Change of blood test results after many years

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Hello  I have been hypothyroid for over 20 years and for most of this time have been on 125mg of levothyroxine.  My TSH for many years was around 2.8..  The last 2 or 3 years it has been falling and last year it was 0.93 If I remember correctly.  I put this fall down to regular taking of Vitamin D3 as I understand that hypothyroid patients are often deficient in this vitamin.  I think that the old gp's lab and the new one use the range 0.5 to5 %?. I know some experts think that the range should be much smaller and certainly no higher than 2.  My old doctor always did a fasting test and I did not take my thyroxine until after the test.  The new gp however does not do fasting tests and therefore it is done after I take the thyroxine.  In September I was mid range.  The test was repeated again recently when I was having Vitamin D  and calcium levels check and now it is 0.28.  I have now been told to reduce to 100mg of thyroxine.  Does anyone know why it should suddenly fall and could it be anything to do with the change of water supply.  I should add I have been having tests for angina due to some symptoms of palpitations and shortness of breath on exertion.  I realise too that these could also be symptoms of over treatment.  Any views would be appreicated.

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    Hi LLady,  there have been several recent post by people with changing test results after years of stability.

    My personal hunch is that there are a lot of manufacturing changes with a global economy. To believe that the manufacturing of meds can be regulated reliably in a global economy is a bit silly. In addition,  Thyroid med doses are allowed a variation of +\- 10% from the label, so you can get as much as a 20% variation between lots. So if your dosage is high, your potential for more variability between prescriptions is high. Is it possible your medication is made by a different manufacturer since you switched doctors?  They're supposed to all be the same, but all generics are not equal. So this dis something to consider.

    Do do you also test your T3 and T4 levels? This might reveal something. If they show higher than previously, you know either your thyroid has become more effective, or your meds are stronger.

    Also, thyroid disease is very causal of heart palpitations. If foe some r Eason, your T3 is higher or lower, or if the T3/t4 ratio is out of balance, it can cause heart palpitations, anxiety, etc. Rhis brings up a concern about medicating a heart problem that could possibly be solved by the thyroid issue.

    You are correct about the TSH ranges, 1-2 is roughly where people should be.  However, when I was on the meds, they didn't work unless my TSH  was zeroed out. But I really had a lot of problems and finally stopped the meds altogether bc they were killing me worse than the thyroid disease. Even with strong genetic components and severe disease, I've found supplements, diet and holistic treatments far more effective than the meds.

    Hope that helps.

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      Thank you for your reply.  I had not thought about the different manufacturers and I would agree not all generics are equal.  It is definitley something to consider.  

      With regard to T3 and T4 no I have never had them tested.  I did ask some years ago about having a full thyroid check and was told if you are in range it is not needed.  I realise that this the general view of the medical profession and not all think like this.  I know that my new surgery uses the old wider range and I don't think they would agree to complete thyroid testing and I am not in a postion being retired and nearly 70 to go privately.  I should add that I suffer from anxiety,IBS,arthritis, glaucoma so really never know what symptom is from one of these or a side effect of tablets I take.  I think I need to concentrate on sorting out stress levels, weight and exercise which I feel are my main problems.  I am awaiting the results of heart nuclear stress testing and still have to have an echocardiogram which is causing me much anxiety.  I will make sure when I do see the cardiac doctor that I tell them about my latest thyroid blood result.

      Thanks again.

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      Also meant to say that I read an article on line saying that in areas in England where water supplies had flouride added they had a higher incidence of hypothyroidism.  Could this be a factor in my blood test result.  If I remember correctly the West midlands where flouride is added and Manchester where it is not were mentioned.  I do remember a long time ago siging a petition to stop flouride being added to the water although I know dentists are gainst this.
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      Hi LLady, management of thyroid disease is extremely difficult and complex. It involves every aspect of health, diet, nutrition and toxicity. To make it more difficult, there really isn't a truly BIOIDENTICAL medication. Basically, there are about a gizillion factors fighting against proper thyroid function, once disease has firmly established. However, healing is not impossible! There are many dietary changes and supplements that can support and prevent thyroid disease progression.

      IBS, arthritis, anxiety and vision problems can ALL be closely liked with thyroid disease. I would be you have other thyroid symptoms.

      The thyroid gland utilizes iodine, which has a similar structure as elements chlorine, fluorine, bromine. So variants of all three of these elements, if ingested can interfere with thyroid function. 

      If if you've been on thyroid meds for years, and on a significant medication dose, you should have had a full thyroid panel done at some point, and should be getting the full panels done regularly while adjusting meds. TSH is produced by the pituitary gland, so really, the only thing TSH levels tell you is what your pituitary "thinks" is the best reaction to stimulate your thyroid. It does not tell you anything about whether your thyroid is producing useful thyroxin or whether thyroxin is gettin into the cells, etc.

      i would encourage you to spend a day reading through the many thyroid posts here, and particularly the ones under, "unacceptable side affects of levothyroxin". You may find some common threads to your experience, as thyroid disease is extremely difficult to treat, and the thyroid gland affects the metabolism and virtually every function of the body. You may find that if you resolve your thyroid function issues, the other problems go away

      i can also tell you that particularly with Hashimotos, TSH levels do not go very high, and if untreated, over time, the TSH  levels will drop back to normal levels as the pituitary sort of "gives up" it's Babette to try andstimulare the thyroid without results. The body at that point thinks hypothyroidism is normal and you'll have all the symptoms, but will play hell getting a diagnosis without a full blood panel.

      So, your next step is to demand a full thyroid panel. If your doctor doesn't do this, get another doctor and get a referral to an endocrinologist. Given your history and condition, this this be covered, as it is normal for thyroid patients to need full thyroid panels. 

      Once you get the full thyroid panel done, you'll need a good Endo to interpret results. In your thyroid panel, you should also test for rT3 and antibodies. 

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