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Cervical Spondylosis

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  • Primetime 1

    Anyone experiencing Tinnitus

    I have just been diagnosed with Cervical Spondylosis. Like many of you my Doc was treating for tension headaches. But, they thought I had residual headaches from otc ibuprofin, excedrin types. So, they 86d those and prescribed amytriptiline and Naproxin. I now have excruciating tinnitus. I can't

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  • Lina3x 2

    CS, a right pain in the neck

    Hello everyone, Hope someone can advise me. I have CS and right now my neck pain is so bad, it shot down the back of my left shoulder this am like a muscle cramp. I think I overdid my neck exercises as I slightly deviated from the ones my physio told me to do and did some others I saw online. It is

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  • rob cumner 1

    Computer use and cervical spondylosis?

    I have been off work since the end of May and Cervical Spondylosis was diagnosed by the Occupational Health doctor via the Local Authority for whom I work. This discomfort and pain started and deteriorated whilst working on the computor at work. The OH doctor says it is age related and will not

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  • chrissy84554 2
  • chrissy84554 2


    I had heavy legs, like i was wearing massive knees boots, then the headache started, then the dizziness, and i was falling over, after laying down. Then shooting pains in my arms, wrists, knees, lower legs and ankles. Lower back pain, then started. Problems holding onto items. The doctor sent me

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  • chrissy84554 2

    Will i ever feel better?

    It's been about 7 or 8 weeks now, since my problems started. One symptom goes, and it gets replaced by another. Will things get better, or will i feel like this forever? Sorry, but I'm depressed by it tonight. I just want the pain, swelling,tiredness and dizziness to go away. Can anyone give me

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  • chrissy84554 2
  • maria134 2

    Multilevel spondylosis

    I have multilevel spondylosis and just recently have been feeling a lot of pressure on my pelvic floor . I sometimes feel pressure in my bowels and it's very uncomfortable . Iv seen neurosurgeon and neurologist and they haven't offered any treatment. Iv only been given paracetamol by my gp . Is

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  • tracey64776 2

    im looking for alternative pain therapy, any ideas thanx

    i take gabapentin at night and occasionaly take codydramol during the day, as many of you will know this doesnt always help, ive had a problem with coedine addiction in the past and certainly dont need a repeat i am willing to try most things any ideas will be greatly accepted however small they

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  • mitali73876 1

    Cervical spondilytis in pain from past 1 month

    Hi, My name is mitali and m 32 years old. I very drepessed these days coz if the pain i have right below the neck on the left side with shooting and terrible pain in my left arm along with numbness and tingling sensation in my left hand fingers. I was abosoultely fine till 2 april that

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  • headache spike 1

    diagnosed with cervical spondylosis....terrible headache

    i have been signed off work for the last 7 weeks due to a horrific constant a mri scan last week iv been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis.I have read alot of the posted articles and dont have many of the sypmtoms described by many of you, (numbness and tingling), but have had a

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  • joycemadine 5
  • annie324 2

    dizziness doing neck physio exercises

    Hi everyone, I have CS and have been given exercises to do by my physiotherapist. I have dizziness doing the exercises, particularly when I turn my head to the right in a lying down position. When I get up I feel a bit muggy for a while then it passes. I do occasionally have the light headed muggy

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  • lori 54517 2

    Surgery & c5/6 foraminal stenosis

    Hi all. I'm new to all this so please bear with me. I've recently been diagnosed with cervical stenosis with intermittant radiculopathy. I've seen a neurological surgeon who said if they operate it would deal with the tingling in my arm but not the pain in my neck, shoulder, arm and back. The pain

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  • max58634 2

    Cervical spondylitis affecting legs

    i was diagnosed with OA of the neck 3 years ago, since then it has spread to my left shoulder and arm, I have not bothered to go back to the doctor because all they say is "it's old age (75) and wear and tear. but recently I have felt a weakness in my legs and have stumbled 3 times in the last 2 weeks,...

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  • isobel91439 2

    Cervical Spondylosis Dizziness and Loss of Balance

    Hi I am new to the forum.  I was diagnosed last year with Cervical Spondylosis.  I have read through some of the conversations on CS put forward by other members.  It is such a huge relief to discover I am not going mad, and other people here experience debilitating dizziness.  I have trapped

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  • victor24 1

    cervical spine spondylosis can cause serious heart problems?

    Hi im 22 and is my first time posting here i have been diagnosed first with costochondritis but now a doctor say I have a spine condition , my syntoms are chest pain radiating to the arm, wrist and shoulders, i have a painfull cracking in the base of the neck when the back begins, 4 months

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  • maria134 2

    multi level spondylosis

    Iv had this for some time but have now got numbness in lower legs and sometimes a feeling of freezing pain in feet . Have seen spinal surgeon , neurosurgeon and neurologist who haven't given me any treatment and say it's to risky to operate . Is there anyway to ease these symptoms?   

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  • jonathan20950 1
  • kelly65690 2

    severe dizziness and leg weakness

    i have had neck pain for about 2 years imI'm 35 years old. I had an MRI in summer which showed disc degeneration and bone spurs on c5-c6, I've had a few bad flare ups and still currently having 1 and awaiting for appointment with spinal specialist. I've been signed off work for past 7 week and can'

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  • branden12 2

    Untreated Spinal Stenosis

    I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis a couple years ago in which the doc said I needed an ACDF one-level fusion. I've been hestitating to have the done surgery done as it's a big procedure in which I'll need a break from my work etc. I recently went back to my doc and he said he wanted a new MRI to

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  • grapes1800 3

    Cadaver Bone

    Has anyone had experiences or heard stories about the use of cadaver bone for spinal implants? I'll be having an ACDF soon, but due to my metal allergies I either have a choice of cadaver bone which will increase the hard collar recovery to 3 months if the neurosurgeon can't find tantalum (which I

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  • mike09523 5

    cervical stenosis etc.

    Hi All, Well, yesterday I visited my Neurosurgeon for my yearly check up concerning my neck problems. Back in 2013 he diagnosed cervical foramanel stenosis with spondylosis and myolepathy at levels C4,5,6,7 Also bone spurs inside spinal canal compressing spinal cord especially 6/7. Although I

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  • annie324 2

    OA in neck

    Hello, I have recently been diagnosed with the above and have been doing neck exercises as advised by my physio. I get headaches and muzzy head feelings and just wondered if any of you have the same how you are coping with it. I just take anadin extra although my rhuematologist said to take

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  • branden12 2

    ACDF vs ADR

    What qualifies one to have an ACDF or an ADR? I read that an artificial disk replacement preserves neck motion and has many benefits compared to a ACDF, but most traditional spine surgeries for the neck is an ACDF and a preferred method for surgery, why is that? Help!

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  • Byroselle 2

    Cervical Stenosis

    My husband has just been diagnosed with this and the neurologist is now recommending surgery. Can someone tell me if they have gone through the surgery with successful results?

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  • Jayn 3

    Neck osteoarthritis and symptoms

    Hi everyone, I've recently been diagnosed with neck and spine osteoarthritis but early stages. My neck has been stiff and aching for at least 9 months and since doing exercises as advised by my physiotherapist my headaches have become worse and my head muggy and sometimes dizzy. I have also been

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  • grapes1800 3

    ACDF Implants

    So I'm allergic to nickel and my neurosurgeon ditched the idea of using the titanium plates (since they are mixed with a bit of nickel) my only choices are now using tantalum or a cadaver bone. He said he wasn't sure if he could acquire the tantalum cages though. Cadaver bone has a 15-20%

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  • her220 2

    Spine was broken during surgery

      Spine collapsed due to prematurely removal of instruments of first surgery, with gravity pulling me over. Now I am 5 yrs. into my last 12 surgery, which was done to break and realign my entire spine, Am put together with 21 screws, rods connecting to pelvis, titanium, cobalt, concrete,

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  • wall1409 3

    Advice needed please

    hi everyone  brief summary i damaged my lumber spine about 37 years ago in a motorcycle accident. I walked unaided after 2 years intense physio. Aged 48 my problems really started back and leg pain then 2 years later neck pain. April last year I started having shoulder issues, initially told

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  • gadgetgeekhampshire 2

    Cost of Lidocaine Patches

    Can anyone tell me how much Lidocaine Patches are? GP gave me a prescription last week for 10 as a tester for a long term nerve damage condition that I have, but said they were expensive for the NHS & that she could get into trouble for prescribing them. Early signs are that they are certainly helping,...

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  • pauline 5 2

    my neck pain goes across my shoulders and up to my head

     i attend a pain clinic i take ampitriptyline also Butrans patch  i have tried other pain killers but no matter i just cant get rid of this pain i have also had all that you can at physio     at long last im going to have a mri goodness how long i will have to wait The pain is much worst when im

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  • janie03549 3

    Living with constant pain due to multiple bulging cervical discs

    Hi, I'm new to this group and would welcome a bit of friendly advice. I've had issues with generalized osteoarthritis for last couple of years and more recently, severe neck pain and stiffness which an MRI scan showed multiple bulging cervical discs(C5,C6,C7) and mild neural foramina narrowing with

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  • Drace 2

    Can an injury exasperate my spondylosis

    I have had cervical spondylosis since 1999 and in general I've managed no time of work or medication I had an incident at work in which I had injured my neck and the pain was horrendous I can not carry bags or lift or reach for anything anymore this was 2 years ago and I have not improved I have

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  • mat65 1

    tension / pressure around back of head.

    i have suffered from tension / pressure around the back of my head on and off for about 10 years 43. im not in pain but it can get you down. i think its due to the muscles contracting around the worn area of my neck,approx middle to top of the back of my head. does anyone else get this.

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