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I have had cataract surgery in my left eye 20 th April. Doctor told me I have a disease in my left eye name Fuchs heterochronic iridyctitus.I can see but blurry vision.My right eye has a full vision. While I try to read It seems to me my two eyes can't adjust.So I cant read ten minute well.While I try to do my computer Job I feel totally uncomfortable.After cataract surgery I went several times to my doctor.Each time doctor told me to wait for full vision.But I can see my vision is almost same like I saw after a day of my operation. While a month complete Doctor suggest me Glasses LE- sph(-0.75) Cyl(-0.50). Now I feel uncomfortable wearing glasses.Model of my intracular lens :SN60WF Power :23.5D

How far can a cataract operated patient see vividly?

40 days has passed

Should i still wait to get a full vision.

Thank you in advance

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    Hi your right I could see really well after op and proper full vision after a week. I would say only from experience that after a month it's not going to improve, but I am no expert on this.

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    There seem to be more than 1 issue, even though these may be related.

    1. When you say, "My right eye has a full vision," how well can you see at various distances  (far, intermediate, reading etc) by this eye itself? Is that with or without any glasses? You don't mention that you have had a cataract surgery in that. Is that correct?

    2. Regarding the left eye, in which you have had cataract surgery and also have an eye disease,  are they doing anything at this time to cure you of that eye disease? Was the - sph(-0.75) Cyl(-0.50) prescription for you to be able to see the best at distance (the prescription will be different for reading)? How well could you read at distance with that prescription?

    Your prescription may still change slightly over the next few months (by about 0.25 sph and / or 0.25 cyl), but that will not make a major change in the vision.

    3. When you are trying to read with both eyes, what is the glasses prescription (if any) for each of the eye? If there is too much difference (more than about 1D), the brain can have problems dealing with the different size images from the 2 eyes?

    If you can provide the answers to the above questions, we may be able to provide more meaningful suggestions to you.

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      Thank you.

      The answers

      1 I have only left eye cataract and it is operated.I can see well in my right eye.There is no problem seeing remotest distance and small letters by right eye.Intermidiate vision is fine I usually don't require to wear glass for right eye.

      2.Doctor told that my cataract is due to this disease.He only removed cataract and replaced by intracular lense. After operated he suggested me some medicines for a week and drops for 3 months.I can see distance by glass but i can't read by it.I can read from distances by wearing the glass. I do not have any glass for reading.I didn't buy because I had to change my glasses two times. Doctor didn't suggest while I went to him during 1 month after operation. At last while i went again he told me to wear two glasses one for distance and another is for near.

      Dear at 201

      Is there any way left to get full vision in my left eye or at least nearest view like normal eye?

      Thank you

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      I am sorry for asking more questions, but it appears that even if your left eye is not good for distance, you should be able to see well at large and intermediate distances without glasses. If that is correct, then while your left eye vision stablizes, you should be able to buy inexpensive reading glasses from a store. Then, when the left eye vision has completely stabilized, you can try prescription reading glasses.

      Long term, you may even want to try getting a contact lens in the left eye for reading. You will essentially be using monovision, where one uses one eye for near distance and the other for far to intermediate distances. In my own case, it took me less than 5 minutes to adjust to it, but some other people have a hard time adjusting to it. The only way to find out if it works for you is to try it.

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    What country are you in?

    I was diagnosed with Fuchs' Heterochromic Cyclitis about 30 years ago.  It is a form of chronic uveitis, this leaflet might help you to understand

    Fuchs' Heterochromic Cyclitis is a form of anterior uveitis/iritis  in one eye only & at the front of the eye.

    Have you been back to your Ophthalmologist?  When I had my cataract done, I had to have laser surgery a couple of months after the initial operation.  But, your doctor will examine your eyes & advise you.

    Good luck.

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      Thank you for your response.

      I am from Bangladesh

      I am very interested to continue discussion with you as you had the same disease like me.About two months before while i first noticed that my left eye was gradually losing vision.At first I didn't care about it As i thought it may be simple problem. As the days were rolling my vision of left eye is totally blurred.Then 8 th April I went to doctor. After diagnosis doctor told my left eye has affected by cataract due to a disease name Fuchs' Heterochromic Cyclitis. The doctor has suggested me to have operation for removing cataract.He assured that my left eye might see well after operation.Then he operated 20 th April and replaced an intracular lense which has Model :SN60WF Power :23.5D

      Forty days after operation I feel my vision in my left eye is very weak. I have tried to see closing my right eye I cannot read big letters a dictance of 20 feet.while I tried to close my left eye outside I can see people walking from distance but i could not identity their apearances. It is totally blurry vision. Please share me about how your vision.

      Have your disease vanished?

      Can I regain Normal vision in my left eye?

      I am feeling discomfort wearing glasses.

      Thank you

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      One of the characteristics of Fuchs' is that your eye changes colour, does yours?

      When I was first diagnosed, I had Iritis in my left eye & the doctor prescribed steroid drops.  It was as a result of using steroid drops that I developed a cataract, which was dealt with many years ago.

      Recently, a new doctor told me that he didn't think I had Fuchs but an ideopathic uveitis.  Ideopathic just means that they don't know the cause.

      It flares up & dies down.  I use steroid drops every day now, either one drop a day or 2 drops a day.

      I wonder whether you actually have Fuchs' Heterochromic Cyclitis.  Have you been back to see your eye doctor again?  I don't know how your system works there.

      Do you have any inflammation in your eye?  I took Aciclovir for a few years because that was another theory but my new Doctor told me to stop taking it.

      My disease hasn't vanished.  I do have good vision in that eye though.  

      Do you have any pain, or photo phobia - do bright lights hurt your eye?


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      Thank you.

      the color of my left eye is slight different from right eye that can't be differentiated. It seems to me not discolor.I have two problems now affected me seriously.while I read I feel Iritis It seems that my two eyes can't adjust as my right eye has full vision. Another problem

      While I go outside without glasses I feel Iritis seriously because my two eyes cant adjust.While I try to see a distance view by two eyes it appears to me blurred vision. If i close left eye i can see remotest distance vividly. I have no inflammation any of the eyes.I have gone several times to my doctor after operation. At first he told me to wait a month to get full vision now 40 days passed he suggested me a glasses.I am still continuing three drops.He told me to continue 3 months but I can't see changes vision of my left eye.

      Thank you for helping me

      I have no pain or photo phobia

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      I think you should ask your doctor to re-check your eyes & diagnosis.

      You say you 'feel' the iritis.  You don't 'feel' iritis but it can cause red eyes & pain with photophobia & you can sometimes see floaters.

      You mention working with computers, you could well have dry eye syndrome, which would cause blurred vision & your eyes would be very uncomfortable.

      There are a lot of luybricating eye drops available.  I always use preservative free drops & currently use some called Hyabak but your pharmacist can advise you what is available in Bangladesh.


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    I wish I could be of help to you but your questions are above my knowledge level.

    The only thing I can answer for you is the fact that after cataract surgery I can see

    very well at a doctor tells me it is 20-20....I think it's a little less than that.   Best wishes in your search for answers.


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