Chest pain 28 yr old. I fear disability coming soon.

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I am 28 yrs old about 6'0 tall 175 lbs married 3 kids and had issues for about 3-6 years now that progressively got worse and now I am struggling to function/work/live a life with my family. I used to workout and was pretty active outside and it gradually declined to nothing as I was having issues especially with heat and worse earlier in the day. Now I do nothing but work(and I struggle, not even too physical of job but I do have to walk a lot) and am at home. I know this is long but I have spent a lot of time in misery and I just want my life back. I will list my symptoms from worst and most bothersome to just a symptom. This is crippling me and it only gets worse I fear I will have to go on disability soon. I first noticed it because I played Frisbee golf(disc golf) all the time and gradually I was able to spend less time doing it as I would feel chest pain and sick, palpitations and racing chest if I was out there too long. It literally just slowly went from me being able to be out there for 5 hours to drying up to now I cant do it at all over 1-3 year period. I struggle to watch my kid play football on a 75 degree day or go to the zoo. I no longer work out. It takes me a while to cool off after feeling sick in the heat. I have spent a lot of money at doctors and the best I get it "I think it is anxiety" but it is hard for me to swallow that. I struggled the other day to drive to work in 80 degree weather with windows down for 20 minutes. I had to cool off at work for about 30 minutes I thought I was going to have to go to the E.R. I used to run around in 100 degree weather just like 5 years ago no problem. Main complaint is chest pain and palpitations/dizzy.

chest pain, discomfort, pressure feeling middle chest behind breast bone, like I have been punched inside my chest like a bruise, possibly radiates to jaw sometimes.

daily chest palpitations randomly or caused by activity, stairs, ladder, lead forward, sex, crouching, flex chest muscles, high stress, feels like racing/skip beat/beats hard.

heart racing different causes sometimes just waking up, mild activity like walking, many things seem to make it race faster than normal.

extreme dizzy or dizzy spells especially standing still sometimes from seeing something move I get a strong quick spell, sometimes feel like fainting or vertigo.

shortness of breath very easy, sometimes even prolonged talking brings it on, smothered or lack of oxygen type feeling.

cant tolerate any heat even mild, gradually got worse over years used to enjoy it very much and I looked forward to summer.

struggle very much daily activity no matter how simple like walking or carrying.

sometimes I see stars randomly, can be brought on by activity(I have got it from a cartwheel or flip before).

feel terrible if I eat breakfast also if I get too hungry or miss a meal(besides breakfast).

feel worst first half of day, wakeup very slow/tired/chest pain and I feel best towards end of day but still bad.

stretching hurts my chest and gives a black out feeling which before problem stretching felt great, sometimes head too, also deep breath hurts.

chest discomfort even shirt or seat belt can feel heavy or scratchy.

sometimes feel extreme weakness in arms and legs almost a loss of control.

sometimes stinging sensation tops of wrist/forearm and shins especially morning or sneezing.

chest beat uncomfortable sometimes starting walking after staying in sit position.

weakness in chest sometimes when urinate, chest collapsing feeling.

easy cramping feet and hands sometimes muscles twitch.

clench jaw, grind teeth, sometimes rub nipples to distract chest pain.

sometimes left face pain or sensation/twitch.

cant seem to empty bladder enough at night as I wakeup to pee sometimes.

digestive problems.

cant drink caffeine as it makes me feel sick.

sometimes blood shot eye.

sometimes spit green/yellow/ or rarely a little blood in morning.

long standing dry cough.

bloody nose randomly maybe 10-15 times a year which never happened before.

occasional night sweat.

lack of thirst.

lack of sweat but I do drink decent amount(not alcohol or caffeine).

shallow breath.


border line high blood pressure sometimes(random).

tunnel vision 100% of time.

dark urine.

blood microscopically in urine I was told when younger(cant see it).

mid back pain which is pretty bad in spinal area worse by lifting.

diagnosed general anxiety disease(I believe it).

GERD gastro esophageal reflux disease(I believe it).

shingles because I had pain that kind of ringed from front of chest to back(maybe but I have never had any rash).

I take Xanax as needed probably once a day about .5 - 1MG it helps me with anxiety sometimes. Also 40MG Protonix for GERD which doesn't seem to help symptoms.

I have had lyme disease test, numerous EKG, chest CT scan, upper G.I. endoscopy with biopsies which only saw a "erythematous hyperemic duodenal bulb", stress tests(saw a PVC which they said was normal), ER multiple times usually think it is anxiety related, blood work, moderate line level cholesterol but I eat pretty healthy. I have also seen chiropractor about back pain and spine is slightly curved thinks normal otherwise. All tests seem normal so far. I also seen a lung dr and he did a test where I blew into tube and checked oxygen from finger.

I don't know how much more I can take of this and I don't know what to do.

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    Hi frankie06984

    I feel for you...must be awful suffering with all those symptoms. I too suffer with chronic chostocondritis pain and it can be very draining. I also have children and a busy life..being in pain will cause anxiety stress and depression I know this as I also suffer from mild depression. Some due to chronic pain and trying to battle on day after day! But it can be dealt with. I stopped going to the doctors as they too fobbed me off with silly diagnosi's, a multitude of painkillers anti depressants etc but I decided to take things into my own hands and help myself....first of all we know we have chronic pain and so we have to force ourselves to stop to not over do it or we suffer more!! pain causes reactions in our bodies. The more we go the more our body let's us down.

    Pain is symptomatic of an injury and the pain is our bodies way of telling us to stop. seems to me hat all your symptoms are caused by a reaction to an underlying issue. I'm not a doctor but have had some experiences similar to yours due to panic stress and fear of the pain. When it first started I though I was going to die of a heart attack.

    Anyway I changed my life literally....lost weight by eating healthy (no extreme excersice) sometime it can do more harm than good!

    Started to take it easy and overhauled my diet. Look for things that are good for you that target certain things like lowering you'd blood pressure etc it doesn't matter if you lose a tome of weight you don't need to be 120lbs or anything like that. Just better diet.

    Green tea herbal teas camomile for de stressing etc. It sounds crap I hated it at first I even stopped smoking after 14 years because I knew it would help and it did because coughing alone could set of my pain! Try everything you can you will feel more in on troll of everything and take everything easy don't stress over it either. And even if you have to go on disability for a while to get better maybe it won't be a bad's not a fail if your working towards a gain! Gaining your life back is way more important for you and your family than running around like a headless chicken all the time trying to do more than you should. No one will judge you for trying to get your health and sanity back on track! Anyhow I hope you all the best! Good luck.

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    Hi Frankie,

    i agree with much of what Kleo has said but a few of your symptoms don't appear to fit with a musculoskeletal disorder and stress.

    take a bullet point list of the symptoms you mention to your GP. Ask for some blood tests to be run including thyroid function, and perhaps a 24 hour ECG to help capture the palpitations or possible  rythm disfunction and 24 hour BP moniting to get an idea of what's happening there. Work through the list systomatically with your GP until some answers start to appear. Changes in diet and lifesyle will be your contribution and if your GP see's that you are making a concerted effort, then maybe you will get to the route of your complex health issues.

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    Thanks for the input. Kleo your message is positive I really dont like to miss work but if it does fall that way maybe it would be a break for the better. And granny you may have a point thyroid would be worth looking into as when I look at those symptoms some of those definately fall within what is going on. Maybe it is anxiety/thyroid or my anxiety is so bad it is messing with my thyroid. I see it can cause palpitations/chest pain and also a heat intolerance so it is definately worth looking into. I wish doctors had more time to focus on individual patients as I am at the end of my ropes with this just trying to hang in there for my family. I have a decent doctor and I have tried multiple doctors but it just seems like my problem is too out of the ordinary and complex for them. Doctors seem to want to keep it simple and basic but my problem doesnt really seem to fit a basic 28 yr old.
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      I didnt mention either I have wore a holter monitor or whatever it is called I think for a whole month once about a year ago. Electrically it seems like things are working fine from what I am told.
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    Try the thyroid investigation but make sure the GP does a full profile and not just TSH.

    Hope you find a solution soon, good luck!

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