Chest pain

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My husband has been having chest pains or the last 8 months

Chest pain




He has had ecg during attacks and it goes down to 34

When not attack it's fine

X ray fine

Blood tests normal

Eco scan fine

Now waiting on the dye that goes in and takes photos of heart to see if any blockages

He has arthritis in shoulders

She said it could be a spasm but not sure until we do more tests

Have put him on some tablets and take aspirin

But he is getting headaches so tired feels generally unwell every day

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    Do you mean his heartbeat does down to 34, if so that is not normal.

    First he needs a 24 monitor ECG, like a small backpack, with a box double the size of cigarette pack, you wear for 24 hours even go to sleep with it on, and then they can read the results.

    Does he get breathless when he exerts himself, ie mowing the lawn, and excessivly sweaty, but he must try to keep himself fit, must not be sitting around doing nothing.

    Sounds to me like a heart issue, may not be blockages, could be electrical issues with his heart.

    How do I know this, my husband has heart failure, diagnosed 6 years ago, has lived years past his expected death date, they thought his heart failure was caused by a virus, because when they did the angiogram (dye) he had no blockages, and they could find no other cause.

    This time last year he reported to me at 6am in the morning he felt dizzy and his legs were wobbly, felt he couldn't stand up, came on suddenly when he woke up, as he had been OK at 4am when he went to toilet.

    I used our little home blood pressure monitor (Omron), which also gives me the reading of his heart beat, BP 120/65, which is normal for him, but heart beat at 30, not normal, took him to the heart hospital, local hospital not good enough, and I don't trust them from previous bad experience.

    After alot of arguing with junior Dr's suggesting the pain was everything but his heart a senior consultant overheard me arguing loudly with the junior Dr's and came into the room asking what all the noise was about, I was so angry by that time I gave it to him as well, he agreed with me, spun on his heel ordered the junior Dr's to his office with husbands file, 20 minutes later consultant came back and said you are right it is his heart, the electrical part of his heart, pacemaker and defribulator installed later the same day.

    Husband reported his energy came back the second they switched it on, also the pain in his left arm and weakness of same arm was gone, also his lack of ability to wee or very slow cleared up, Dr's reaction has been a shrugg of shoulders when we tell them that.

    We have since been told he has 100% branch bundle blockage, I suspect lucky to be alive, although haven't been told that outright.

    How do I know all of this, 6 years ago I knew nothing about heart issues, but for me knowledge is power, so I hit the local library and started reading all their heart books until I was completly bored with the same, then approached out local GP for his cardio books, devoured them as well, then started on the DR to Dr papers on the internet, nearly scared myself silly, but I said to myself that is not my husband, as i already knew about the lack of blockages in his heart, apparently rare about 2% of the population, so kept reading. 

    Even the consultant cardio said I want you here in the hospital where did you do your nursing training, I had to disappoint him, I have no nursing training as such, much to his amazement.

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      Hi Lyn

      Thank you for your reply

      I did read it but wanted to wait till today to update

      Ok so we had the Dye put in today ( sorry can't spell the correct name ) anyway

      No blockages no problems

      So no further on

      In fact the doctor didn't seem to really know the history of my husband

      So frustrating

      Told to stop aspirin and medication

      But tonight he is getting pains

      Not severe but still triggers

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    Hlo Paige,

    I have read your problem. I hope everything will be fine soon. I will try to search and suggest you soon.

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    Thank you for getting back Lyn

    We have been told along the way it could be electric. Problem but we just don't know

    So I guess a pace maker if needed?

    And you can live a good ish life ??? It not

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      It seems from my observations that if you have an intermittant electrical problem it is hard for the Dr's to diagnose.

      Husband had left branch bundle blockage, you can live a completly normal life with that, alot of people do, and it is only picked up when they do an ECG.

      Where husband problem arose was his right branch bundle was also on the blink, for about 15 months from what I can figure out, but none of the Dr's including our local GP picked up on the symtoms which can be exactly the same as a rotator cuff injury of the shoulder, and or arthritis of shoulder, and or torn muscle in arm, thats why I could not understand why he was getting progressicly weaker and weaker, very slowly of course.

      He is now mowing lawns, fixing his lawnmowers (as a hobby), helping a local neighbour with his house renovations, keeping a vegetable garden, fencing (we own a five acre block) and cutting up firewood.

      I have more problems than he does, as I have a very severe form of rheumo arthiritis and that restricts my ability to move around easily, seems in my case to be a inhertied form of arthiritis.

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    My dad has the same symptoms. He had an Angiogram which is the thing with the dye and his also came back clear.

    He is going to have a 24 hour ECG have to wait and see if it shows anything. The information from lyn1951 had been most helpful.

    Make sure you Insist that your husband has a 24 hour ECG

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      He had the 24 hour ecg 

      Guess what did not have one pain 

      So came back all clear 


      So now going back to cardiology team in March for further investigation. 

      From what I have read it could be a blockage in the tiny artery’s that you can not see on any test 

      He has now stopped all medication 

      Because it does not do anything 

      Except the spray if needed as that does seem to help 

      Touch wood nothing for 2 weeks 

      But this happened last year we ya e a few months clear and the. A few months of hell its weird 

      I wish someone could say yep it’s this and then at least we know 

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    Ok update quickly 

    My husband has mycardical bridge 

    Which means a muscle runs through his heart not above it 

    Well it's above but then it can drop (through) ie attacks heart rate low 

    On medication 

    No great improvement 

    Still waiting on ecg for 48 hours


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