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When I was drinking heavily, 3/4 day binges,  I’d only stop when I’d ran out of alcohol and had no money.

I used to beg and plead with my husband to get me a drink, also ashamed to say I did the same with my eldest kid. Sometimes they did, other times they wouldn’t.

I used to say how dangerous it was to suddenly go cold turkey, the risk of DTs, fatal seizures etc. My husband would never believe the danger and would accuse me of trying to blackmail, him.

I would turn up at A&E, even my drs, trying desperately to get chlordiazepoxide. Never worked at A&E and only once with my gp.

?Was watching Casualty on Saturday night, two women trying to help each other going cold turkey and them suffering withdrawals. I know it’s only a soap, but I thought it got the point across over how dangerous sudden alcohol withdrawal can be.

Ok, this is tv, but the dr dealing with them knew them from AA, as he too had alcohol problems.

The dr referred to chlordiazepoxide to help with withdrawal, the importance of thiamine, and the danger of outdated medication like Antabuse.

The dr then sent a porter to the shop to get a bottle of whisky saying it’s too dangerous to stop. He then gave one women who was screaming hysterically she was going blind, shaking a small sip of whisky. He explained to a gobsmacked nurse it was the safest thing to do.

Obviously in reality this would never happen, but to me, it did highlight the danger of alcohol withdrawal.

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    Sorry, I should have said Casualty is a uk medical soap/drama television programme.
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    What a life you have had and still around to tell the tale. It must be amazing to you to be surrounded by a family who did forgive you and now trusts you again with moderate drinking. A brutal and honest story for certain.
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      Yep Robin, I do stop and think how I could have ended up. My husbands had a long weekend golfing and I’ve had my grandsons since 7am Thursday on my own.

      The house is an absolute tip, utility room looks like widow twankys laundry.  Made playdough yesterday (much cheaper!), gingerbread men on Saturday. Brilliant fun.

      The six of us off to Spain on Saturday and I think I’m the most excited!

      My daughter called in yesterday and said “you can still make playdough then mum?” I said something about not being a very good mum, and she said “don’t keep putting yourself down, a lot of the time you were brilliant fun”

      Apparently that was the hardest thing for them to deal with. Everything would be fine to them, then wam mums drunk. Then next week, mums’ normal again.

      Have you had fun with the twins during the holidays?. Was told it will soon be Christmas grandma!!!

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      Just came back from one week on large cruise ship! Southampton to Norwegian Fjords. Breathtakingly beautiful! Sober this time. Same ship in 2007 Vancouver to Alaska and also stunningly beautiful. Mas sive bar bil l in 2007 and this time? £46 unlimited soft drinks, non alcholic cocktails, juice and hot chocolate for the twins. Ace holiday. had superb play clubs and well looked after whilst we relaxed in the pool!

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      Brilliant! What a difference. Soon be 6 years for you. You don’t have to answer, but do you ever think, I’ll have just the one?

      Actually a daft question, as I know how much your family mean to you 😄😄

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      Wonderful, Robin! 

      It's always so nice to hear about the enjoyable things we do (obviously the subject matter of this forum can be very dark most of the time).

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      I had a glass of Champagne at work 3 years and only that one. Did not drink anything more. In February this year half a glasx of Processo! Also, no problem and nothing since then.
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    Thanks for this!

    I watch Casualty sometimes but didn't see it this weekend, I'll have to catch up with it.

    I did see the episode with the Dr who finally admitted his problem and went to AA and it sort of annoyed me.  It's the BBC's flagship program, and an opportunity to raise awareness of other options... yet the BBC, yet again, just went to the thing that is 'easiest' to do.

    And no doubt, at some point that Dr will have a relapse and have to re-commit to AA.  It's a bit like what they did in EastEnders too.

    Alcohol withdrawals are very real, and very dangerous. 

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      Hi joanna

      Yes it was Dylan who recognised the patient from AA meetings. There was no critism of the patient from any of the staff (not normally the case!).

      He recognised the DTs and the seizures and explained to the other staff about alcohol withdrawal which can be fatal.

      He sent the porter to get a bottle of whisky and then gave her a sip and she calmed down.

      We know he did the right thing, but my OH was saying “is this for real, just as if a doctor would give alcohol to any patient, let alone one turning up drunk” I did explain why he was doing it, but he wasn’t convinced?

      It was quite refreshing to see a dr not dismiss her as another drunk and send her home, He did say to one of the nurses, “it’s a disease you know, same as any other disease, so no judging

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      Hi vicks - glad to hear your run off your feet by the lil ones.  I don't normally watch Casualty but will catch up with this.  Those words your OH said are word for word what my hubs would say.  I have explained to him how dangerous it is but he aint having it.  Just don't have any at all is what he says.  He is happy to do that. 

      I am still on my regime of 2 units now Monday to Saturday.  I am still too scared to go totally without but feel I am getting there. 

      It is such a hard slog for so many of us, but I definitely much prefer having 2 and being able to do my own thing driving wise next day and doing my hobbies with a clear head.

      I'll let u guys know when I take the plunge and go a night totally without.

      Now where is the remote lol !!

      Good vibes to all on here - keep on trucking and trying - it is worth it.

      Best regards

      Gwen x

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      Hiya gwen

      Good to hear from you and glad you’re doing ok. Nice to see a friendly face. Everyone seems to be disappearing!! How’s the sleeping going? I’ve ditched my nitrazapam, think I’d taken it for so long and it wasn’t doing anything. Learned to accept 4 hours a night and some nights none at all.

      Run off my feet is a good description, love them to bits, but nice to wave bye bye at 6.30pm.

      Off to sunny Spain on Saturday, Mum dad, 2 boys and us old fogies. I’m really looking forward to some beach and sea fun. OH doesn’t do beaches, doesn’t like sand all over him!!

      Take care

       vicks x

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      Have a great holiday. Do you perhaps own a property in Spain or do you just like it?
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      Morning vicks.  Yeah always a friendly face this end.  Sleeping ?! what is that lol.  Just the same - and I see the time you posted this that things are the same your end.  Yes, 4 hours and I am like a whirlwind next day as that is good for me.  Most it is 1-2 if lucky. 

      Sunny Spain here you come.  And never mind being old fogies, us fogies are much better fun to be around in my opinion.  OH will no doubt have a problem with sand - IN HIS SARNIES lol.  Takes me back to beach hols with Mum n Dad et al - always ham and cheese sarnies with sand !!!!

      Have a brilliant time you and yours.

      Nice to chat smile xx

      Gwennie x

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      Morning Robin, glad  you are well.  Can  you help me out?  I always receive a Discussions Summary regularly which lists my groups I am on and I enjoy going through it for updates.  However, the last two only say Discussion Summary and there is  no link  on it so nothing to follow  up on.  How can I make Mr Moderator aware?

      Hope you can help and point me In the right direction.

      Best to you


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    for me, such programs are idealized and dramatic. they effectively deter people and their problems that are happening in reality

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