Celiac/coeliac disease links with arrhythmia?

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I would be very interested to hear member's thoughts on whether celiac disease has been their cause of afib or flutter.

I have been doing some research and it appears that people who have thyroiditis, either under or over, are a strong candidate for celiac disease.

I am going to do a trial of giving up gluten for a couple of months to see if it helps.

What are your thoughts please?

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    Well, I thought it would be interesting to keep notes on my day to day withdrawal events for anyone who may be interested and for myself to keep track of progress or not.

    Day 1 to day 3 eating gluten free. Breakfast fresh fruit, pumpkin seeds, chia, linseed, sunflower seeds, two brazil nuts, milk.

    Lunch vegetable soup and mashed potato, dessert fresh fruit salad with low sugar yoghurt. Evening beetroot with celery, walnuts and two satsumas

    No effects felt yet.

    Day 4 Breakfast 1 soft boiled egg. Lunch roast chicken with roast vegetables (potatoes in skins, carrots, parsnips, cauliflower, shallots, half a garlic bulb, sweet potato. Dessert fresh fruit salad with low sugar yoghurt.

    Evening beetroot and celery, walnuts, 2 satsumas.

    Effects: very tired, back ache, stomach gurgling, bloating, wind but slept really well.

    Beetroot has the effect of relaxing artery walls and allowing blood to pass through more easily.

    Celery has a multitude of benefits but does contain quite a lot of vitamin K so be aware if taking anticoagulants.

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      Me again Gwen,

      ?The thing I found and still do to a degree is that there are so many foods that you think are 'nice 'n healthy' but are not neessarily so. for instance, just looking at your list - I just cannot eat the following ....

      ?fresh fruit, walnuts, brazil nuts, yoghurt, any eggs but in moderation. Breakfast for me is a plate of Rice Krispies, 2 gluten free crispbreads and marmalade and a coffee..

      ?Certainly if I followed the health mantra of 'eat 5 to 7 fruit and veg a day I'd be a bathroom cot case. Strawberries are OK, raspberries are not. Hard cheese is OK (like a Cheddar or Edam), soft cheeses, like Brie are not !



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      This is where things get interesting. I have eaten the above diet for many months but used to eat bread with it and the occasional pastry/cake etc (I live in France so the whole nation are bread eaters!)

      I've cut out bread, pastry, oats unless they are gluten free, difficult to find here, biscuits etc. In short all processed foods with the exception of butter and hard cheese.

      I've a long way to go yet and will probably eliminate and add things along the way. I've bought some gluten free maize type crispness that look and taste like polystyrene but they do for a quick snack if I'm starving.

      I think the softer cheeses are probably not a good idea anyway because the amount of fat they contain.

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    Day 9 and feeling not too bad at all. I'm finding that I'm more tired than usual in the evenings

    and tend to nod off in front of the tv whereas never did before.

    My weight is dropping slowly but I'm eating as much as I need.

    Can't give any heart indications yet obviously but it's early days.

    Oh yes, I had a day of feeling agitated on day 6. We've been getting phone calls from someone saying they are SFR, our phone and internet provider in France, but we know they are scam calls and ignore them. The other day though,I deliberately answered the call and told them to sling their hook in no uncertain terms! This coming from me who doesn't usually say boo to a goose!!

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      I was amazed to find that my vision had gotten a lot better after about a week without wheat. I have read seveal blogs where many people have stated similar unexpected findings after giving up wheat.

      Have you noticed that also - that staying away from wheat results in you seeing things better?

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      My eyesight is pretty good anyway Frank so I can't really comment, but I am a lot livelier and have a lot more energy. Perhaps that's why I fall asleep early lately "burn out" 😁!

      Did you know that wheat, barley and rye contain opiods which are addictive and make you crave certain foods made from them? Because of that addiction, manufacturers are putting this stuff into a lot of products, even shampoos etc. Craft eh?

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      Yup - and similar to an opiod, there are withdrawal effects, most often mild, when one gives up wheat.  Those withdrawal effects can last for a few days to several weeks for some.


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      I know. I wasn't sure what to expect and have come through it so far fairly unscathed.

      I'm not a big bread or cake eater anyway but I believe that even small amounts can irritate the vagus nerve so that's why I'm giving it a go. Also, it's not a bad thing to try and live without gluten anyway.

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    Hi Gwen, How interesting that you should mention this possible connection. My late father had Coeliac Disease but, didn't have Afib as far as I am aware. However, my guts play havoc with me if I have dairy milk products and wheat. So, I have gluten free food and definitely feel better for it and don't bloat as much. Thyroid could be another reason too although, I'm not too sure about that.

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      Hi Luckypenny, I 've been doing a lot of reading, research and asking questions about people's diet and if they are afib free through types of diet.

      Do you find that cutting out gluten helps your afib?

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      Yes, and thyroid is very interesting too. A lot of people with arrhythmia have thyroid imbalance.

      I would love to do a proper study into all these aspects and see if there is a common cause.

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