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Hi! I have been on Celexa since Feb 13th so almost 3 months.

I still feel very anxious and down and not well . I get alot of side effects and was hoping it would have subsided by now.

I started at 10mg first week then up to 20mg the next week. I have been on this dose ever since .

The doc wants to increase dose.

Should i still wait it out or increase dose to 30mg or 40mg? Should i switch to a different med?

I am confused what to do and just wanna feel well again.

Thanks for any input!

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    i wouldnt go any higher! maybe 20mg is too much for you! docs dont seem to understand that at all, im weaning off 10mg and its brutal xx

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    YOU haven't been taking it very long, many on here have much success with CIT., but it can take months and months to level out

    MY experience , I TOOK Cit for 6 months, even though I HAD SOME good days, I felt it wasn't consistent, so after 6 months I SWITCHED tO lexapro and just now starting to get some relief after 12 weeks , and know it will get better and better with months ahead,

    These meds do work, it takes patience , my anxiety was bad , really bad, but I'm seeing relief, hang in there this forum helped me so much to get thru some tough days .

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    Just curious but do you feel like you've had some good days yet? Even if its been for hours? Have you noticed any small changes for the better such as sleep, eating, etc? I kept a journal for every day I've been taking it with any side effects, progress etc, and it does help to make it easier to see the good days, might be worth it to try.

    I can speak from my own personal experience, I was on Celexa 10mg for 5 weeks the doctor bumped me up to 20mg, and I've been on that for 14 weeks now, and I am just starting to have more good days. I have had some in the time I've been taking it but it seems to be more consistent now or actually in the past week or so. So it does take quite awhile. The doctor wanted to bump me all the way up to 40mg but I refused and told them I would like to stay on the 20mg a little longer. Doctors seem to think that they take 4-6 weeks to fully work.... Maybe for a rare few it may be the case but not for the majority of us. I believe it is different for everyone, I think of it as a physical injury, the worse the injury the longer it takes for us to heal, and I do think that goes for mental just as much. But as everyone says it is such small steps, and its a roller coaster of a ride while you're getting there but once you do it will all be worth it!

    Also, as far as side effects, I feel like the worst of them lasted about 8 weeks, and maybe a few that lingered a little longer but for the most part I feel like they are gone. And some of them I can contribute not to the anxiety, depression, etc, but to the unhealthy lifestyle I had because I felt so bad. Such as not sleeping right, not eating right, not getting out and getting enough sunshine etc.

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    I have had some hours that were less anxiety. I also have a lot of anxiety in the morning and afternoon and get intrusive thoughts .

    My lifestyle hasnt been that great as well.

    I have klonopin 0.5 mg as needed but affraid to get addicted to that and the withdrawals are terrible i hear .

    Hopefully it starts to kick in soon.

    Its been almost 3 months at 20 mg.

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      Sounds like it is starting to work if you're feeling some relief then! That is a positive thing. I think now that I'm starting to feel better I've been getting outside, and eating much better then I was so I think that also is helping me to improve also. So, when people say to try to get out of the house, try to walk, try to force yourself to eat healthy at least a couple times a day you definitely should I really believe that helps towards your progress. I also have the klonopin 0.5mg to take as needed but I don't take them either unless it's an emergency, and I've noticed I don't feel as if I would need them for the past month. I personally would try to give it another 3-4 weeks and if then there isn't any marked improvement then ask you're doctor about going up in dose and see if that helps. As far as the seroquel I've never taken that or any anti pshyc medications so not sure about that. I honestly felt pretty bad up until the 15 weeks myself and then I finally noticed a real improvement, so sometimes I guess it does take quite awhile but when it kicks in, it is so worth it.

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    Hello ! Doc wants to add seroquel to my celexa 20mg?

    I am confused and hate meds so i am thinking of staying on just celexa 20 mg.

    Any input would be great?


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    I dont know why the doc wants to put me on seroquel added to celexa 20mg.

    Sounds like a potent mix.

    I guess because i still have anxiety after 8 weeks . I also am not working so have time on my hands. I live alone too. I do exercise but not much else right now.

    I think i should stay on celexa for now.

    I dont like going on a lot of meds because i get nervous about them.

    I still have klonopin 0.5 mg as needed.

    Seroquel does sound powerful too.

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      If I were you, I'd stick to Celexa for now. Only taking it for 12 weeks is nowhere near enough time to see big improvements. Too many meds and you are dealing with settling on celexa and startup from seroquel. Stick with it and you'll wake one morning and feel yourself again. Also, stick with the 20mg. My problem was anxiety. I started on 20 and slowly tapered to 10mg and feel great. There were also some sexual sude effects for me on 20. Thank God after decreasing to 10, that problem is solved.

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    Hello! I have a doctor appt tomorrow and am confused what to do next?

    Do i up the dose of celexa

    from 20mg?

    I have been on it since around early Feb. so around 8 to 9 weeks

    and still have anxiety and depressive symptoms? Its like you feel like you cant do much everyday since you feel so anxious .

    Its very hard to deal with everyday like everyone says . I am not currently working as well so have a lot of spare time.

    What does everyone do to combat the anxiety everyday?

    I also have been on this before and went off it cause i thought i didnt need it. It did help last time but dont remember how long it took. Ii didnt seem that long though.

    Thanks for any input!

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    Hello! I am wondering how long should i wait for celexa 20mg to work?

    I been on it since Feb 13 .

    I feel lethargic and still anxious with intrusive thoughts.

    I went to a movie today and had anxiety bad with bad muscle spasms and tension in neck and jaw and back.

    I notice i zone in on the spasms /tension and it demands my attention.

    I am not working currently as i said.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.

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