about my expanding waistline. I normally dont eat three

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  • Guest M

    long term carbimazole

    I am on carbimazole and propranolol for a very overactive thyroid. My GP has suggested radioactive iodine. Why can't I have carbimazole indefinitely to deal with the hyperthyroid instead of having radioacive iodine and then becoming hypothyroid (which often happens its seems) and then having to

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  • HollieAmber89 1

    Hyperthyroidism - Carbimazole

    I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid after a routine blood test although my mom and her mom both suffer(ed) with the condition. Treatment has changed since my mom was diagnosed as she went down the radioiodine route but I have been put on 5mg Carbimazole daily. I have been taking this for 3

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  • joannagof 3
  • joannagof 3
  • aaooxx 2
  • jan64074 2

    Block and Replacement Therapy Carbimazole and Thyroxine

    Hi I wasn't sure which forum to post on as Carbimazole was prescribed to me for Hyperthyrodism which I think was brought on by underlying Graves disease. Had hypothyroidism for 11ish years, then thyorid went haywire last year due to stress. Now I am on block and replacement therapy.  30mg

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  • Blighty 2

    Lost my sense of taste on carbimazole

    Hello I'm new here can anyone help please started taking Carbimazole in late April this year after a reading of 75 No idea what that means but consultant said it was high been feeling awful for about 18 months GPS was treating me for depression / anxiety about 4 days ago I lost my sense of

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  • julie2510 3

    overactive thyroid gland

    Hi everyone went to see my speacilis ton Thursday and hes put me on 30mgs of long does it take for it to start working please can anyone tell me and what is there to look out for when taking this medication,

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  • joannagof 3

    PTU or carbimazole cause dizziness and fainting

    recently my edno switch my med from carbimazole to ptu because i might get pregnant and he said ptu is ptu leaves my stomach more upset than carbimzole. It taste awful.I also been feeling reallly weak and feel dizzines in some points io think i might faint!its scary! the edno dont reply

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  • joannagof 3
  • Guest M

    Light headness/head pressure

    I am have been on carbimazole since JUly 20 mg a day, after being told i have graves disease and over active thyroid. My levels have gone done, but not in the normal level yet. I do have a problem of forgetting to take them at the weekend, so it effect you if you miss a few a week. Also please

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  • patricia36232 2



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  • catsmother 3

    Put back on Carbimaloze

    Hello All,    I had been taken off Carbimazole, for which I was very grateful !, unfortunately, after having a bit of a heart flutter, had to have a blood test, and yes, lo and behold, my thyroid had gone 'wobby' again,  (mine is over active ) , so, had to go back on them     I am due

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  • brightonbreeze 3

    Help needed with Carbimazol dose please

    Hello all I was diagnosed in May. Became informed immediately. Went on Carbimazol ( propanalol for short while). Went to a nutritionist who took me off gluten, sugar and dairy put me on lots of ,E, Bs, C, krill, probiotic, co q10, thyroid suppliments, adrenal support, l glut amine.

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  • joannagof 3

    carbimazole and hair lossPLS HELP

    so i have been taking carbimazole for 2 and a half months. i currently take 10mg a day.I have become hypo but i do feel better though i gained some weight. Though i am hypo because of carbimazole the doctor keeps my dose seems he cares more for TSH than t4 hormone. I dont seem to have any

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  • joannagof 3

    carbimazole-loss of appetite-terrible back pain

    i was taking 20mg a day for 6 weeks than continue with 15 mg a day (basically 2 months on carb) Lately i loss my appetite and some weight(not signifigant weight though) Basically the first 3 weeks i gained 2.5 kilograms. The last week i lost my apettite,,,i try to eat but i dont feel like eating at

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  • Stayhealthy 1

    Carbimazole side effects

    Taking carbimazole for 5 months, but started having side effects like gastric and itchy corner lips several weeks Anyone experience this?

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  • evergreen 6

    Any GOOD stories? Need a bit of positivity

    I have just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and prescribed carbimazole. At first I was delighted that finally I had an answer to why I was depressed, couldn't sleep, shaky, losing weight, anxious, and felt like I had the flu I was so achey and tired. But that has turned to anguish after reading

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  • joannagof 3
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