CFS and the gym?

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Hi.. New here but had CFS / ME for years I think.. was told 30 years ago I had ME... but then it went.. but had it back now for 6 years or so... but just getting new issues...

I'm been going to the gym for years now, just to keep me going and avoide aches and pains as much as i can....

But of late, im noticing that exercise is making me hurt?...

I go 3 times a week.. Monday / Friday doing weight.. and wednesday doing a 5 k run... but its all going a bit to pot!

Ive come down in weights to 50 and will have to drop further.. not because I can't lift them any more, but due to the after efects....

For the following few days im getting my musscles hurting like hell?.. like they swell up a bit and burn... it can last for 2-3 days and is real painfull.. to the point where im thinking giving it up?... only issue there is.. do i start to get issues doing normal day to day stuff eventualy?.... does anyone else suffer this... Abs are the worst but legs also?.... cheers smile

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    Which muscles feel like they are swelling up and burning? Abs and legs? I've had CFS/ME of the past 25 years and recently discovered the underlying condition. It's a condition called May-Thurner Syndrome or Cocketts Syndrome (Left Iliac Vein Compression Syndrome) that starts in the lower back/abdominal area. Severe compression of this vein can cause debilitating fatigue, exercise Intolerance, muscle pains, lower back, Abdominal and Leg Pain.

    More and more people are starting to discover that this is the underlying condition causing their CFS/ME, especially "mild" CFS. Unfortunately the only thing most doctors know about this condition is that some people develop blood clots and deep vein thrombosis and their legs swell up 3 times the normal size. So if you don't develops blood clots or have any obvious sign of this condition then no doctor would think of this as a cause of CFS. But that's exactly what I had. After a simple stenting procedure of my Left Iliac Vein, almost overnight my symptoms of CFS began disappearing as my blood began flowing normally again.

    Vascular Surgeons and Interventional Radiologists are starting to realize that many of the symptoms of CFS/ME are actually symptoms of conditions that they already treat. Severe compression of the Left Renal Vein (Nutcracker Syndrome) had been previously attributed to Severe Pediatric Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and more recently Severe Adult Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Left Iliac Vein Compression is a similar but lesser known condition but can cause CFS as well. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that these conditions exist as it seems most doctors are unaware of them and their potential to cause Chroinc Fatigue Syndrome.

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      Hi... Okay.. I'll mention this... its more my Abs that are very tight, sore and swell up... I also have a bit of trouble breathing due to the tightness.. and now pins and needles ARRRRG!... in hands and feet / legs... only mild but annoys the hell out of me!.. Thanks anyway for the info smile

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    I was wondering this myself, I was a proper gym bunny last year and due to my symptoms i had to give up completely. Although I have had symptoms for at least 20 years, i was only formally diagnosed today. Its early days I know but I would love to get back in to it eventually. I hate sitting on my bottom doing nothing! Keep us updated with your progress! 

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      Hi.. why did you have to give up?... same issue.. swelling muscles.. or just too tired out to do it any more?.. not feeling too bad today after a careful work out yesterday... but can feel abs and back pain starting up as the day goes on... thats another thing... rest and AM I tend to be better... by PM i'm getting really tired and thats typicaly when the burn comes on... You the same?   smile

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      Sorry for the late reply, I thought the site would notify me but it didn't! I had to give up because I  just didnt have the energy to continue, now brushing my hair makes my shoulders and arms burn, i cannot imagine running around the gym lifting weights any more! I would do a workout and be complete housebound for a few days after sad 

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      Hi.. Just thought I'd update on this a few months on.. my condition continues to go down hill...

      My core is getting very weak now and I have burning in my back and front a lot.. still going to the gym when I can, but maybe does more harm than good now??..

      I have now started with a restricted / sore throat thing. Usualy as the day goes on, my throat becomes tight, and I can't swalow and breathing is a bit harder... Sore throat was the run up to this, but its gone a bit now...

      arms and legs tired these days... .. thinking not straight, etc.. this thing just get worst... may put up a new post on throat?...

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    Another update... my back from where my belly button is at the front to just under my shoulder blader.. I'm getting nipping / stabbing pains if I do too much (when I say too much.. I mean not a lot in real terms.. in fact, If I had a manual job, id be out of work now)... also tight chest.. notice being conciouse of breathing when laying down... its like my whole middle section is slowley fading away?... throat thing is down to acid reflux, but this in turn is due to the valve in my stomach getting weak.... also a lot of fog.... can't think, recognise things on my desktop, very tired...


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