Chamomile PILLS info that I just researched for ANXIETY

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This is information I copied

A Japanese study using sleep-disturbed rats found chamomile worked as well as a tranquilizer in helping them fall asleep. Chamomile also has anti-inflammatory properties and may promote sleep by helping to reduce swelling caused by inflammation associated with allergies.

Unlike some supplements which are only effective for a few hours, chamomile seems to stay in your system for a relatively long time. A 2005 study reported in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry evaluated the urine of volunteers who drank chamomile tea daily for two weeks. They found elevated levels of hippurate, an anti-inflammatory, and glycine, which helps soothe muscle spasms. Two weeks after the volunteers stopped drinking chamomile, levels of these elements were still measurable.

Typical oral doses are 9 to 15 grams per day. Gargles made from 8 g of chamomile flowers in 1,000 mL of water have been used in trials.


I could not find any information about taking this herb for a long period of time..cause if it works for my anxiety, depression, sleep...I will take it forever.

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    I have no clue in this but i will say by the end of the week im positive you are going to be the expert on chamomile. Just be aware everything is best in moderation. You have to keep in mind its a plant and allergies can occur, not saying in you but whomever uses it in high doses. I do love your enthusiasm a lot. A much smarter google search then searching ailments, i will be reading about your findings. Im always up for learning new things.
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    It could help but their are better options out their herbal wise. I would go to a naturopath or Chinese acupuncture specialist that deals with Chinese herbs and natural herbs if you wish to go the natural route. They would know the best thing for your situation. I wasted a lot of time trying the best natural alternatives for anxiety.. Nothing helped me like prescription medication.

    I've tried St. John's wort / L Theanine / Inistol / Decaf green tea capsules / Maca root / Ashwaganda.

    Nothing natural took away my anxiety to the point where I could live a normal life. St. John's wort probably helped me about 20% and Inistol about 10% everything else was ineffective.. And I followed the reccomended dosage for panic disorder and anxiety. And all of these herbs are wayyyy stronger than chamomile. But it depends how bad your anxiety is .. And everyone reacts different to different herbs so yea...

    Definatly get with a specialist to see what will be best for you

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      Hi smile

      I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety (for years) and major depression...and for me the Chamomile has worked the best.

      just goes to show us...everyone is different and trial and error.

      I've tried the St. Johns/L-Theanine/Green Tea/Inisitol (fights cancer too) and Ashwaganda...not the Maca root.

      And for me Melatonin and the Chamomile make me a LITTLE less anxious...but work really good for me at night.

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      Awesome chamomile has helped me definatly but it makes me sleepy and I have anxiety usually early in the day so it's a no go for me sad but definatly at night it helps a lot. My mother brings home cases of chamomile tea bags.. So I make it really strong.. Like 4-8 teabags and it knocks me out lol.

      sometimes when I take melatonin and I'm extremely anxious it could be hell.. When I'm falling asleep from the melatonin and I'm anxious but my heart is racing like crazy my body won't let me fall asleep anxious I guess because the flight or fight mode is on so my body jerks itself to wake up before I fall asleep. It's annoying. So I have to be carefull to not use it when anxious. But besides that and dependency issues it's nice. Have you ever considered going to a naturopath ?

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      Yeah, I think that's called a hypnic jerk. As I understand it, you're drifting off towards sleep and your heart rate falls so quickly that your brain thinks you need to be defib'd. Maybe some meditation before bed to ramp down a bit more slowly? Sleep hygiene might be an area to look into as well. 

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      Yea, I'm not totally comfortable with the Melatonin but it works for me.

      When I was on an SSRI however, it was making me feel restless.

      I'm no longer on an SSRI and it is ok

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    Apigenin is supposedly the compound in chamomile that does the trick, has a half-life of about 92 hours, so it could indeed build up in your system if you use it every day. 

    I read that if you were allergic to ragweed, you would want to proceed with caution. Some have posted that they were allergic to ragweed, but didn't have a problem with chamomile. Best to ask your doc or pharmacist to be sure. 

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      I would have known right away if I had a negative reaction to this herb because I am super sensitive and won't take anything that makes me feel the least bit "bad".

      I'm good with I just need a good formula for myself...cause the 2 bags...make me a little sleepy but not enough to drift next experiment will be the 2 bags and a pill...or the pill an hour before the 2 bags. smile

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      I'm an advocate of chamomile tea. I believe one should not take St John's Wort when on any kind of anti-depressant or anxiety medication? I seem to recall my GP warning me against it. I'm taking setraline50mg by the way.

      I can of course only speak of my own journey with this herb. But when we were growing up our Mom always gave us chamomile tea when we had tummy upsets, or later on, for period pains. I now drink chamomile tea for my anxiety and to promote natural sleep because my insomnia, induced by Ad, was quite literally hell.

      So my own personal experience has been positive, no side effects and no issues due to long term usage.

      Everyone has to decide for themselves at the end of the day. If unsure then the advice of their GP/herbalis won't go amiss.

      Me, I love it and wouldn't be without it....though I do think 4-8 teabags is overdoing it somewhat. 2 is quite sufficient but then that's just a personal observation

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      Hi helen....yes, I will not take anything that affects Seratonin levels as I have had really bad experiences with those things.

      Actually one of those experiences is what has led me to the Chamomile tea..

      My General Practicioner is a big herb fan...and she is ok with me doing the tea with my other medications.

      You are so right about everyone having to figure it out for themselves..because actually I read an article about Melatnonin not working at all for people and it works great for me.

      I do however desire just a little bit more of a "sleepy" affect than I have been getting with the tea (if I am going to stop the benzo I take for sleep).  So, I am going to the pharmacy today to see if they have the Chamomile pills....I would like to take 1 pill an hour prior to drinking the tea and see how I feel.

      Trying to exercise (for both anxiety and sleep)...and trying to eat we know it is not only one particular thing that is going to cure us.

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      It's wonderful how we can all learn from each other's personal

      Experiences ??

      Coping methods, medication, self-help, herbal remedies

      Strength in numbers!

      Thanks to one and all!

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