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I have a 30 yr old son who was diagnosed around April 12, 2018 with cellulitis. Started out like the flu. Over night went to extremely swelling and pain. 3 weeks in the hospital, surgery in chin to remove abcess in lower leg. Lot's of drainage, around the clock Iv's. When he was discharged from hospital a home nurse came twice a week. Iv's at home around the clock. Then antibiotics in pill form. Here it is July 10th. And swelling in ankle and foot is still there. He has been off work since April. He was wearing a boot after surgery but has graduated out if it. Still changes his dressing on the leg daily. Nurse comes only once a week now. This has been horrible. Really don't know what else to do.

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    Hi Pamela,

    So sorry to hear about your son's cellulitis issue. It's never pleasant.

    I have suffered with lymphedema of both legs for about 20 years. I have episodes of cellulitis periodically where I'm put on Amoxi Clav 875 for 7 days or so. On three different occasions I ended up in the hospital with amoxi clavi in an IV Drip form. I wear elastic garments on both legs and I also wear a Solaris boot on both legs at bed time. This enhances the draining of the fluids.

    I'm not a doctor but all I can say is be a little more patient. My cellulitis issues generally took up to 12-14 weeks before the legs came back to their normal color and normal size (although swollen - not as bad). Keep the legs elevated as much as possible. Tell your son to stay hydrated  and stay away from salts and heavy protein. Most of all, if he's overweight or obese, it helps a ton to lose weight. You might also find a massage therapist that could help you out with the leg. Keep the legs clean and again, give it time. 

    Hopefully, this will all pass and he won't have a lymphedema/cellulitis issue the rest of his life. He's so young to deal with this but it's not all that uncommon. People have cellulitis episodes from bee stings and a variety of other issues. Mainly, any opening in the skin could bring bacteria in and cause infection.

    I wish you and your son the very best of luck and keep us posted. I know I haven't given you much for answeres but tried to share my experience and hopefully you could draw from some of it.

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      Thank you so much for your imput. He is very slim and with all this has lost alittle weight. I will give him all the advice you gave on elevating his foot as much as possible also. He also was on amoxi clav and another Iv but I can't remember the name of the other one right off. But I do know they were very strong. Again thank you! And I will be sure and keep you posted.

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      Pam I will be praying for your son.I had the same thing in April but mine's was on my low abdomen and just like your son it started out like the flu.I know I'm blessed cause mine really didn't last for more than 2 to 3 wks and I was better. I'm still trying too figure out how I got it . I didn't have a cut. Could eating a lot of protein have anything to do with getting it.

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      Thank you for our prayers! I really don't know about eating alot of protein having to do with it. But like you, we don't know how he got it. The doctors said they couldn't figure out how he got it. No cuts, no breaks in the skin and no signs of a bug bite. Thank you again for the prayers, the doctor said he can return to work on the 16th of this month. So we will see. His foot looks awful swollen, discolored, and he limps some. So thankful yours was caught early. God Bless.

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      How are things now. I was hospitalized a week ago after com ting and fever then leg became inflamed. Iv antibiotics for 5 days but home now as blood normal. . Leg pain, swollen and red. Blisters but not broken. Is there anyone who has got rid of this after a couple of weeks. Can't work and already frustrated, can't walk my dogs or anything. Leg always elevated.

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      So sorry to hear that you have cellulitis! I tell you this has been such a long process with my son. He had all the symptons in the beginning that you are experiencing. He had to have surgery on his leg in April! Just went back to work in August! His foot is still swollen and looks different from his other! Here it is October! He props it up as much as possible and soaks it in epson salt. He isn't on any meds now. I pray you get better and heal from this!

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      Thankd for your reply. i am hoping that mine will clear up without having complications like your poor son has. The pain is excruciating in putting my foot to the floor but a little better once I'm moving. The redness is going down but there is still some blistering. It goes entirely round my leg from ankle to knee. As I'm not working, signed off sick, I am keeping it up all the time. I also have a lotion that they use in salisbury hospital burns unit (I'm in uk) which is helping as the skin was starting to crack in places. Good luck to your son and anyone else suffering with cellulitis. hoping we all heal quickly. X

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      Thank you and I hope you heal soon. My son walked in a boot for the longest. The hospital gave him one. It hurt so bad when he use to put weight on it. He is walking on it now but it still looks odd. Take care and God Bless!
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    Hi Folks - I should have clarified the protein comment. I believe too much protein puts an extra burden on the kidneys, thus enabling water retention. Protein is a great source of nutrition in any balanced diet but I think when you have cellulitis and lyphedema, protein can ba an enemy. Especially a food like a rib eye or porterhouse steak. I find when I indulge, my lymphedema is more problematic for a few days. The question is, if you have a bout of cellulitis are you destined to suffer with lymphedema the rest of your life. In my case, it started with the left leg and a few years later the right leg became involved. In my case, nobody knows why I had the first attack of cellulitis. There was no cuts, openings or detected bacteria. I was not a cancer victim or survivor which is the usual cause of lymphedema. 

    Wishing everyone good health and the best days to come.

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    You are very welcome!

    Wishing you the best,


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      I started with vomiting and fever a week ago. Then came the leg. Was hospitalized as so poorly. Iv antibiotics for 5 days. Now home, red swollen blistering leg which I am keeping elevated. Can't do anything as it blows up like a balloon and hurts like hell. Anyone had a good result where it clears up quickly. Say a couple of weeks.

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