cervical spine spondylosis can cause serious heart problems?

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Hi im 22 and is my first time posting here smile .... i have been diagnosed first with costochondritis but now a doctor say I have a spine condition , my syntoms are chest pain radiating to the arm, wrist and shoulders, i have a painfull cracking in the base of the neck when the back begins, 4 months past since the first epidose and along this time i sometimes feel strong heart beat when laying down or when i stand up, and a feeling like vertigo in the stomach or chest , i dont know if this is anxiaety cause im a nervous person or something else , i read about the vagus nerve and heart problems that a cervical spine injury can cause and it scare me a lot, tomorrow i ll get some x rays for confirm the spine problem, do you think this wear sensations in the chest are caused by anxiety or there´s really a heart problem cause by a cervical injury there? could it be dangerous?, i get a EKG when the chest pain begin and all is ok, but im still scared sad, thank you for the answers!

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    Hi victor..

    The symtoms are same to me too...Even I am suffering from the cervical spondylitis since 3-4 years..the major symptom associated to me is the vertigo and dizziness ... i used to have the neck pain but it got controlled after doing fres style exercises...sometimes my heart ponders and heart beat will increase and will settle after 2-3 mins...I thought its due to hypothyroid ...but recently undergone 2d echocardiogram but everything looks fine...and now its sure its only cervical spondilits...



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    Hi there. Thanks for sharing your condition. I'm 19 this year and have been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis of the C5-6 region. It was confirmed by an X-ray done. I have been suffering from intense burning pain in the neck-shoulder region as well as shoulder ache. I've also experienced crackling of neck when turning my head left and right, up and down. Sometimes the pain will radiate down to my inner arm region and down. I get bad back pains everyday, which gets worse when I am carrying a heavy school bag which is mainly unavoidable. Also currently a nursing student, often go for hospital attachments and the frequent lifting of heavy patients out a heavy strain on my back. I'll get a long terrible ache after that. Was thinking whether I should quit nursing school because the pain is terrible. Recently went to the doctor for my dizziness problem, not sure whether it's related to c/s. Have been prescribed with Daneuron to help with nerve pain and some Ketoprofen patches. Will be going for MRI scan at the end of this month. How do you manage the pain brought on by c/s?
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    Hi Janice

    I have work in the NHS for over 30 years.

    I have developed the symptoms of cervical spondylosis since a fall last June.

    If you were my daughter - I'd advise her to change careers because the pressure u are under is unbelievable.

    I am probably going to have to retire because of the extent of my disability.

    I don't know about anyone else but I can't believe how bad the care is in the NHS for people with such conditions.

    It's completely turned my life upside down.

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      I agree with you! I worked in the medical field and long hours on the computer as I was in charge of Quality, PI, clinical data etc. in 2000 I had a cervical fusion 4-5 said it would cure me. It destroyed my life. I continued to work another 12 years but was contasntly getting epidurals, sometimes at lunch than back to my high pressured job. I finally had to quit 8 years ago and I just had another MRI as I continue to decline. I am in constant pain and feel I have no life. My neurologist just said I now have to see the Neurosurgeon as he says I need surgery again. I am just disgusted and feel that I never should of had the first surgery. I am scared to have another surgery but he said my cervical spine is at 7cm and if it gets to 6cm then it will be an emergency surgery. When you have a fusion what they don't tell you is it weakens above and below your fusion now my T1-2 are herniated and I have been hospitalized several times for pain control as I thought I was having a heart attack. I am just scared to have then cut me again! I have had back surgery and two foot surgeries. Just seems hopeless. 

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    Hi All,

    I can empathise with the pain and frustration that anyone with spondylosis has

    I was given a diagnosis of Cervical Spondylosis 6 or 7 years ago. It gives me considerable pain and discomfort. When I was X-Rayed 3 or 4 years ago I was told that the spaces between the vertibrae were OK and I haven't had an X-Ray or MRI since.

    My neck 'clicks' quite alarmingly and I am learning to ignore the 'electric shock' feelings down both arms and into the fingers. I was given bi-lateral Carpal Tunnel Decompression a few years ago but that just left me with nerve problems in the palms where I had the surgery. It did nothing for the 'Parathesia' which I'm convinced comes from my neck.

    I also get shortness of breath and what I have been told is 'Pseudo Angina'.

    Currently I am awaiting surgery to fit a spinal stimulator to help relieve sciatic pain in my legs caused by a prolapsed disc way back in 2004.

    I am also undergoing physiotherapy for the neck pain, it's not doing anything for the pain but by understanding it I am able to cope better.

    The 'clicks' are sometimes audible by other people in a quiet room, (I even startled the dog a few days ago). These 'clicks' and grinding also gives me bad headaches.

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      Please....hold off on scs a few years as it is not the surgical miracle either! There are little known or talked about problems with those too!! I wish I had not run to get one as it left me with lots of problems and no one knows what is wrong.
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      Thx as many ppl told me to get one. It seems every surgery I had only caused me more problems and never really cured anything. Try and avoid any invasive procedure! 
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      Neck surgery to relieve neurological symptoms caused by the compression of the spinal cord, makes sense and it is necessary. Neck surgery to get rid of pain, is usually a failure. I used to be a neurosurgeon.

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    HI Janice - its sad that u are affected with cervical spondylitis at a very young age...I can eve bear the pain but not the damn dizziness... its not necessary to quit the job ...

    The first thing is stop driving he cars too long....thiz has a tremendous effect on the neck and dizziness...

    simply do the free style exercises of the hands tht used to do in the school...and also remember to clap your hands front and back for 50-100 atleast 2 or 3 times...you should able to touch the palms parallely and should echo ..so that it will increase some muscles at the neck regiion...also habituate to sleep in the the foam pillow...

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      hi this exactly happens with me even i get panic all the time fast heart rate shortness of breath numbness tingling in head upper side and many other feelings ..........
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    Hi brother

    Like you have the symptoms i have the same .

    what doctor refered to you as here no Doctor is able to diagnose my case ..

    please help 

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    I dont know i have cervical spondylosis  , but MRI said i have a spasm < now even  after eating food my heart rate increase some times and there are weird feeling  all day long in the chest ,pain in arm .. all that what u have mentioned above 

    now please  tell me what doctor said abt you . i need to tell my doctor , as they are sending me to neurologist,cardio , rhemutologist,internal medicine . 

    nothing solved . heart is ok , ecg is ok, x-ray of heart is ok.blood test was ok 

    please help  now="" even=""  after="" eating="" food="" my="" heart="" rate="" increase="" some="" times="" and="" there="" are="" weird="" feeling=""  all="" day="" long="" in="" the="" chest="" ,pain="" in="" arm="" ..="" all="" that="" what="" u="" have="" mentioned="" above ="" now="" please=""  tell="" me="" what="" doctor="" said="" abt="" you="" .="" i="" need="" to="" tell="" my="" doctor="" ,="" as="" they="" are="" sending="" me="" to="" neurologist,cardio="" ,="" rhemutologist,internal="" medicine="" . ="" nothing="" solved="" .="" heart="" is="" ok="" ,="" ecg="" is="" ok,="" x-ray="" of="" heart="" is="" ok.blood="" test="" was="" ok ="" please="">

    now please  tell me what doctor said abt you . i need to tell my doctor , as they are sending me to neurologist,cardio , rhemutologist,internal medicine . 

    nothing solved . heart is ok , ecg is ok, x-ray of heart is ok.blood test was ok 

    please help >

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      It was anxiety , plus eating haabits for me 

      minimized caffeine , reduced Soda drinks 

      went to doc he saoid its anxiety and the Gastric reflux , if i use to sleep on  stomach side i use to feel ok , but when i use to sleep opposite i felt the heart  burns , 

      for neck pain and weird feelings i joined gym .i was 90kg+ and now 79kg 

      changed the eating habits , nothign now Allhumdulilah 

      Dont eat before sleep , eat light meals at night , do exercises .

      Eat Omega 3 fish oil , eat fruits , eat oats .

      less fatty .

      if i get careless someday i feel same feelings for some minutes or hour then i drink plenty water . 

      All good now .


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    hi victor...have same problem with cervical spondyliusis..i generally get high heart beats when dont take food for a long time ..specially in the morning and in evening.. i also feel like my heart is forcibly being beaten due to stimulation of any nerve..i also feel thumping ..when i go to salon for cutting or shaving, my heart beats get suddenly high and feel so uneasy..i feel cracking and popping in my left chest while sneezing

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