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Hyperthyroidism made me put on weight

I have recently been diagnosed as hyperthyoidism, even though most of my symptoms indicated to hypothyoidism, so much so doctor did blood test twice. I'd put 3st on in weight, felt cold all the time, couldn't sleep (still can't), really tired, etc. (Been like that for 3 years!) Apparently it's unlucky with the weight gain. Has anyone else, had reverse of symptoms. Now I get hot flushes all the time - at least 10 times a day and rising, (I am 52 but have never had a single hot flush until 4 weeks into carbimazole) still can't sleep, some days feel utterly exhausted. Only symptom I can associate with was pounding heart (which wasn't mentioned by doctor) which is very slowly abating. Any advice would be appreciated. Does this also mean that I will continue to put the weight on.

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  • Hi I also had the weight gain. I was gyming it and struggling to lose it. I was diagnosed incidentally by having my bloods done at work to check my cholesterol. I was extremely tired and felt exhausted all the time. All the doctors thought it was strange as I should have had lots of energy and losing weight.

    Since then, I have been put on 40mg daily of Carbimazole and have put on yet another stone in weight in 6 weeks!!!!

    I have seriously thought about stopping the meds!!! I do feel slightly better in that I have more energy.

  • In a way, was quite a relief to read your posts, as am in exactly the same situation. :roll:

    Diagnosed hyper, though every symptom seemed to point at hypo. Have been on carbimazole 30mg a day for 10 months on a block and replace regime with thyroxine at 125mg. But despite increasing dosages of thyroxine every 3 months, keep becoming hypo. Still desperately tired all the time. I could go to bed at 8pm and sleep 12 hours every night, no problem.

    Have also gained weight. Was probably 2 stone overweight when 1st diagnosed (was finding it impossible to lose anything despite diet & exercise) and have since put on another stone, depsite being very very careful with diet. Think this is what gets me down the most - have seemingly no control over weight gain or loss anymore.

    Doctors do not seem to acknowledge this weight issue at all - very concerned with bloods and some other symptoms. But surely, carrying an excess of 3 stone carries its own risks - though after dieting and exercising with absolutely no success, am not sure how to tackle this anymore?

  • I was so pleased to read other people with an overactive thyroid had put on weight!! I was diagnosed in June last year after experiencing a few problems, not sleeping, tummy troubles, sweating and gaining weight. When the results came back my doctor really listenend to me, but she had never come across anyone with an overactive thyroid putting on weight. I had put on two stone before I started meds, I then put on another stone. I recently joined Weight Watchers even though I'm still taking the tablets and I've managed to lose 7lbs in five weeks, but it's ever so sl;ow in coming off compared to everyone else. Has anyone who has finished their course of carbimazole lost weight?

  • I've had my first appointment today with the endocrinologist and have been put on 20mg Carbimazole. I've gained about 1 1/2 stone since symptoms began. Beforehand I was very active and perfect weight. I'm put off by the amount of people saying they don't get better as I was hoping even if I gained a bit more weight I'd then get more energy and not be so ravenously hungry - and the gained weight would then naturally come off! I've still got my fingers crossed, after 8 years of being told I had M.E. I'm thankfull that I've at least got a diagnosis. I've read about most of the other options and none seem to have a good prognosis either. Maybe all those who get better are enjoying their life too much to tell anyone what actually worked!!!

  • ive just been dignose with an overactive thyroid and i 2 put on a lot of weight sad. my doctor didnt tell me people with overactive thyroid could put on weight so i got more depressed about my weight and ate more. ive been on carbimazole 4 about 3 months now i feel a lot better but nothing has change about my weight. im only 17 n my doctor said its very rare 4 someone of my age 2 have an overactive thyroid this made me more consernd, but hopefully when iv seen the specialist and theyv sorted out my dosage my weight wil go bk 2 normal!!!! :D

  • I'm so pleased to hear that other people are experiencing weight gain while taking carbimazole. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism March 08 and given 20mg carbimazole to take daily. I wasn't overweight at the time. After 1 year I'm now on 5mg daily and have gained almost 10 kgs in that time. Previously I had no weight problems, but now just can't keep the weight off, despite strict dieting and gyming for 6 mths. Its so hard to lose and so quick to gain. Due to see specialist again at the end of this month when I'm hoping to come off medication completely, and maybe then my weight will drop also.

    Now I'm still experiencing hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, muscle stiffness, pounding heart (tho this has got much better since taking meds), and just feeling over-whelmed and fat. sad

  • Hi, I have recently found out I have an over active thyroid, and have spent the last 5 weeks off work avoiding thinking about it too much. I am due back to work tomorrow and have started to panic. I have never been on a forum before, but after reading so many comments it has been comforting to know that I am not alone.

    I have gained a large amount of weight since I was put on carbimazole (40mg daily at the moment). Although there is a part of me that knows I need to get better the weight gain has really got me down. In less than 4 weeks I no longer fit into anything in my wordrobe. I worked hard a couple of years ago to shed 2 stone and it has come back so fast, its really depressing. As a single 27 year old, working in fashion its not a place I want to be, think Bridget Jones on a really bad day! I too contemplated not taking the meds as the sight in the mirror is not good.

    I asked my GP about the possibility of weight gain, as my housemate also has an over active thyroid and said I would now battle with my weight for the rest of my life, and he looked at me as if to say I have more important things to worry about. Like many of you I have a racing and irregular heart rate so I am on propranolol (160mg) and Warfarin, so currently cardio is out of the question.

    Has anyone had any good advice from GP's or specialists? Sorry this is such a long post, I think that was 5 weeks of worry coming out in one go!

    K x

  • I can sympathise, I've gained weight due to hyperthyroidism. I asked my doctor if there is anything I can do and was told it was just down to willpower! I've been on carbimazole 15mg and propranol 80mg for 6 1/2 weeks now and have been told my levels are starting to go down but will know more when I see the endocrinologist later this week. I seem to be playing about with the same 2 pounds each week - I diet and nothing seems to happen, then I lose 1 or 2 pound then I overeat for the day and it's back on. I still have little control over my appetite and what do you do when you feel like you'll faint if you don't eat some carbs!!! I can't bare the thought of gaining any more weight, and don't talk to me about cellulite - oh my god!!!!

  • Its so glad to know I am not alone in this. I have always relied on exercise to keep the weight off since I have no willpower! Also not having scales helps!

    I guess it is still early days in our treatment so hopefully it will be OK. There must be some way to get the best from the treatment and maintain a healthy balanced life.

    Failing that I will rely on my Warfarin appointments for a much needed confidence boost, all the men seem to check me out there. Kind of gross really since I think its because I am at least 30 years younger than most of them! Ha ha!

    I am working on keeping my thoughts positive. Good luck with your appointment, hope you get some more support from the endocrine department.

    All the best.

  • Saw the endocrinologist and my T4 is now within the normal range but T3 is still quite high. He's put me back onto 20mg carbimazole instead of 15mg to get my levels down faster but I'm on holiday in 4 weeks so am worried that if I go onto the higher dose I'll start gaining weight and won't leave the hotel room!!! I'm now trying yoga 'cos it's the only thing I can manage although I can't imagine 4 yoga poses can do anyone much good - but that's all I can manage!!

    I've no strength in my arms anymore and I go off the handle at the slightest incompetence followed by inconsolable crying. The endo seems to think the emotions are due to the propranol which is odd so he can't wait to get me off it when my levels allow it!!!

    I'm now going for body electrics and massage to work on my cellulite as I don't have the energy myself and I'm sure boosting my circulation can't harm as at this rate, it's then only way it's going to get boosted :?

  • Hi

    Im glad that few of you shared experience.. i take 20 mg of carbimazole, 80mg of propranolol....i didnt put on weight but feel extremly tired all the time and like about to faint..could sleep 15h and the most nasty thing..icy hands and feet..shaking from cold all the time

  • I've just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, found out 3 days ago and my doctor is putting me on 20mg carbimazole. I couldn't believe I had an over active thyroid as I have gained over a stone and I know I'm going to gain more. I used to be very active but now don't have the energy to exercise and I'm always hungry. :cry:

  • hi ,i have a over active thyroid from 2009,and i lost weight ,about 5 kg,up to now when they decide to give me carbimazole 20mg. i am worry ...i don't want to put on weight... :? sad

  • Some people don't put on weight other than what they lost. Everybody is different.

    Personally I would accept a weight gain just to feel better each day and to get back my health.

    Anxiety about our lack of control over our body and daily life is part of the condition.

  • hi i'm male 44 yrs and just been diagnosed with overactive thyroid. they have prescribed me 20 mg carbimazole.

    will i put on weight if i take this?

    i'm 80 pounds overwieght as it is and cannot afford to put more on!

    if weight gain is a certainty i'll have to make a decision of wether to take medication or not.

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      Hi,  iam a 58 year old female and recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  I'm taking propananlol and 30mg  carbimazole a day. After feeling ill for so long(also have long term fibromyalgia) even  more weight gain due to the thyroid,  I  am finally beginning to feel a bit better and the best thing is the weight is finally beginning to go. I too was very concerned after what I had read about carbimazole and weight gain and the endo said I may gain initially but it would level off  I'm trying to eat healthily and of course no alcohol and my appetite has decreased

      In my opinion carbimazole affects everyone differently.  So what have you got to loose from trying it out. My anxiety levels have also plummeted. 


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