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  • jade30642 1

    Helppp.. cellulitis won't clear after two months

    Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help. I have had cellulitis in my lower leg for two months, I have had 5 types of oral anti biotics and the cream, nothing is working! The redness is still there along with the extreme heat, I'm now getting strange pains in my leg, feet and toes. It's not painful to...

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  • Pandacake 3

    Recovering from Cellulitis/Anxious about Sepsis Risk

    Hey everyone, I've been on here a few times now. I'm sure I migh be bugging you all at this point but if anyone could answer something for me or give any advice I'd be very thankful. I've had cellulitis for the first time 2 months ago. 2 weeks of antibios and it went away, apparently. It returned a...

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  • liz82841 2

    Cellulites in cheek after root canal

    In January I had a root canal done. I've had several and thought nothing of it. After the procedure, I told everyone it was the best on so far, no pain at all. That night I felt no pain and forgot I had it done less than 10 hours earlier. When I woke up the next day, my cheek was the size of a grapefruit...

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  • kim90481 2

    Cellulitis from cat bite...and fatigue after operation to fix it

    I was bit by my tempetamental cat last saturday..little did i know how bad it would turn out to be from a small cat bite. Monday morning i awoke and the pain in my arm was unbearable but not very red. I rang 111 who suggested i go to the a and e what i thought was a bit over the top over a cat bite as...

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  • rachelk123 2

    Sick from cellulitis! How long does it last?

    Hi all, I recently got a bug bite on my knee and it swelled so big I went to the ER and got antibiotics. About 4/5 days in. I started getting sick so I went back to see why and they had me stop taking it because I thought I was reacting to the medicine. It's been a few days since I stopped, but since...

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  • Pandacake 3

    Think my Cellulitis is coming back...

    Hello, I had cellulitis about 2 months ago. the bottom half of my lower leg is still a little pnk from it, and the bite that seemingly started it remains, though it hadn't been bothering me in 2 months. I took 2 weeks of antibiotics, (2 different types because the first type made me sick.) The second...

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  • clodagh98101 1

    Cellulitis from infected ear piercing

    Hiya, I was just wondering if anyone could help. I have just been prescribed co-amoxiclav for cellulitis from an infected cartilage piercing. I was originally on Flucloxacillin which didnt do anything. I have spent the past week in a lot of pain and was hoping someone could tell/advise me if co-amoxiclav...

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  • katie120371 1

    Cellulitis; In severe pain, should I be worried?

    I have cellulitis on my right leg, from the knee down to the beginning of my toes. I got it from a huge wound that is about 12" long by 4" wide. I don't have a fever, but my entire lower leg and foot is swollen as much as it can possible swell, without splitting open. It's so bad that I have difficulty...

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  • scottk 1


    I was diagnosed with cellulitis 3 days ago.  It started as a small pimple or ingrown hair on my butt cheek and then grew and grew.. the larger it got, the higher my fever went.  So, I went to the doctor.  The doctor gave me 2 antibiotics.  One appears to be for bacteria and the other looks like it is...

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  • melanie08367 2
  • swise 1


    If you have this awful skin infection ask you doctor for one dose of steroids! I just got cellulitis on my lower left buttock a few days ago and I've went to the emergency room twice for the extreme pain. I was prescribed clindomyecin, two pills-four times a day, I was also given a weak painkiller-...

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  • don31345 2

    Need some answers to my qiestiodnu

    First this might be some question that most likely been talked about but since some post are old the chances of a reply is unlikely Anyway Last week I notice a bump on my left cheek thought nothing of it, it wasn't painful. Few days later it started To hurt. At first I thought it was a cyst. I've...

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  • sandra80143 1

    Swollen leg still ? After a week of antibiotics for cellitus ?

    My husband was diagnosed last week as had flu like symptoms then developed rash , pain and swollen leg from ankle to his knee , been on antibiotics after 4 days his head was saying ok I'm better now but his leg not good .  Day 6 and 7 he has been constantly on his legs, not resting and his leg is warm...

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  • misty10182 1

    Cellulitis in a diabetic/dialysis patient

    My husband is now on week number 3 of severe pain with cellulitis of the left leg. Due to the other chronic conotions he suffers with and being a dialysis patient the iv antibiotics had to be spaced out. Does anyone have any idea how long he may be in agony? Signed, An exhausted wife

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  • james32508 1


    I was just diagnosed with cellulitus at a urgent care. I don't really have any visual symptoms except for a little redness on my inner thigh and calf. The pain is so intense and deep, not at all on the surface. There is no fever. The pain is so bad it wakes me during sleep. I'm miserable. Could I have...

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  • Pandacake 3

    2 Weeks of Antibiotics & only varied improvement?

    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if someone could help me because I'm getting really worried about my leg. I do have anxiety which obviously isn't a help but I don't think this is a good situation either?  On the 23rd of March I noticed a patch of red on my leg that hurt and burned. I went to the GP on...

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  • Carol080762 1

    Cellulitis is spreading

    I noticed a few itchy bumps on Thursday on my right lower leg. My Friday morning I had about 18 itchy bumps on my right lower leg and two itchy bumps on my left wrist. By Saturday, I started having bumps underneath my left breast that were itchy. By Sunday morning, I had more bumps on the leg and...

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  • sarah.wilso1o 1

    Somene help me out please!!

    Hi , This is the second time ive had cellulitis now & its from a metal rolling pin as far as i know, anyhow! Is it possible to get immune to cellulitis or something? Because this time around its causing me agony! & because its on my 4th finger (ring finger) it seems to be rubbing and getting worse......

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  • dawn82680 4

    Help needed

    My soninlaw has been feeling poorly over the last two days. He has been really sweaty and feeling constantly nauseas with cramps down his arms. This morning he went to work and his leg felt tingly when he looked his right shin has got a red swelling and a rash and its hot to the touch. Could it be cellulitus

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  • tracey hugsie 2

    Cellulitus and continued burning ??? Is this normal ???

    Hi Wondering if you could pass on your experience with this damn celulitus, i recently came back from India Goa,with this infection .The GP said was caused through suspected mosquito bites,probably they had been some where dirty before they had bitten me.I was given Flucloxacillin 500mg x 4pd, and zinc...

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  • Sheil 1

    Leg infection (cellulitis?)

    I am being treated for a leg infection. My GP has given me Klaricid (clarithromycin) 250mg tablets. I have taken 8 tablets and there has been no improvement in my condition. My leg does not hurt but there is a burning, itching sensation and it is swollen and red. In February I was diagnosed with...

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  • Relabella 1

    Cellulitis Pain after a year and a half?

    Hello. So I had a bout with cellulitis in June of 2015. I was on antibiotics and steriods and it cleared up within a week or so, but every now and then I still jave pain in my leg in the exact spot where I had the cellulitis. Its just kind of a pulsing pain and it isnt too extreme but there are times...

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  • annie01067 1

    Just wondering if cellulitis takes time to be totally healed?

    I've was diiagnose 5 weeks ago and 18days of antibiotic on and off both IV and Oral. The location is on my thumb.They took a specimen (pus) for a test but they said there is no bacteria found. Maybe because I'm taking antibiotic for a week before they test it. But still feel swollen and warm but no fever...

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  • eva10587 2

    Recurring cellulitis light at the end of the tunnel?

    My fiancé has battled cellulitis since late March. We think possibly there may be light at the end of the tunnel now! Please if you are diagnosed with this horrid affliction, demand a longer course of antibiotics than 5 days!!! The reason he's had this for so long is due to inadequate antibiotics being...

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  •  chris1014 2

    How long will the cellulitis symptoms last on my leg

    I have cellulitis I got it about a week ago started with flu like symptoms and on the second day I discovered that my lower leg was red from my knee cap to my ankle. My doctor prescribe me Augmentin for the bacterial infection. So I know I've had the redness and swelling 4 at least 4 days. It does not...

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  • paul38953 1

    Cellulitis healed or..... Not?

    About 3 weeks ago Friday) I got a tiny lil scratch on my eye lid. Went to a clinic the following Monday and was treated for conjunctivitis. Two days later diagnosed me with Cellulitis. Went through 10 days of oral antibiotics every 6 hours, antibiotic eye drops every 4 hours, steroid eye drop every...

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  • steve43763 1

    Cellulitis immobilization

    so ive been wearing a splint on my thumb, which is where the cellultitus is, to completely immobilize it. is this in any beneficial to the treatment of cellultitius?

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  • lapopessaor 1

    New Cellulitus sufferer

    I have had scales on the lower back part of one foot for a couple of years. Stupidly never really paid attention to them (have heart/lung issues that I tend to focus on). Saturday my leg swole up and turned red in parts. I kept it elevated & swelling went down. But redness freaked me out (thought I had...

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  • lovelil68 2

    Recovery from Cellulitis

    This is my 2nd experience with Cellulitis.  The first time I had it was 4 years ago and it seems I remember that it took a few weeks to clear up, even after several shots and 2 different antibiotics.  This time it was caused by a spider bite, which has long since healed, but after a shot and 10 days...

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  • sheltielife 3

    could it be Cellulitis

    Hi All, For ages I have had problems with swollen, burning and painful feet and legs which have gradually gone worse over time. Now they are really bad I can barely walk. I had been told I had poor circulation of blood in my feet and legs and thick blood and thought this was the cause.  Yesterday I suspected...

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  • phil58507 1

    Hand Infection Cellulitis

    I went to the doctor today because the side of my hand is infected and has been for three days. Started off as a small painful red bump that I initially popped. Not until today after I showered and popped it a little bit I noticed cellulitis started over half of the top of my hand. It started swelling...

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  • elaine62810 1

    Tumeric worked for me

    Hi, I too have had several bouts of cellulitis and was given antibiotics and it did clear, but the day before my holiday it flared up again and i went to the health food shop where i was advised to use Tumeric 10,000mg. one tablet two times a day and this too cleared up the redness and my legs felt good....

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  • spandana 23102 2
  • sue21564 2

    Recurring cellulitis-foot sore won't heal

    I have left foot drop - limited motion & feeling - & developed a callous/sore from my brace. I have done several things to try to alleviate the pressure point so the sore can heal but it has been slow & this is my 3rd occurrence of Cellulitis in the leg - assumably from the open sore. I clean it & wrap...

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