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Chest Pain

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  • Pandacake 2

    What could cause chest pain without pain when breathing?

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone knows what could/might cause a discomfort/pain in the left side of the upper chest WITHOUT pain when breathing?  It started about 4/5 days ago with a pain just under my left collarbone then seems to have moved down. I remember laying in bed feeling like my lung wasn'

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  • hoppz1414 1

    Chest and Throat tightness nonstop for 3 days, then a sore throat?

    21 y/o male, semi-active, not overweight, dont smoke, drink moderately occasionally. 4 days ago I started having a bad pain in the center of my chest running all the way up through my throat. It was a nonstop tightness and was uncomfortable 24/7 for all of 3 days. The 3rd day of this pain I woke up

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  • hannah86780 1

    Chest/Rib/Lung pain

    I am 24 and have been suffering with pains in my chest area for the last 4 months. The pain varies, but the most persistant pain I have had is a sharp, shooting pain in the left hand side of my rib cage (below my breasts). The pain worsens when I move or breath, to the point were I can no longer

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  • hoppz1414 1

    Bad chest and throat tightness nonstop for 2 days now.

    I am a 21 year old male, semi-active, not overweight, and no medical diagnosis for anything besides ADD in the past. The past 2 days, i've had nonstop chest and throat pain that feels like they are being squeezed by a vise. I can feel this tightness all day, but when I lay down, move certain ways,

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  • travis16623 2

    Need some help !

    Have left side chest pain content for 2 months now , been to the doctors many times had served ekg's , chest X-rays and blood works done , they tell me the pain is not coming from my heart . They told me it is a muscle problem but the pain seem to move around and worst when I wake up in the morning ,...

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  • ji86 2

    Long term, unexplained chest pain

    Hi all After struggling with docs for years over this I thought I would turn to the wider world some input. I am a 27 year old, healthy (enough) male who has been getting intermitment, iregular and infrequent chest pains on and off for around 10 years.  During an 'attack' the pain can be quite

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  • averyseth08 2

    sore spot on right pectoral major for 4 month's? ???

    I'm 38 year old female. Back in June I noticed what I would call a sore spot on chest muscle. I spend a great deal of time with rounded shoulders looking down at phone. I don't really feel it so much if I am up moving a round. Feel it more sitting if I'm on my phone alot or in the bed I'm a side

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  • ankit79538 2
  • drumajor31 2

    Chest pain for 5 months. Losing all hope

    Hello,  Today marks the day that I have been experiencing intermittent, left sided chest pains and shortness of breath for 5 months now. It comes about randomly, it spreads to my arm sometimes. It feels like I'm being stabbed sometimes but mostly it feels like I'm being burned or irritated like a rash. ...

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  • GureenRyuu 2

    A constant 'cramp'/mild pain in my left upper ribcage.

    Hey all. So, I've been having this constant cramp/mild pain in my left upper rib cage, below the shoulder, a bit left of my nipple. The weirdest thing happened a few moments ago, a loud sound came from the area of the pain, almost like a gurgling. I felt as if something moved and the pain went

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  • brittany17229 2

    Chest pains for a month.

    So here it begins, I've been having chest pains off and on for over a month now. I've been to the ER countless times bloodwork good, ct angiography negative, stress test 59%ejection fraction, 48 hour holter showed rare PVCS, the doctor said it's nothing to worry about. I do smoke, aside from that I'

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  • ty56934 1

    dull chest pain on left side started today after eating?

    i am 20 years old with no history of surgery, and most of my family members never had any heart problems before. i am rather sedentary on most days, but I weigh around 150 lbs and don't smoke or drink alcohol. today i did some upper body exercises for 5 mins (very routine), and two hours later i

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  • anna86040 2

    Uncomfortable and intense chest pains.

    Today I woke up with this weird pain in my left rib cage (which has happened previously before, and lasted a week) but it wasn't nearly as bad as last time. This has continued all day but shortly after the pain in my chest started. The pain is in the middle of my chest and feels very heavy. It gets

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  • josue04 1

    Spot on X-ray, still waiting for results.

    I've been complaining about rib pain for a while now and went to get it checked out by my doctor today. From feeling my chest and feeling a lump and hearing my lungs, he doesn't think it's something serious from all the cases he has seen, but still ordered X-rays to be sure and rule out any tumors

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  • anderson22469 1
  • paulaisabel 2

    Chest pain for over 3 months I'm scared and only 20 years old

    Okay so I am a 20 year old small girl weighing about 100-110lbs I've always been super healthy. In the middle of January so around I'd say the 13th I start to get this weird chest pain I thought it was anxiety or like a panic attack so I just ignored it but then I saw that it wasn't going away so I

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  • CareyAS 1

    Ongoing chest pressure with occasion acute attacks

    For a friend: 41 yr old male, working an active job so over 13K steps a day.  Ongoing chest pressure localized at the heart started two months ago. Sometimes when at rest but usually when active, the chest pressure increases to pain.  When it does, left arm numbness and tingling. Several EKG's, all normal,...

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  • danielle198570 2

    3 weeks and no change, im getting worse!!

    Hi all, sorry to drone on but i would really love to have any feedback to help put my mind at rest. Ok so it started 3-4 weeks ago, i had really bad chest pains under my left breast, my doctor said it was a pulled muscle, the pain got much worse and moved to the centre of my chest so i went to a&e,...

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  • josef64 1

    heartburn and high BP after drinking

    hi all my first post here. i will start by describing myself: i am 37 of age i go to the gym 5-6 times a week i think i am now 12% body fat. My cardio is great all is good bp is usually 118/82 and pulse at rest is eat keto all day mostly same thing fish and avocado, whey, egg

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  • craig60762 2

    Chest pain comes and goes HELP !

    Hi I am 21 years old slim man when no previous heart conditions. February last year I got diagnosed with serve health anxiety and in the last 12 months I have also been to hospital 42 times I have had several ECG done and blood test. I also have gastritis so my stomach is pritty bad I cough and

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  • seiji67457 1

    Random pain in the left side of my chest

    Hello, So for about a week I've been experiencing random pains in my heart (atleast I think its my heart, it comes from the left side of my chest). The pains are very mild and short, it's not bad enough to stop me from what I am doing. This is all very new and I'm just guessing but I think it

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  • angela16785 2

    Middle Chest pain between breasts

    Hi first had this issue about 8 years ago I was about 43 walking round supermarket , all if s sudden out of nowhere I got pain just below middle of of boobs, had to sit down holding that area felt as though I couldn't breath and was all hot felt nausea but never sick,no Other symptoms down

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  • TP2 2

    Stressed out and need answers

    So like I've said in the past, I'm 38 yrs old slightly overweight. I've been having chest pains for 8 months.i quit smoking 6 months ago. Ove been to the er a least 7 times since seen 2 cardiologist had both types of stress test with and without imaging. I even had a upper gi done, and I have been

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  • teresa65890 2

    Advice please chest discomfort

    3 weeks ago was taking to hospital with burning in centre of chest and hot flushes and cold shakes ecg was clear was sent home a week later with non stop chest soreness started to be hot and cold burning in chest shaking and light headed so went to dr answer was acid reflux anxiety and fatigue as haven'

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  • isaac00873 1

    I'm 14 and I've been experiencing some chest pain for 2-4 months

    Hey, I'm 14 years old and recently I've been experiencing some chest pains, sometimes I can pin point exactly where it is and sometimes it radiates in the area between my left chest and shoulder. Pain is very hard to describe, maybe like a sharp, pressure like pain. I'm not overweight, I weigh 110

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  • rehaan63721 1

    chest pain

    I dont knw .i m just getting tired nowwwwww I hv a problem from past 2 to 3 months When i move my head towards right a pain occurs at sternum n somtimes in right side of chest

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  • paulaisabel 2

    Ongoing chest pain for 2 months

    Okay so I have been experiencing chest pain for over 2 months now and it's really starting to freak me out I can't los anything I feel like it's taken over me I'm so scared I just want to know what's going on. So I am healthy 20 year old female, very small weigh about 98lb. My chest pain started in

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  • androsian 1

    Chest pain - not cardiac?

    I'm a 66-year old male. I have been suffering from cold/flu for about the past 7-8 days, went to walk-in clinic 5 days ago and was prescribed apo-mometasone,  a cortical steroid 50 mcg/metered spray, which I used 2 sprays/nostril at bedtime for 4 days. This I had mild chest pain for about

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  • freddy 16816 2

    Chest Pains

    Hello all, i am a 18 year old male. I am a soccer player and i have stopped playing for a quite a while it's not a daily thing anymore like it was months ago because of the pains i have had. It all started about 2 years ago but then went away and came back about 5 months ago. My doctor says i have

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  • bowlingg13 1

    Chest, Arm, Neck, Back Discomfort for Months

    Hello, I am a 28 year male who has never done drugs and who drinks socially. I like to think I take care of myself, I eat fairly healthy and jog several times a week. I have various issues going on that have popped up the over the last year that are very discerning and are affecting my quality of

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  • johnny998 1

    Consistent Deep Itch Left Side, Sharp Chest Pain

    17, Male, 5'8, 120 Went to the doctor 4-5 months ago for sharp chest pains, doctor said it might be a cousin condition of costochondiritis. Pain continued to be off and on, so I saw a cardiologist and took and EKG which checked out and the doctor said it was also likely a muscle/cartridge problem.

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  • sheryl18372 2

    pregnant with chest pain and scared sh##less

    Hi there Im a 34 yo female weighing 100kg I am a smoker , was smoking 40 a day and now im smoking 10 a day. I walk a hour every evening to do some kind of exercise. Ive had a dull ache in my heart area for 9 months now, i went to my gp and he thought i might of had a clot in my lung and sent me

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  • erika159951 2

    Chest/rib pains on the right side

    I've been having chest/rib pain on the right side of my chest, just under the breast, and literally have no idea what it could be. It comes and goes every couple of days, for about 10-20 minutes, during which I cannot move,and it gets worse if I breathe, sneeze, move around etc. I'm not ill, don't

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  • manisha72053 1

    Having chest pain

    I m 43 years old female.. having chest pain on left upper side since morning and bit shoulder ache near neck ... I don't know what kind of pain it is I have heard that attack pain is not continuous but I have to think over and thinking to the doctor and get done ecg

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  • sarah25468 1

    21, healthy, slight chest pain

    Hi I'm a 21 year old female (22 in July), relatively healthy, around 56kgs 5'5'' The past few days I've noticed that I randomly get a sort chest on my left side. The pain is very minimal, usually only feels tight when I move/turn my torso. Usually only at late afternoon. I work from home so I'm

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