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I am a 24 year old caucasian male. Height 1.78m

On 16 January I was given results after a health check:

Weight 72.1kg

Systolic: 158 mmHg

Diastolic: 95 mmHg

Resting heart rate 56 bpm


Cholesterol: 4.9

HDL: 1.98

Total HDL ratio: 2.5

Glucose 4.5

Fasting time 12 hours

On 26 March I had another check using an automatic machine:

Weight 72.8kg

Systolic: 140 mmHg

Diastolic: 81 mmHg

Pulse/minute 75

At times I feel I have skipped heartbeats, and physical activity is very draining on my system most notably I have difficulty keeping a normal heart rhythm and it ends up feeling like its skipping beats.

I have not yet had a recent blood pressure check. Should I be concerned with my high blood pressure? Is it worth getting a monitor myself to check at particular intervals to be sure?

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    I don't know whether you were stressed on the day you had the first bp check or if you had been rushing around maybe just had a big meal/coffee/full bladder etc, why we're you having bp checked in the first place at your age.

    140/80 is not particularly high overall and as for the missed beats that's quite common in anxiety or panic syndrome.

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    Hi. Your first reading was 6 months ago and your second was 10 weeks ago. Both quite historic I think you will agree? I suggest you buy a home monitor (Tesco sell a good, reasonably priced one) and note your readings each morning for 2 weeks. This will give you useful info for discussion with GP. Remember that your readings have to be regularly taken to derive any benefit from them.
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      Historic as in, old, and thus currently innacurate?

      I agree, I shall look into this and we will see if I have any good info to bring back to this topic, and then on to a GP possibly.

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    You should get a BP monitor as it is very likely that your surgery readings are high due to 'White coat hypertension' where the situation makes you stressed although you don't feel it.  A BP monitor used when sitting quitely at home at various times of day might give a very different result. Some just register an irregular heart rate others beep and you can tell how erratic your heart rate sounds.

    So many everyday things like coffee, nicotine and both types of Coke and energy drinks can cause irregular heart beats.

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      Yes we noted this at the time of the original check, I noted I can get a tad nervy in these situations of taking blood etc, or the build up to so could be purely down to that.

      I think I'd rather not get one that beeps out my own heart beat, I find that very uncomfortable.

      I drink lots of tea, and a coffee in the morning, but both are decaf. I limit myself to a maximum of one fizzy drink a day, usually at lunch.

      I try to stay low on all stimulants.

      Thank you for your input.

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    Yes, as Derek has said, even your lower BP  reading of 140/81 is on the high side for someone so young.

    If your heart is definitely missing beats, you could have an irregular heart beat (arrythmia), and some automatic machines in particular don't give accurate readings on someone with irregular beats.  It is important for you to get yourself checked out with your GP to see whether you do, in fact, have an irregular heart beat and, if so, you should be referred for an Echocardiogram to see if there is a reason for the skipped beats.  Do come back and let us know how you get on.

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      Thank you!

      I have always felt it for some years, but as someone said - and they are right I do suffer from an anxiety disorder, but even at my best points when I am in long periods of anxiety-free I still have noticed it and just 'got on with it'.

      I had an ECG some years ago, when unknowingly my anxiety disorder hit unexpectedly 2 years later I realised it was anxiety, due to feeling irregular heartbeats but I notice it every so often, maybe once a day on most days and if I'm exercising it happens a few times and is noticebly uncomfortable.

      Despite having an anxiety disorder, I am a very rational person and am very good at coping with this disorder. I feel as though discussing this with a GP in any seriousness might be put down to anxiety disorder without a second thought.

      I will consider getting myself a personal BP machine so I might be able to get results myself to go to a GP with.

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    Most young people are not taking care of their health, until they get major symptoms.  I commend you for being concerned and asking for advice.  It looks like its time for you to make some changes in your diet.

    Most of the nutrients our body needs are found in fruits and vegetables.  So you need to increase those. You can get a small blender to make smoothies, if that helps.  Decrease or eliminate sugary soda pop or caffeinated drinks.  They can make your heart rate for no reason.

    Most of us are deficient on viamins and minerals.  You should at least take a good multi-mineral supplement. 

    I guarantee doing this will improve those numbers.  Jonathan

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      Thanks. I'm very health aware, and want to just live a long healthy life.

      I purposely do not drink caffeine, but as I have said I may have one can of fizzy soda at a lunch time. I realise once in a while is much better than one a day. For a while I had this replaced with naked smoothies I bought, but they get pricey so dont always get them.

      I agree I need to reintroduce a multi vitamin into my daily routine, do you know of any that aren't a total pain in the butt to swallow? I find it pretty difficult and usually have to split the big ones into two, just cant seem to find any which are smaller and/or coated for easier swallowing.

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      You really don't need to pay out for supplements when a healthy diet will give you all the vitamins you need, and without all the unhealthy additives that go into binding/coating the pills.  For instance, talc is often used and that is carcinogenic.   Steaming as much of the veggies as possible will ensure you get the most vitamins from your food. 
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      I'm not sure about the steaming of vegetables, perhars you can research that, the main thing is to increase the amout you eat.

      I always buy my supplements in capsules because they don't have binders and release more evenly.  Look for a name brand that has the longest list of minerals and trace minerals. 

      An example of their importance:  If you are low on magnesium you can get muscle cramps, If you are low on potassium your heart can skip beats.  But by taking the multi mineral capsule you can cover all of them.

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    just see the GP over your irregular heartbeat
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    Hi a friend of mine her husband has conns disease, it's more common than at first thought and is not unheard of with younger people and sadly little heard of so no checked often enough, worth getting checked for

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