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I was taking pararoxtine for 25years dr said it was time to change.i was scared but gave it a go. He put me on citolpram 20mg. Said there would be no side effects first wk was fine then all hell broke loose.felt terrible couldn't work or look after family.rang drs put me up to 30mg.4wks in still not good headache most mornings acid in tummy just don't feel well ever. Want to sleep in hope of being ok. Wake at 5.30 each day can't go back to sleep. When will I feel normal again without everything being such hard work?i just want to be normal it's so tiring. cant make plans cos don't know how I am going to feel. We have a holiday to Bulgaria end of August don't know how I will cope.

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    Hi Tina, when did you finish taking Paxil? I came off Paxil 13 years ago cold turkey 30mg and had a terrible time for quite a while, symptoms went in for most of a year ( not to the same severity as the first few months ). I am now on 10mg Citalopram after being led free for 13 years and beginning to get ill again 4 months ago. I've been on Cit for 3 months and it has definitely helped. You will be ok, try not to look too far ahead and take each day as it comes. I had terrible side effects with this led in the beginning including panic attacks and feeling absolutely wired with anxiety and I also went on holiday to Portugal after being on the medication for 7 weeks and had a PA at the airport but again I got through it and managed 2 weeks away up and down with anxiety and the other horrible stuff that goes with it. I would suggest getting some self help books to take with you and to learn some mindfulness practices before you go if you don't already know some. The Citalopram will work in time and I know how rubbish it can be waiting for it to work but you really will be ok please try not to look too far ahead or think back to how you were on Paxil. Give these a good chance and keep in touch with your GP. You'll get lots of help from other people on here. These blogs really helped me when I was unsure if I'd get through the roller coaster at the start.


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      Hi stephen, thanks for your reply all very helpful. glad I am not alone. I have a daughter and 3 gandaughters also a son 13yrsand husband. Have to try to be normal for them as much as me. Trying to keep my job too. Life can be so hard if we had broken legs people would see our pain. Thanks tina
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    Hello Tina,

    Why did doctor swop you from Paroxetine toC italopram. I ask this because I too was on Parox for many many years then had a break and when I relapsed doctor put me on Citalopram. There is something different about the half life of both of these drugs but you would need to google that to clarify. BUT I got the distinct impression that Citalopram was the more problematic in regards to SE's. Personally, I found few side effects at first like you then all sorts of nasties. Muscular aches, dizziness, nausea, DRAMATIC mood swings. The problem is that no two people are alike in how they react, some swear by this medicine others loathe it. You probably do need hang in there in all liklihood these problems will pass. Others I am sure will be in touch with you also who have better advice than me, just stay in touch

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    Hi Tina

    I'm a bit confused as to why your doctor said 'its time for a change of meds' - were they not working?  I'm assuming they were just fine for you.  Different meds might not work for some people, so if you found meds that are perfect for you then why change?  They are not addictive, do not stop working, so wonder why.

    Anyway ... starting Citalopram, as any SSRI, takes much time for the meds to get into your system, and after 4 weeks you will indeed still be feeling the effect of these - again why your doctor would up your dose after 4 weeks beats me??  For one thing increasing a dose DOES NOT relieve the symptoms you were suffering from, and in fact would only increase it.  Some people do struggle on 40mg.  You can recover on 20mg, but would not know this until you've been on them for many, many months, so to increase (actually double your dose) so early on is not the way to go.  You first of all should stay on ONE DOSE only for a good 4 months minimum before you can tell if you need to increase or not - usually longer than that actually.  Why take a larger dose than your body needs?

    I'm not surprised you're having side effects still - your body needs to adjust to each dose very, very gradually - not just shove it all on you quickly.

    Now ..... you will recover on these meds but you have to understand it can take a long time.  Some people feel well after 3 months, some 6 months and some even longer.  Everyone is different - but however long it takes for you, you cannot hurry it along.  Taking a larger dose does not mean you'll get better quicker either.  It'll take its own sweet time.

    Recovery often comes in waves too - you might start feeling good only to come crashing down again.  Its normal.  This can happen many times during recovery - up and down until eventually the ups outweight the downs.

    Don't put pressure on yourself to be well by your holiday in August, because you'll probably just stress yourself.  As you're waiting for the meds to kick in, try taking a slower approach to life - float along, walk slower, drive slower, don't rush - rushing around adds tension and so adds to the stress and so feeds anxiety/depression.  Eat healthily, take a daily walk (exercise is good) and just accept recovery will take time.  All these things really help towards recovering, even though you may not notice as you do them.

    I'm sorry to say again, but I'm so surprised your doctor has changed your meds.  I've taken Citalopram for about 20 years and had 2 small breaks (my decision), and am currently back on them at 5mg.  I was told I could take them for life if I needed to and have never found a problem with them.

    I'd ask your doctor why.

    You will get better on these meds Tina - its just perseverance though.  Wishing you the best and keep in touch xxx

    K xx

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      Thanks k you are better informed than drs. Dr told me I should change as I would get joint pains that could not be cured. I was addicted to paradox atone had tried to stop many times with bad out comes. Dr said if I swop p for citalopram there would be no side effects as similar drug. Ha,ha. Been a very hard time so far he said I could go back on p but, w

      Hats the point in going back after coming so far. I

      Would get all same effects again. Now worried about

      When I want to cut down . I was told by dr that cut is easy to get off now not so sure. Thank you for your input very helpful and reassuring. Tin x



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      Well I've never heard that in all my years with this type of medicine - joint pains ithat couldn't be cured f taken too long?  So what would be any different if taking a different type of SSRI .... they're all the same, albeit slightly different of course.

      No side effects with Citalopram?  

      Ok, you seriously need to change your doctor ... and that doctor needs retraining in the use of SSRI's.

      You can't get addicted to these meds - they're not attictive.  Probably what happened was withdrawal effects when trying to come off?  That's completely different to addiction.  Addiction means you'd need bigger and bigger doses each time.  That does not happen with SSRI's.

      Changing medicine WILL cause side effects, even though they're both SSRI's.  They all differ in their ingredients, and will cause a change.

      Again your doctor is misinformed re coming off Citalopram.  Its not easy if you do it wrong, but it is easy if you do it right.  You cannot just stop this medication dead or you'll be very ill, but instead it has to be weaned off over many, many months - and probably longer than the doctor tells you too.  I've done it twice ....... 2nd time was easier as I did it my 5mg reduction with each reduction lasting a good 2 months minimum - a year is a good withdrawl time.  The slower its done, the better.  This does not mean its addictive but its about getting the medicine out of your body slowly - its the same as starting this medicine ... its takes a long time.

      I think your doctor should try a course of these tablets to judge for himself - he'd think differently.

      I'd now stick with Citalopram since you've come this far.  Just take it slowly though, and don't rush through dose increasing.  You may recover on 20mg, but you won't know this until you've taken it for a good 4-5 months.

      I just feel so sorry that your doctor has put you through this.

      Stick with it, keep posting, slow down, persevere, partience ...... you'll get there.

      K xx

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    I have been taking Celexa 40mg for a few years now. I get up every morning feeling anxious. I was thinking about halfing it and taking half in the morning and half at night.
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