Chest and rib pain

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I recently tested positive for HLA B27, I'm having further testing to see if I have AS. I have had back pain and horrible chest/rib pain for three years. The side of my ribs hurts so bad I can't sleep on my side. Breathing is painful and it hurts to touch my ribs and sternum. For a while I thought it was from exercising but it continued to get worse and after seeing several doctors I was told it was inflammation in my cartilage. Now that I'm aware of chest pain with AS, I'm wondering if this is what is causing the pain. Has anyone else experience pain on the side of your ribs just below your armpit? Or in the middle of your chest? Everything I read indicates pain is in the sternum or where the ribs connect to the spine.


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    hla b27 alone is not alone sufficient, yes you have more chances of AS, but you may need blood tests like esr, crp etc and mri of si joint .

    rheumatologist is the best doctor to confirm AS. visit asap.

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    i am getting similar pain since 4 years and because of which i am almost handicapped. i am hla b27 + but not AS. i visited 5 best rheumatologist till now, all says no AS. recent muscle test showing soft tissues damaged in middle back due to unknown reason. but no one knows what to do further. living in crying pain since 4 years, now i am 43
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    Hi Carrie,

    Sounds like you are getting inflammation in the enthesis that attaches ribs to breast bone. I had that. I encourage you to start following the works of Dr John Bergman & Dr Jack Kruse on YouTube. John is a functional medicine doctor that addresses inflammation to diet and other environmental toxins. He really knows his stuff. Jack is a brain surgeon with a background in biochemistry, who talks about turning active genes off through charging the mitochondria with natural light. You will soon see that AS is just the tip of the ice berg, denoting systemic inflammation caused by lifestyle. I will paste a a summary I put together based on all the research I have done that put my AS in remission. I suffered for years, was bedridden, and had my lower vertebra fused. Now I have been off all medication (NSAIDS, Enbril, etc.) for 8 full years, and skateboard every day at age 54. Good luck!

    Biohacks for Improved Cognitive Functioning

    Sun Exposure: Our skin/eyes absorb electrons from sun’s rays, which charge the mitochondria in our cells to make energy.

    ·         Get a minimum of 15 minutes of direct sunlight in the morning 3 times or more per week (do not wear sun block/glasses/contact lenses; best with shorts on and no shirt). Be sure to gaze into the sky.

    Light/Electromagnetic Exposure: All types of artificial light (especially blue light) turn the mitochondria off, which starve our cells of energy and biochemical production (dopamine, serotonin, etc.).

    ·         Turn off all lights in home as much as possible, especially at night.

    ·         Replace all bulbs with incandescent or halogen bulbs.

    ·         Turn on the blue light filters in your computers and cell phones.

    ·         Cover computers and cell phone with a blue light filter screen.

    ·         Use blue light filter glasses when indoors.

    ·         Connect computer to internet with an Ethernet cable (not wifi).

    ·         Buy a router shield cover.

    ·         Use speaker or ear plugs while talking on cell phone.

    ·          No artificial light one hour before bed (artificial light turns off the production of melatonin we need for sleep).

    ·         Use a red or infrared lamp for reading. This will not interfere with sleep or mitochondria energy production.

    ·         Cover all light sources in bedroom at night (except red or infrared), even tiny ones like on a wall socket.

    ·         Consider buying a blackout curtain.

    Chemicals: Research is connecting the alarming rise in mental health disorders (autism, ADHD, depression, etc.) to environmental toxin exposure like chemicals, heavy metals and vaccines (vaccines use aluminum and mercury in their formula, which are known to damage nerve cells).

    ·         Only use natural products. Avoid air fresheners, fragrances, detergents, solvents, additives, pesticides, hormones, and GMO’s (genetically modified) foods (90% of all corn is GMO).

    Healthy Diet: Eliminate all inflammatory foods from diet.

    ·         No gluten (wheat, four, barley, rye or cereal). Gluten is an indigestible protein that triggers the immune system and causes bleeding in the intestines, which allows toxins into the bloodstream.

    ·         Eat low lectin foods. Lectin are related to gluten, and are present in most foods, so be choosy. Beans and lentils are ok if boiled for 30 minutes.

    ·         No refined sugar. Table sugar and corn syrup is extremely acidic and inflammatory, and causes an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the intestines, leading to diseases like ulcers.  Raw honey is safe in small amounts.

    ·         No processed oils. Bottled oil goes rancid immediately, causing free radicals that strip the tissue in our bodies like acid. Best to cook with coconut or palm oil, but do not heat past the smoking point.

    ·         No dairy. Milk and butter contain caseins, an indigestible protein that triggers inflammation.

    ·         Safe protein - Fatty fish, beef, chicken, pork, eggs (best if wild caught, grass fed or organic).

    ·         Safe carbohydrates - green vegetables, sweet potatoes, yams, limited rice, limited oats (organic is best).

    ·         Nuts – limit almonds/macadamia/walnuts/chestnuts to 2 oz per day.

    ·         Fruit – Berries and lemons are best. Limit all fruits to 4 oz per day.

    ·         Water – Always use non-fluorinated water, this includes toothpaste. Fluorine and chlorine interfere with thyroid hormone, and will lead to chronic fatigue and other diseases. Non-fluorinated spring water like Crystal Geyser is best. Reverse osmosis filter system is best for removing fluorine from tap water, but it also filters out the minerals.

    ·         Minerals – Consume spring water, sea vegetables, and sea salt.

    ·         Fiber – Fiber is that stringy stuff left over after eating vegetables or fruit. It is what feeds the healthy bacteria in the lower intestines (bowel), and is the raw material for the bacteria to produce all the vitamins and hormones for our body. Low fiber diets cause healthy bacteria to cannibalize (eat) the intestinal membranes in our guts. This leads to ulcers (bleeding).

    ·         No multivitamins – Almost all multivitamins (One a Day, Flintstones, etc.) use synthetic (fake) compounds, which are hazardous to our bodies. Most vitamins are obtained from a healthy diet (from the healthy bacteria in our intestines that process fiber). Most nutrition experts only supplement with magnesium, fish oil, and vitamins D3, K2 MK7, B6, and B12. Large amounts of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is beneficial when you are sick (immune cells use 10 times more C when you are sick, so fuel them!).

    ·         Meals – Half your diet should be consumed raw. Each meal should contain 30% protein, 30% carbohydrates, and 30% fats (high fat foods include coconut oil, fatty meats/fish, nuts, avocado, etc.).

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    Carrie the odds are you have AS with what you say I have this for many years.@ first tramadol helped then I had to use morphine tabs & liquid to help with the pain I hope this helps.

    All the best from Nigel.

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