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***below is my post in chest pain. Since this post I hav discovered a few things: vocal cord dyfusion, ineffective esophagus immotily, small sliding hitail hernia, some acid reflex, and weak lower spinter. Could this be causeing my chest pain along with anxiety?? Help plz!! Not sure if I'm even posting thins in the right spot

Hello all,

Let me give you a quick run down. 26 year old, overweight, non smoker/drinker. I stay fluidly activfor as I get almost 25,000 steps a day. Played 4 years s of college basketball, wait gained after basketball.

Married, kids, love my job. I had a messed up child hood and have always been a person with anxiety.

About a year ago I had an episode were I felt light headed, heart was racing, left arm pain, so I went to the Er. Everything checked out. I had several more of these episodes and ended up at the er 2-3 times. Everything checked out fine. I went to a cardio doc did ekg, stress, echo, and 24 hr monitor. Everything checked out fine (a trace of a leaky value) which the doc said it wasn't a concern. That started a bunch of test, acid reflex test etc. I felt like I was losing my mind and even went to Mayo Clinic! Again they said heart was fine, put me on anxiety meds and that has seemed to help.

I still get chest pain on the lift side which tends to be in a specific spot. It feels better when I press down on that spot. Another concern is I feel short of breath sometimes but have Asma and being overweight doesn't help. Sternum also hurts with movement. Any ideas?

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    Sounds a lot like acid reflux or Gerd but I'm no expert. Anxiety is well known to cause heartburn (acid reflux) and makes it more intense. Once again, I'm not entirely sure but it couldn't hurt to try over the counter heartburn medications to see whether it helps. But if both acid reflux and cardiac problems have been dismissed than you might want to consider costocondris. Its only an uneducated guess though.

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      I was rushed to the emergency room several times with extreme chest pain, after blood tests and other test the doctors would say they couldn't find anything. I then found Dr. Anrold Meshkov of Jenkintown, PA , he recommended the gold standard catherization, and a blockage was found. Also over the counter nexium does not work with several esophogeal problems, you need to find an esophogeal specialist. Dr. Michael Smith, Temple Hospital, Phila., PA is the top in the country. I now live without extreme heart burn and acid reflux, thanks to Dr. Smith's treatment. He does many diferrent treatments on the esophogaus, ablation, etc. The general gastro doctor I had previously told me to take milk of magnesia with nexium when my esophogus was on fire. There are doctors and there are doctors. If an emergency room doctor says there is nothing wrong with you when you are in extreme pain, it is time to find a top doctor. Do Internet searches. Get the best doctor you can find. These other doctors that say they can't find anything wrong, just don't have the expertise.

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    I had most of your symtoms. extreme heartburn, poort motility, acid reflux, burning, and at other times very severe stabbing chest pain that radiated up my jaw and down my back. You need to see both a doctor that specializes in the esophogus and a cardiologist as you seem to have a dual condition as I did. A general gastro doctor is not recommended. You need a doctor who specializes in treatment of esophogeal problems foremostly.

    The cardiologist I saw recommended a heart catherization. During the catehrization procedure, a 60 percent blockage was found in my distal artery. The heart surgeon decided not to stent telling me later they only put a stent in if the artery is 70 percent or more blocked.  Instead my heart disease was treated with medication.  I tell you the medication it was treated with futher down the message. The esophogeal .doctor I found  performed an endoscopy, and also gave me a barium, and motility test. The results of this testing determined I had short Barretts esophogus, a hiatial hernia, and a non closing sphincter muscle..

    MY cardiologist  put me on the following daily meds. 80 mg lipitor, 10 mg Zetia, 25 mg Metropolo, 81 mg aspirin. The esophogeal doctor put me on 40 mg of nexium twice a day. The lower doses of 20 mg the previous general gastrinologist I had before the esophogeal doctor did not stop my heart burn or acid reflux.

    The chest pain is called angina. After starting the above medications for my heart my chest pain reduced to 90 percent. After I began reading Dr. Linus Paulings theory that 500 mg of Vitamin C daily can help relax artereries and relieve angina pain.. I started taking a 500 mg vitaminn C daily in addition to the meds.  Both my chest pain and my heart burn, reflux have disappeared. I have my cholesterol tested and see my cardiologist for a check up every 4 months. I see my esophogeal doctor once a year. Very important. A non fatty diet is vitally important when you have heart disease as a fat a fatty diet causes high cholesterol which causes plaque to build up in the arteries and form a blockage that can lead to a heart attack.

    Angina is a warning sign you need to heed now.  These symptoms only get worse if not treated. I have taken the time to write this reply because I am truly concerned about you. I was where you are four years ago. You don't have to live with this pain and discomfort but you do have to see both a cardiologist and esophogeal doctor immediately and get evaluated.  Good luck and I will be praying for you. 


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      Before the heart catherization I had a tred mill stress test and passed. The cardiologist said the tred mill stress test is only 80 percent accurate and said he thought I should have a heart catherization because of the chest pain. I then had the catherization and the surgeon found the 60 percent blockage. Where there is smoke there is fire. I think you need to see a top cardiologist and get the gold standard test of a heart catherization. I think you have a blockage.
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      Now that my anxiety there's more out of control I never have those spells. Did it affect you during exercise? I have been seen by three different cardio's including one at the mayo clinic and all three have ruled out heart issues. The pain I have now and feels like it is my ribs and his constant throughout the day even at rest. And the pain is unaffected by exercise did the doctor ever do an echo on you?

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