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Chest Pain

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  • TB1977 1

    Looking for advice, please..

    Hallo, i am 40 men, fit (martial arts instructor), I do not smoke, drink or take any drugs at all. Three months ago I have started to have sudden chest pain (dull, throbbing pain and sometimes light aching), epigastric pain with lots of burping and gas, lightheadedness and dizziness. First 2-3 weeks...

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  • ruben 26328 1

    plugged feeling in upper chest with frequent throat clearing

    symptoms ive had are a plugged type feelling/sometime with a achey pain in the upper chest with throat clearing and feels as though i have labored breathing even though a breathing test came back normal.#2 is tightness in and around the neck and throat area that comes and go's and occasional facial tightness....

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  • paige25090 2

    Chest pain

    My husband has been having chest pains or the last 8 months Chest pain Jaw Arms Shoulders He has had ecg during attacks and it goes down to 34 When not attack it's fine X ray fine Blood tests normal Eco scan fine Now waiting on the dye that goes in and takes photos of heart to see if any blockages...

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  • jack04009 2

    Chest pain and left arm

    I usually get odd bits of chest pain like most of us, however I'm only 19 and one time the chest pain on the left side caused a sharp tingle like pain in my left arm bicep that as far as i remember has never happened-it only lasted 2 seconds like the chest pain then went away-now i as shown by my threads...

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  • ji86 2

    Long term, unexplained chest pain

    Hi all After struggling with docs for years over this I thought I would turn to the wider world some input. I am a 27 year old, healthy (enough) male who has been getting intermitment, iregular and infrequent chest pains on and off for around 10 years.  During an 'attack' the pain can be quite severe...

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  • ericg753 2
  • adieni01 2

    what is it ?

    Left chest pain sharp stabbing pain arm pain shoulder pain 5 days now is freaking me out

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  • Ksurplus 2

    22- undiagnosed chest pain

    age: 22, generally inactive when pains first occured notes: have always been skinny, had asthma that went away as a kid, GP said I have a heart murmur, had hole in heart as newborn (Ventricular septal defect?) but apparently went away Problem summed up: -regular cannabis user (about 1-2 years of use,...

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  • kylie1989 2

    Angiogram clear what now?

    My dad has had symptoms of feeling like he is going to black out when he is walking about, chest pains and weak arms and legs for a few months now, about a moth ago he had to go to a&e because he was breathless. He was then referred for an angiogram which has come back clear. We are pleased there is...

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  • dallas51587 1

    Chest pains and tiredness

    Last March started having chest pains with pain/numbers in left arm along with being tired. Drove cross country to make it home to family due to work and felt like I was having a heart attack the whole way. Ended up in the ER from urgent care to have the doc shrug his shoulders and say IDK. Went through...

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  • deadoralive4 2

    Unexplained Chest Pain

    After having a collapsed lung 5 my seemingly healthy life seems to have started to crumble, at least that's how it feels. I'm 19 and I've been diagnosed with acid reflux, I've been taking medication to reduce the irritation, so hopefeully that works, my throught is still estremely red after a 2 weeks...

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  • brittany17229 2

    Multiple ct scans

    Okay so I've had some chest pain recently... and I've had a full cardiac work up nothing significant found my concern is I also have kidney stones in the past 4 months I have had 12 ct scans a few on the chest, a few on the abdomen, and one was a coronary calcium scan.... well I've been getting so sick...

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  • Soconnor91 1

    Chest pain and coughing up blood?

    One week ago I started having pains in my left shoulder, the pain got worse and spread to my chest and side. It was painful to breathe and to lie down. The pain got worse but then started to get better. I finally was able to take a deep breath without pain when I had a coughing fit and coughed up blood....

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  • rafeclarkevika 2

    Chest pain palpitations, eyes feel weird and i feel out of focus

    Hi there, I was abroad on holiday last week and had alot of alcohol, and one night I had a funny spell where I couldnt breath, my chest was palpitating like mad and my eyes felt tight and out of focus, and I feel confused and out of sorts. 5 days later now I still have this. Have not been able to sleep...

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  • jacqui60919 2

    Costochondritis what a nightmare!

    I started with a really bad cold 6 weeks ago, then the chest pain started, first in my breast bone, never felt pain like it in my life.  I thought I was having an heart attack, I even had a panic attack, which I have never had in my life!  So 5 weeks into Costo, some good days alot of bad days.  What...

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  • maryann0705 3
  • SkanMaha 2

    Weird pain in Left arm, shoulder and little in Jaw

    Dear All, I am expereincing a pain in my left arm since Tuesday evening 4pm (pain in Left arm, shoulder and little in Jaw, then moved to left chest pain), so I went A&E around 7.30pm, and they did ECG and 2 blood tests in 2 hours gap , and all returned normal. They said it might be a muscle or acid reflux...

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  • gamer01 2

    Long term, unexplained chest pain

    Hi all After struggling with docs for few month over this I thought I would turn to the wider world some input. I am a 30 year old, healthy (enough) male who has been getting intermitment, frequent  chest pains for few  month now The pain is localised to the left side my chest in heart area and in...

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  • laurrrrmichelle 2

    Tingly left arm / chest pain when in bed. Can't sleep??

    I am feeling a tingling feeling in my left arm and my left side of my chest when I lay down. The tingling in my arm seems to dissipate when i move it or stand up but as soon as I lay down to sleep I feel it and it almost feels like anxiety but I feel perfectly calm and relaxed. I couldn't sleep all...

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  • roseyf 2

    Chest Pains - EKG/Blood tests normal

    I am 23 y/o and have been getting very bad chest pains over the past couple of weeks. I have been to A&E and had an EKG and blood tests done and all came out fine, but they are really frightening. I am on Sertraline and Mirtazapine for my depression but have been on the same dose for almost a year so...

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  • myriam41038 1

    Left side chest pain

    I've been getting shoulder pain for a couple of months now. In the last couple of weeks it feels like pain is running to my chest, arms,  neck and upper back. Saw an orthopedic Dr two weeks ago, he gave me a cortisone shot, I'm still having pain, it seems like its getting worst. Today I went to the gym...

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  • jason 25007 1

    Heart hurting, loss of hearing, and loss of balance

    So today I jumped into the shower and out of nowhere while in the shower my chest/heart area started to hurt (my heart was beating fast) and felt as if I was loosing breaths.... then I began to loose my balance to where I felt as if I was going to fall straight down... my hearing slowly began to go away...

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  • ben11637 1

    Tightness in chest..should I see a GP?

    Male, 25, Ok so I had my first ever panic attack before Christmas last year and it was bad that I went to A&E. They did an ecg and my bloods and everything came back fine. I saw my doctor who explained that he does not believe it was anything to do with my heart and prescribed propranolol to bring my...

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  • Armota 1

    Unexplained irregular chest pains?

    I'm trying to figure out what my chest pains could be since I haven't been able to figure out anything about it, talk to anybody that knew what it was, find anybody like me at all or research anything on my exact issue; I'm looking to ask about it to find something that matches, even a little since I...

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  • EddieD56 2

    Very sharp pain underneath my right ribs

    Hello, not sure how to begin this so I'll get right to the point. Ever since I was 9 or 10 (I'm turning 16 in less than 2 weeks), I've had an unbearable sharp pain underneath my right rib. It starts there, and goes up my ribcage. It gradually builds up and is very slowly. I can sometimes feel it start...

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  • XoMonkey 3

    Sharp, agonising chest pain

    Hi everyone. I'm a 17y/o female. I suffer from GERD and costocondritis, and also Afib and some other medical issues. Anyhow, I woke up this morning and the chest pain I experienced woke me up at 7am. I was lying on my right side and turned onto my back. The pain was excruciating, localised on the right...

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  • laurrrrmichelle 2

    GERD or Costchrondritis? Or something else?

    I have seen a few doctors and they have given me varied prescriptions for the same drugs and said that it is GERD. It started with a heartburn type pain which I felt mainly when I laid down. Then it started to escalate and be more frequent. Now it is more of a chest tightness mostly in my upper right...

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  • Apolo 2

    14 years old and really bad chest pain!

    I am 14 and after I eat or don't do anything I have this chest pain under my chest then it rises up into my chest mainly on my left side and it feels so uncomfortable! The it have left shoulder pain and my heart feels so uneasy! I told my parents and they think I am over reacting but I don't think I...

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  • tracey70928 1

    Worried about chest &bk pain

    Hi I would like some help or feedback on lung cancer as I have been getting horrendous pain in left side of my chest going straight through to my bk . At first I thought this was trapped wind but it has been going on far too long now ? When I breathe in it hurts when I lie down it hurts, My mum died...

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  • nickh1 1
  • paul32707 2

    Chest pain

    Hi, i had 2 stents in my rca and lad 3 years ago. I have been back twice since that date for 2 angiograms because of ongoing chest pains but the results have been fine, even had the pressure wire test and it was OK , the last angiogram with the pressure test was last July 2016, i have been feeling worse...

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  • james46417 1

    Pulsating pain in heart

    Im a 15 yo boy and for the last 3 days I've been having discomfort in my left side of chest/ Heart area. It worsens with my position eg. Standing up or bad posture. It feels like i have a stich in that area and im quite worried

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  • gregory91508 2

    Really annoyed and worried

    Hey all, so I've always had chest pain but it was on and off. For the past month, I've had chest pain all day everyday; this was even accompanied by rib pain from last week to now. I have OCD and anxiety and honestly struggle with health anxiety. I just had my session with the therapist yesterday and...

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  • Sam01 2
  • parbin25565 2

    Chest Pain ( hoping if anyone has any idea whats wrong with me)

    i get pain and shocks in my chest. The shocks well i noticed them in 2012 and still get them like every 2 days or day to day its like a stabbing or eletric shock feeling in my left chest near the heart they only last like 1- 4 seconds. But the chest pain i have had many times they come and go. sometimes...

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