Carbimazole are the symptoms causing anxiety attacks

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Hi All 

I am 55 years young Male 

Hope that you can help me 

I have been on Carbimazole now for 7 months started on 30mg a day then 20mg and now 15mg 

My last reading was 

FreeT4 11.1 (10.0-19.0)

TSH 3.95 (0.50-4.00)

Also is highly blood pressure common with this 

I know that anxiety is a symptom but is it actually caused by other symptoms that come with hyperthyroidism if you all know what I mean 

Symptoms are 

Sore shoulders 

Mind racing 

Thinking my Heart is going to stop

Light headed or brain fog 

Weight loss

Thinning of hair 

PVC skip in heart beat

Is there anyone out there with these kind of symptoms 

My first blood test were 

Free T4 20.0 (10.0-19.0)

TSH undetectable 

FreeT3 6.5 (3.5-6.5)

Most recent at the start of this post 

Thank you 

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    Hi Pat,

    I think it's time to ask your doctor or endo for cutting carbi dose because T4 is near the bottom of the range and TSH top of the range, i.e., approaching hypo state. Another reason would be to reduce/avoid some of the med's side effects. Are all those symptoms persisting? Thought some shall start reversing (e.g., weight loss should at least ease down)?  Could anxiety come from too much worry? I am not sure about high BP to be in all hyperthyroidism cases. In my case (Graves Disease), I didn't have BP issue, and yet taking herbs (bugleweed, lemon balm, motherwort) also helped even better my BP to optimum level!

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    Hi Patrick.

    How does your anxiety attack present?

    With regards.

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      Hi Patrick.

      Thank you for the information.

      To answer your first question, I believe the answer is yes. The body does not tolerate nor process stress in the same way as it used to. Hence, the biggest 'secret' about being hyperthyroid, is to immediately dial back on all stressors in a major way. And to make adjustments to diet to regain health and bring balance back to the body. Being hyperthyroid is the body signalling it is out of whack in a big way. Big lifestyle changes have to be made and a disciplined follow through would definitely help with your getting better.

      I was euthyroid when I had my first ever anxiety attack. Too much stress. This showed me that stress has to be constantly managed despite the condition being under control though my TraB level was still high. I am still working on getting that down right now.

      The other important point is your carbimazole dosage. If, as Mike has pointed out and, u are close to hypothyroid, then you need to get your carbi dosage titrated asap. Being hypo can also cause symptoms similar to that of being hyper like palpitations, thinning hair, brain fog. A slow heart rate can have very serious consequences.

      The good news is that as u get the hyperthyroidism under control with help from medication, and simultaneously makes changes to diet and lifestyle, u will find the nasty symptoms reducing.

      With regards the high BP, do see a doc about that. Leaving it untreated can lead to serious consequences as I'm sure you are aware. I did hear once from a doc that hyper causes high BP. I do not know if that's really true, but if it is, then getting the hyper under control should help with the high BP as well. In the meantime, it would help to cut down on the amount of salt and sodium consumed daily.

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      Thanks Ling it helps a lot to talk to people who are going thru this I appreciate your feed back 

      I’m having a 24 hour monitor for BP tomorrow will see how that goes 

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      That's great to hear Patrick. If its not too much trouble, pls keep us posted.

      What u said is so true. We learn so much about managing the condition from those in the same boat. I muddled my way to knowledge, learning things the hard way since the docs were pretty unhelpful. Its 3 years since diagnosis. 7 months for u. Its early days and u'll surely get better. And u know your body best. As u learn more, u'll know what works best for u.

      Please feel free to ask if u need more info. Some of the symptoms u have, I had them as well.

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    Really sorry you're having such a bad time.....I'm almost 3yrs into my treatment now I had so many side effects with carbimisol my Endocrinologist switched me to Propylthiouracil tablets which suit me much better....I still experience anxiety attacks...and i think i always will however I am now dealing with them better...I used to think i was having a heart attack or i would faint on the spot...ofcourse I never did however it all seemed so real at the time If i was to pinpoint the worse thing thing about Hyperthyroidism it would be anxiety....I had most of the same side effects as you even loosing my taste buds for over 3 months..So i really understand how you feel and wish you all the very best and i hope your symptoms are controlled very very soon...Take care

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      Thanks Blighty I hope so too I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy it is a dreadful sickness and so hard to get control off. It’s good to know that I am not alone with these symptoms. How are you feeling now Blighty hope that you are well. 
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    I'm doing better Thank you Patrick ...My Endocrinologist stopped my meds just after Easter this year however after my last bloods she rang me on the 16th June 2018 and told me to resume the my levels were creeping up and i must admit i felt quite ill.....I did reluctantly agree to her stopping my meds because as she said if we don't stop them we will never know if the treatment had worked...I doubt she will stop them again though...Maybe I'm in that category that requires medication for this awful disease for the rest of my days..I hope you can be stress free soon take care ....Best Regards Blighty...

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      Thanks Blighty 

      Hope you feel better as well I think that we just need to stay strong and positive that we will beat this. I am having 24 hour blood pressure monitor tomorrow just to be sure. 

      Thanks for your feed back it’s really appreciated.

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    Hi Patrick not sure weather you will read this as the post is old ... I have the same symptoms as u .. feel week tired lightheaded and much more  .. my t4 is 14.4 and tsh 3,7 on last test a week ago 6 weeks before t4 17.8 tsh 1.8 . been on 40 mg for  5 months as my t4 57 and tsh 0.01 that was 5 minths ago dropped to 30mg 2 weeks ago still feel bad think my dose is way high 

    Hope this some how helps that you are not alone 


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    hii my name sonia

    accutally i have hyperthyriod too from 2 years now.i feel these all symptoms very badly fro last 5 months when i go for blood test my thyriod level is fine now they going to reduce my carbimazole daily to 5 days like they did last year because doctor tried last year too fot checking my thyriod levels without medicines but aftet 1 month its came back .so lets see now hows going this time.but am worried so much for my flutters in my heart and skiped beats too but my ecg ecco coming normal so am just worried what i need to do next beacusr its seems like anxiety because some time i have panic attacks too and my mind always saying i gonna heatt attack soon if anyone else have these symptoms please help me xx

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      Hi sonia, it doesn't sound like u are ready to come off carbimazole.

      Have u been prescribed Propranolol?

      ECG isn't very accurate and only catches anomalies if they present at the time of the test. You probably need to be on a 48- or 72-hour holter monitor and see of it catches anything.

      I am in my 6th year of Graves on carbimazole. And the thyroid hormone levels are finally shifting again. I find Propranolol helps with my heart-related symptoms.

      Best wishes.

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      yes am on prapranol 10 mg daily and its stoped my fluttring from month now.going to again blood test next week for thyriod doctor appointment.

      you are on 6th year thats long period.i didnt realise first thyriod is that bad.

      thanks ling123 .

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      That fluttering is a response to stresses mental or physical. One of the key things to do when diagnosed with Graves, is to drastically cut back on stress. That will go a long way to helping the body function a lot more normally.

      How long were you on carbimazole before it was stopped?

      Have you had your Graves antibodies tested? A high level would indicate your body is not ready to try for remission, regardless if your thyroid hormone levels and TSH are all in range.

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