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  • ladyjack51 ladyjack51 melanie08367

    Hi melanie08367,

    You are leaving out depends on my things as to when it will won't leave on its has to be treated. Do you have swelling? Is your skin bubbling or translucent yet? Any sores yet? Any fever? Are you taking an antibiotic?what does the Dr say?Answer some of these and I can tell you more after that? Keep us informed... ladyjack51

    • melanie08367 melanie08367 ladyjack51

      Good morning

      yes I went to emergency room and they said it was celluliti. It started with one bump I thought was a pimole now it's 3 or 4 looks like they have a scab on them but the swelling in my face and behind my ear is going down but last night while showering I felt a large hard knot where I first noticed it. It was a totally different pain it was like a deep stabbing when at first it was very sore and extremely sensitiv. I'm on 2 different antibiotic.

      Is this normal or should I go back to doc no fere today

    • ladyjack51 ladyjack51 melanie08367

      Hhmmm...the hard knot...sounds like a place where something may have bit you...which can after be the cause of cellulitis bc people scratch itches...but your fingernails harbor so much bacteria and causes infection or cellulitis. You have to give the antibiotic a couple of days to kick in but by then you should some improvement. If u dont....if you see streaks coming from the hard knot, if the knot gets bigger, basically anymore negative symptoms, especially fever, then you've got to seek medical attention asap. Keep us posted bc I want to know. Ladyjack51

    • ervin6334 ervin6334 ladyjack51

      I have the same thing I got a splinter in my foot on Monday it started to swell and hurt to walk on so I went to er Tuesday night the swelling went down some after taking some of the medicine and still taking it but the arch in my foot is all red it hurts a lot just to hang my foot down so I keep it elevated and I can't put any pressure on my foot to walk

    • jane11262 jane11262 ervin6334

      I had cellutlits on my foot as well - between two toes from a bug bite.  I was 3 months dealing with several doctors.  (Sadly, I was being treated for infected athlete's foot initially.)  I still have symptoms that may/may not go away - minor swelling/burning and a feeling of stones under my skin which is called stacis.  Like you, I had (secondary) pain in the arch that was so severe, even just to the touch tho there was barely any visable sign.  That went away on drugs - several types of anti biotics.  Cipro was the most immediate and effective which I took for 21 days after being on another anti-biotic. At any rate, all will resolve - in good time.  Elevation and ice (20 mins on, 20 mins off) worked well too.  To the stacis I was told by 2 docs that may never dissipate.  As such, I am not dealing with the low throbbing (and blackish toes). A vitamin-loving friend, who knew I had cellulitis and never saw me, asked if I had blackish skin and if it felt as tho I was walking on stones.  (YES!)  She recommened Diosmin and Hesperidium.  A kind doctor looked both up and saw possible relief from Diosmin and not so much Hesperidium.  I purchased it yesterday and will keep you informed.  Good luck to you.   

  • ladyjack51 ladyjack51 melanie08367

    Hi melanie08367,

    You are leaving out depends on many things as to when it will won't leave on its has to be treated. Do you have swelling? Is your skin bubbling or translucent yet? Any sores yet? Any fever? Are you taking an antibiotic?what does the Dr say?Answer some of these and I can tell you more after that? Keep us informed... ladyjack51

  • Emps Emps melanie08367

    It'll depend on where it is, how widespread it is and how long you've been taking the antibiotics (and if they are oral or IV). It can take me a week or two to be rlatively pain-free with oral antibiotics and you can half that with IV, but there was a lot of it.

    If it painful as it sounds then try painkillers. Something like co-codamol* is a good choice, but you should be careful as the codeine can make you constipated (and long-term use is addictive, but that shouldn't be a big deal here if you stop taking it when you are better). Unless I'm in a lot of pain in the first day or so, I tend to take paracetomol during the day (which can take the edge off the pain but, more importantly, it'll help reduce any feverishness) and co-codamol at night to help me sleep. If you are in hospital they, in my experience, let you mix-and-match your pain meds, if the doctor hasn't got you on something more serious (I'm not aware of anyone with cellulitis being put on morphine, but I suppose it is always an option in extreme cases).


    • scott98337 scott98337 Emps

      I was in the hospital for 5 days 3 years ago with cellulitis. Let me tell you that with morphine and Norco along with toradol once a day it somewhat took the edge off.... The last 2 IV pain med injection was Dilaudid and that only at best made me comfortable for a few hours..... I'm dealing with it again. This time in the foot and toes. The last time was from the knee down. This pain is as bad as the gout. I'm on an antibiotic now for 4 days and seemed to help today until I worked 12 hours. My foot and toes are killing me now. This time I know I got it from athletes foot but not sure the first time. Good luck to anyone who has to deal with this nasty infection.

  • terry868890 terry868890 melanie08367

    Depending on what meds you've been prescribed will determine your outcome. I was given an injection in my buttox of cipro and oral antibiotics of Keflex and and Clindamycin. However, the more I am on my feet, since my cellulitis is on my right ankle, the more swollen it is/stays. If yours worsens, get to your doc right away! This is not something to mess around could end up with an incision and drainage.... i&D... You don't want that! Watch it closely!

    • ladyjack51 ladyjack51 terry868890

      I had Clindamycin so many times it stopped working for I use Cephalexin (keflex). My leg is one huge wound right now and I am having to go to the wound clinic once a week where they wash, clean, and dress my leg from ankle to knee. It is hard to heal at this stage bc of all the swelling fluid getting the way of the healing. But, it is working so I thank God for that. This can be a really disgusting disease.


    • terry868890 terry868890 ladyjack51

      You have got to stay off of your leg... Elevate it on two to thee pillows. I know, I'm a nurse and a patient. It's hard but do it and don't scratch. Ask for triamcinolone creme 0.5 percent. It helps the itch immensly.

    • ladyjack51 ladyjack51 terry868890

      Hhmmm...never heard of that cream...I'm in the we use that here too? I sure will ask about it. I'm not a nurse but I did lack just 1 1/2 months finishing nursing school so I was just in clinical then. Not finishing was the dumbest mistake I ever made but I met a man, fell in love, got pregnant and just missed too many days. I've regretted it a million times. But all my life I've worked in the business end...coding, billing, Dr office and corporate medical so at least I fed some deep desire that way. I'm so glad you are a nurse and on here. That feels good. I had to retire about 4 yrs ago bc of this leg but didn't have such cellulitis then but I had the slow swelling. I don't know why my Dr back then never put me on compression I can't get one on...yet! Yes, I put my leg up at night and as I can during the day but it's not enuff. I think I need to be bedridden for about a week and maybe it will go down enuff to get a sock on? Do u think it would?

    • terry868890 terry868890 ladyjack51

      Dear LadyJack,

      I live Northeast of Dallas, TX so yes you can get that creme here. It is only by prescription so ask your doc about it or call and talk to his nurse today...maybe she can "call it in" so you can get it b4 the weekend starts. It makes such a difference regarding the itch. And yes, elevating the leg and an ice pack placed over a pillow case or towel...not directly on the skin. My skin has become very fragile where the initial site of the bite was and still is. I haven't used ice yet due to that. Use your own judgement but don't ever leave an ice pack on for more than 10-20 minutes. Twenty mins is the max recommended by docs for muscle strain so I would go far less for a wound! It may aggravate it more! Yikes!

      You may also need some a steroid pack to get over the inflammation. However, I must make the disclaimer: I am not a physician, and so consult your doctor regarding anything/treatment you may so choose as it may have an adverse effect. Only your physician can prescribe medications and or give you sound medical advice.

      We all have regrets regarding life plans and/or choices but it sounds like you found your "niche"! That's awesome!

      Have a great day!

    • ladyjack51 ladyjack51 terry868890

      Oh Terry868890!!!

      Small world!!!! I live in Northeast Dallas! So are you outside of Dallas or in Dallas?? Very cool. So my problem is since having to stop working I lost my insurance so I've had to go thru the Parkland program which takes a very long time to navigate thru bc I have a few things wrong with me. However I'm thankful for the wound care/physical therapy depth bc I'm finally getting them focused on my leg instead of just sending me to the ER. I think my leg is beyond cold packs...the skin became translucent, bubbled and then broke open making sores. If I hadn't gotten into wound care I would have had to go to the ER for IV antibiotics...maybe been admitted. I'll keep you and Melanie posted! *sigh*

    • terry868890 terry868890 ladyjack51

      Hang in there!!! I grew up in Richardson and now live out in the country east of Sherman and work at TMC in Denison. So glad you are getting the help you need through Parkland. They are a great hospital. My mom had her open heart surgery there twice.

      I was wondering if you are a diabetic. If so you know how important it is to keep that under control. Diabetic foot ulcers can lead to future amputations if not cared for properly. Unfortunately, in my line of work, I see that way too often. Take care of yourself and that poor leg...I'll do the same!

    • ladyjack51 ladyjack51 terry868890

      Nope....thank God I'm not a diabetic. Oxygen and fluid gets to my tissues but Venous insufficiency keeps it from circulating back n put of the leg. It just pools. Ive had every test they can do looking for blood clots etc but thankfully...nothing. So it's hard for me to understand why God hasn't healed me yet. They say it's lymphodema and I will have it the rest of my life.

    • terry868890 terry868890 ladyjack51

      Oh boy, sounds familiar. I was told ten years ago I had incompetent valves in my left leg. Doc highly recommended the venous closure procedure. You should see the huge tortuous vein running down the front of my shin in that leg. Wish I hadn't done it! Ugh! I wasn't having pain... Just legs felt sluggish.

    • melanie08367 melanie08367 terry868890

      Sorry to hear that I'm scared to go to the doctors my dad had a triple Bypass on his femoral arter. The pain in my heal is starting to be unbearable and whwn I first stand up I can't put any weight on it. The hardest part is I haven't injured it in any it's like a burning that shoots thru my foot. Adobe have any ideas of what it mag be or how I can ease the pain at home. I've elevated it soaked it and got no relief.

    • ladyjack51 ladyjack51 terry868890

      Really? I've often wondered if I should see a vein specialist or reroute my veins in that leg...but sounds like your experience wasn't good with it. Helk, Parkland isn't gonna do that for me anyway I'm sure

    • Barbie doll Barbie doll terry868890

      Ok, I know most of this was 2 years ago, but I'm having issues and this popped up when I put in the question. I have had a rash the last 3 weeks that I was treating myself. I had been to the dr last year with it so I still had that triaminolone cream you mentioned.I also used Benadryl cream from the pharmacy which was pretty good, but I still itched through it, sometimes in my sleep. It itches so bad I couldn't stand it and scratched gently but it took of skin. I think the skin is so thin right there cause it doesn't take much to make it bleed. I have a lot of vericose veins on the right leg and the vein dr a couple years ago said I need surgery on it. The blood doesn't flow good or goes up and down. So, All the scratching I guess got it infected even though it only got a little sore and when I had an open wound I put neosporin cream with pain relief in it, but it must have spread down toward my ankle. On Mother's Day it was really sore, red, and swelling some. My leg always swells some in the afternoon because of bad circulation. By Monday I was wondering if it might be a clot because it hurt worse when I got up in the morning. As the morning went on and I was up it was doing better so I thought it was just my vein and I went on to work. By the end of that night it was killing me. Tuesday morning I went to work and told my manager that I had to leave early for the dr. I went to an urgent care and I mentioned possible blood clot and they wouldn't even see me cause they don't do them, so I went to the ER. They did a Doppler and no DVT thank God, but they said I have cellulitis. They didn't check the sore area a lot to see if there was a blood clot in a superficial vein, just saw the red and swelling and the other rash where I had scratched. I am 5 1-2 years out from Roux-n-Y gastric bypass, so I can't take NSAIDS. I also allergic to quite a few of the antibiotics. They put me on Keflex, generic one. Dr said to keep my leg up above my heart when I'm not walking on it, he knows I can't do that at work. Also, he said to get ace bandage and wrap up to above the knee cause of the vericose vein and help with circulation to heal this. I ordered some compression stockings and used them today. It's not as sensitive but still very sore in the morning and knife stabbing pain all day today. Still some swelling but the hose is keeping swelllong down. Not sure the antibiotic is staying in my stomach long enough to work well but I'm not sure anything will. Kept up my leg today most of the day. It hurt more on my leg today like a knife so it was easy to stay off it. Any ideas how to get some relief and heal this better, it's been a lost a week on meds.

    • jane11262 jane11262 Barbie doll

      I cannot believe you are going to work and standing on that foot given the intensity of pain. I see you are not allowed to be on NSAIDs but were you given a steroid like prednisone? Prednisones works rather quickly and effectively hitting the pain and swelling. If you have had an open sore infection and are still dealing with this, I would go back to a doctor. To me, anything I apply topically was a joke. Some on this site report going to a doctor for their anabiotic on a drip. Your case sounds as severe that it would warrant the same. If you had a Doppler, then they ruled out DVTs which is wonderful, but left untreated this could get very serious. I would strongly recommend going to a doctor even if it means taking off from work. I'm wishing you the best.

    • Barbie doll Barbie doll jane11262

      Thank you for getting back with me. No they didn't give me anything but keeled and my potassium was low so they ordered horse pills lol. I was hoping resting my leg all day yesterday would help but it's worse this morning so I'm going to my family dr and check on a shot or steroids...both!...anything that will help. Either the antibiotic is not working or not staying in my stomach long enough.

      I work at Walmart and don't have really the time to call in and I'm able to sit part of the time so that helps. This morning hurt so bad I couldn't stand it but now on it a while it has settled down. I may request leave for a few days.

      Any other ideas I will gladly take in order to get this better. Anything to stop the stabbing muscle hurts now too but I think it's from walking weird cause it's fine when my foot is up.

    • jane11262 jane11262 Barbie doll

      HI Barbiedoll,

      Yes, walking differently is creating new muscles to take over and they will hurt for a bit.  I hope your family dr is better than mine.  Misdiagnose, I was on the wrong antibiotic for over a month.  I then saw a dermotologist who put me on a different anti-b and I was actually able to walk on it within a couple of days. Almost the entire 2 months I was on steroids which aren't good for you long-term, but they sure helped.  I did ice which helped with the swelling.  It's 20 mins on and 20 mins off - you don't want to burn your skin!  I hope Walmart understands Cellulitis is very painful. Walmart has been out of the news for some time, but I hope they have become more of an employer.  (I am actually doing a large shopping run there today in PA.)  Your foot will not get better if you are always on it. Take a picture of your foot or draw marker dots alolng the area to determine if the infection is increasing or decreasing.  I am very glad you are going to the doctors.  I didn't want to alarm you, but this could get worse, much worse.  My best to you...Jane  

    • Barbie doll Barbie doll jane11262

      Thank you for caring so much, it means a lot coming from a total stranger.

      I think the hospital was looking at the long term, what caused it and how to correct it not let's heal this quickly and less pain would be better. But they had the Doppler to make sure it wasn't deep vein.

      The dr today upped my antibiotic to 3 times a day not 2 like the hos. And gave me a shot and told me to stay home the next couple of days with my leg up above my heart. If it is not doing better in 2 days I'm gonna call him back. You didn't alarm me too much, I have been reading lots about it since last week. The hospital said hot moist heat but you said ice?

      Walmart sedwick is talking to me and said days off to heal is acceptable but the dr has to do the paper work...the dr said no problem.

    • jane11262 jane11262 Barbie doll

      I'm glad you are on the right track.  Yes, I read some on here who were told heat and others came on this site replied, "NO!"  I was told ice by a dermatologist who "healed me." When all is said and done and the doctor thought I was "healed" he seemed delighted and didn't need to see me. However, I was left with something called Stacis (sp?) which is just an area that appears bruised.  It still hurt, but eventually it all went away.  It takes time.  Do try to stay off it as much as possible, but don't do what I did - ate myself silly.  It was a double whammy - you have to eat, but you can't work it off so the weight added up.  My best to you!  

      PS - Sedwick is where?

    • Barbie doll Barbie doll jane11262

      So ice is better to heal it? I don't really care which I just want the best results.

      I'm glad yours finally healed, I'm ready for mine to be gone,...then I have to have surgery on my vericose veins to fix the circulation problem at least some, not sure it's a cure all.

      Yes u have to eat still and I usually eat something with medicine so not to have any issues with stomach cramping or ulcers in my pouch.

      Walmart short term, interminting leave or long term leave is through Sedgwick...I missed the "g" earlier. Walmart coverage so you don't loose your job for illnesses for yourself or child, parent if ur caring for them etc...


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