cervical spondylosis/ neck pain amd lower back pain feel really low

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sorry asking for help advice I'm so low

ive been having issues with neck pain , pins needles , lower back pain for a while now , had whiplash injury 2 year ago mad bad falls quite alot

i had mri scan back in may last year the symptoms have got worse since then ,

heamangomas in c7 , t3 , l3 l6

reduced lordosis cervical

c3/c4, disc dessication has some minimal disc bulge .


has discbulging disc without compression of neurol structures

c5/c6 moderate disc dessication and predominantly left disc bulging no compression of neurol structures


moderate disc dessication and anterior spondylosis , disc bulging , with bilateral foraminal narrowing posible left c7 nerve root compression ..

left side convexity lumber scoliosis

l2/l3 hypertrophy of the facet joints disc dessication no herniated


mild degenerative

spondylolisthesis ,

moderate osteoarthritis of facet joints woth hypertrophy ,


disc dessication , and facet hypertrophy


facet hypertrophy disc dessication , bulg disc

ive been getting pins and needles alot down arms , shooting/ burning pain in neck left worse then right side , they cause severe headaches into back of head i cant function , , weakness in arms , clumsiness with hands cutting myself loads sat down peeling a potato or cutting something as hands move involuntary, every so often dizziness and tinitus

lower body i cant roll over in bed cos of pain in spine area going outwards or get up without help , also stiffness if twist or bend to side in bed get a feeling something moving in spine catching with pain, shooting burning pains into legs and around hip area , also same when getting up

i have lower body problem arthritis severe in hips knees ankles , to young for replacement had other ops not worked so basically can walk about 4 metres with crutches then need mobility aids try swim once a weeks see a physio consultant for assessment got told nothing wrong with me , and go back to pain clinic ( was under them help manage lower body and mental health ) speak to then for a plan as its my fault cos i dont move my body enough ive caused it to just go stiff nothing in scans to worry about if was more physical. had falls due to lower body causing fractures , pain clininc always said to pace myself and not over do it to prevent accidents and flare up of lower body so confused and feel let down when i need help , already take max dose of pain meds for lower body , do 30 mins excersise day and night just so can move lower body joints

thanks 😢

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    yikes your records look like a train wreak... much like what a pain doc told me and actually did little to help. this is a common issue and for many to learn how to manage daily routines, it takes time until the pain subsides. some things can help with pain now and learn other alternatives to manage this issue. in my experience it takes time to evaluate and find the techniques that work for you and learning to cope and keep the core muscles strong. strong core will help to support your back by using a elastic wrap support waste and knees etc helps, which will also take the pressure off the spine. is it a bulging disc or a herniated? the pain you describe down your leg is straight up a herniated disc. that is something that requires a surgeons expertise. it does not heal on it's own.

    i had surgery for herniated disc so much better. i have been lucky so far to manage these same issues for many years . understand your limitations and make appropriate adjustments.learn to move differently and manage daily routines , adjust furniture height, arches in shoes , it all has a roll in supporting back pain. a physical therapist can help with movements to help build core muscle to support the spine.

    NO one is to young for THR surgery i have had 3... and before the first hip replacement , the pain became unbearable. if your hip joint shows damage and you cannot walk , sleep and mobility is compromised then maybe it's time to see a HIP surgeon for a evaluation. once your hip is replaced a lot of pain issues seems to decrease . sending healing blessings your way.

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      hi thanks

      it's the knee replacement im to young for unless i pay amd go private had loads of other ops all failed injections etc

      bit each one has caused more issue , severe nerve damage in leg , as they were damaged in op, had osteomy resulted in non union of bone , miniscus removed both legs , ligaments all damged in accident so on. going issues despite ops with those ..ankle broken years ago so was fused so all this is pain reason i cant walk legs just give way each time ive fallen ive fractured arms, wrists , pelvis etc

      was managing well with lower body with pacing physio etc , , mindfullness,

      then the back neck issue started , , so was mainly hoping for either injections to help or different physio excersise bit unfortunately just told go pain clinic.. just seems unfair wait nearly year for referral get help to be told go back to pain clinic , which means another year wait .. 😢

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      still .... same answer no one is too young for knee replacement. the whole idea if i'm not mistaken is to provide knee replacement for the patients to have less pain, better mobility and a better quality of life. if your knee damage does not qualify for surgery and you have proof of extended injury then maybe its a problem for a higher up evaluation that over sees this issue in your country. i have no idea about the health coverage of other countries . i'm in the US.

      gees i took the time to read your long post. just trying to offer what helped me . your not the only one who has fallen and broke bones . others have experienced the same problems .

      i have no idea on how to read medical reports presented above. i am not a doctor, no one here is. if you need professional help then ask your doctors. i'm just a patient trying to share my experience hoping to help someone . i'm not gonna list all my falls and joint issues and expect answers to solve all my health problems on a patient site. take what you need and just leave the rest. just don't give up push for all the answers your need. be your own patient advocate and research your medical issues.

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      common sense response is , if your falling a lot , the use a walker for stability or wheelchair for now is a lot better than a fall or risking more broken bones and further injuries.

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      thanks for reply , im uk and they won't do replacement until least 60 , its all about pain management in meantime , i do use a mobility aid a scooter get about , but this is why the consultant physio is dismissing me as he saying cos im not moving im causing neck back issues so a bit unfair really but thanks for your reply ..

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    first it was , your too young unless you pay or go private. and then stated they won't do replacement until your 60 years. how could any doc say that.? people have joint replacements all the time under 60 years of age. i recommend you see a consultant to help you sort all the misinformation out. if anyone has a joint issue that qualifies for replacement no matter what the age, surgery needs to be done before the joint damage continues to long and healthy bone and blood flow is compromised . i was 40 when had my first joint replacement. there is something fishy goin on.

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