Chemicals and Blepth

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I'm really surprised that suffers are playing " Russian Roulette " with their eyes in an attempt to get rid of the dreaded Blepth . The next "fad" will probably be trying "everyday" antiseptic hand gel " !( says it kills 99% of all germs ) .Don't risk ruining your eyeballs and skin with industrial chemicals .

Bleach ,  anyone ?

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    Hi David. I am too leary to try the Wet ones. I think thats what they are called. I cant imagine that if you have dry eye also it wouldnt irritate. And isnt anything you put on the lid absorbed by the eye. Im going to eye doc tomorrow and am going to ask. Maybe Im wrong,but it sounds a little risky.
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      Far too risky and as you say will do nothing for dry eye as in dry the problem is a gland problem often "deep" in the gland or the glands being partially or completely blocked .
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    I've stopped using wet ones after about nine months of effective use as I found it suddenly brought my eye lids up in sore red welts. Just using ordinary facial wipes before and after heat treatment twice a day and if my eyes are itchy during the day. Especially important at this time of year with various allergens carried in the air. I use Johnsons baby shampoo straight from the bottle on instructions from my doctor. Due to MGD my eyelids were  very greasy so initially the Wet Ones were OK to use but as the heat treatment and vigilant hygiene routine unblocked the meibomian glands my eyelids became drier and more normal and were affected by the strong solution of Wet Ones. These wipes are brilliant for removing stains from carpets and oil paint off my hands ( I am an artist). It made me think twice about using it on my eyes. 
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      Hi Pam, your example of the wipes being great for removing stains from the carpet says it all really . Far to dangerous as the eyelid gland areas "wipe" across the eyeball thus spreading the chemicals across the very tender eyeball surface and will no doubt "clean away " the lubrication on the eyeball . Soar eyeball exterior is very often due to insufficient lubrication to the eyeball .
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    I tried the wet ones and they caused really bad sores on my lids....obviously never used since....but some people are using these all the time and no one knows the long term effect they have...they are not for its not nice when the Bleph is really bad or other eye diseases and yes you will try anything at the time to get relief....but I have never used anything other than lotions, wipes etc specifically for eyes or are natural Manuka Honey...Coconut oil....I use Blephasol eye wipes and the Blephasol eye can get these on prescription because they are expensive....I cant use Baby shampoo either...after using it for a few months it made my eyes sore, my optician said she attended a seminar and it was about Blepharitis and they spoke of Baby shampoo not doing any good for the condition. I use the Blephasol Lotion diluted in boiled cooled water and use it neat if I feel my eyes starting to flare up.....I also sterilise the little plastic bottles I use to keep the diluted lotion and water in with Milton sterilsing tablets....I just have a cleaning regime that works for me.....if I go away and cant carry out the same routing my eyes flare it does work....for me anyway
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      Hi , have you tried the Bleptha gel ? If you've debris to clear from the lashes I can understand the use of wipes but have found cottonbuds or q tips soaked in the gel to NOT sting . I no longer have the messy type of anterior blepth but am left with the dry eye posterior version . I went 4 weeks with virtually no problems , then resorted to a one off go with the red wipes , stung my eyes and within a day or two had the dry eye posterior blepth return...big time . One eye blood shot for near on one half of the eyeball ( smack down the middle ) like a zombie and the return of the pain . I've ditched all the expensive stuff and rely upon a regime of boiled water , some babywash rather than shampoo , and good quality thick ribbed kitchen paper . Do that everytime you have a hot drink and have some water left in the kettle . I paid £190. to go to an expert just to have him formally identify the problem , then ask if I'd like to make another appointment to see if things were any better ! No thanks ! I'm pretty sure that i'll know !


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    For what it's worth......I  tried Wet Ones a while back and they dried out

    my lids so bad I got scared and stopped using them.   I just had

    cataracts taken off both eyes and in the long, long, process of putting

    many (prescription) drops in my eyes.  2 months for one eye and

    one week into the next eye.    I have the kind of Bleph that causes

    the crust on the tip (by eyelashes)  when I would do the cleaning

    the bits would always fall into my eyes and all day long I felt like

    sand in my eyes.  Eye doc told me to get Systane OTC drops

    the one in the purple box to stop feeling of grit.  It works!

    It's expensive about $13 but I would pay a lot more for the feeling

    of no grit in my eyes.  I don't know why but  think because it is gel based the gel helps keep bits from feeling like sand in eye.

    No cure but anything that makes my day better is a good thing.

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      So sorry to hear that you are still suffering and feel guilty that my problems are so small compared to yours . I have to pop in some viscotears GEL drops at night , but apart from that rarely have a major problem . I have been having white cider vinegar( diluted ! ) immediately before a meal incase PH levels in the gut were too high and imparing my immune system ( link between imbalances of different gut bacteria / yeast mold imparring immune functions ) , and maybe that's helping . Who knows ?
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      OOps.....I'm just happy to have my vision back.  Cataracts

      pretty much cause everything to go dark.  I think it's pretty

      much a miracle that the eye docs can give us our sight

      back.   The first day after first cataract...I slept on couch with

      TV on and when I woke up and looked at the Today show it

      was sort of like Wizard of Oz going from black and white to

      color.  The colors were intense....such a vivid blue....Glad to

      have it back at any costs.  I've had both done now and hopefully

      should be good from here on.  In my parents day they would

      have just gone blind....

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