Chest pain after 3 months i had Pe

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Hi all,

Nice to find people always ready for good advices or reassuring words.Many thanks in advance.

I have been diagnosed a PE on december and i have been released 5 days after hospitalisation.

The pulmonary embolism was originated by a clot i had in my leg where i have an incompetent vein.

I am still under treatment and i am getting rivaroxaban 20mg...they say i will probably have to stick with it for the rest of my life....quite sad as i am only 32 and i was a champion rower. It comes without saying that i have been morally destroyed by this episode and that with a wife due in a couple of months i am really scared and sad.

Lately i am particularly worried because when i take a deep breath i have pain on my chest (on the right).

Is it normal to have pain some months after PE or i should be really worried?

I hope you can help.

Many thanks



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    Sorry to hear you too have PE. I had multiple in 2003 caused by misdiagnosis of DVT..I was sent to the gym. In Jan 15 I was diagnosed with bilateral clots in main pulmonary arteries of lungs following being immobile from a foot op.

    I've only recently started to feel better. Prior to this week I had palpitations & was out of breath. I also didn't have any motivation to do anything.

    As far as I know we're all different as all clots are different. You have to listen to your body. I'm not allowed to exercise for 3 months. I didn't feel like it either. Next month I can. :-)

    Best advice would be listen to your doctors and your body. The clots I had in 2003 didn't change my life, they did at start while on warfarin but not since. I became the fittest I'd ever been. This episode of my clots was just unlucky for me.

    Congratulations on your bump that's due.

    Good luck in your recovery - stay positive

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      I'm likely to be on warfarin for life too
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    I think it is quite normal to have chest pain.. i had my PE 3 years ago this month and at times i still have some discomfort which i have been told is damage in the lung and also a bit of pleurisy. Everyone is different but i can assure being a lot further down the line that it does ease and normal life can resume! 

    Hope that helps. Anya 

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    Thank you guys. I will have ventilation perfusion on may....perhaps they will be able to tell me if everything looks fine.
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    I was diagnosed with multiple infill emboli in my upper/lower left lung mid January and admiited to A&E for treatment. Intially I was put on 2 x15mg/day Rivaoxaban for 3 weeks and now on  1x 20mg/day and I've no idea how long i willl be on it for.

    On asking my Doc when I could start exercising again she told me i could start again in  moderation after 1 week after my diagnosis - but I didn't feel like exercising until a coulpe of weeks ago and I'm now doing 10-5 mile /day on my bike 5 days /week with no ill effects. Personally I feel really  engergised now and I am sure my daily exercise regime is a signficant contributor as to how I feel both mentally and physically. I'm now taking much more attention to what i eat , I no longer snack and raid the fridge  during the day and I have increased my intake of fruit and lost over 1st in weight since mid Jan which i could be doing with.    

    Everybody is different and best is to take advise from you Doc and let you body tell you when it s right for you to begin exercising again, cheers.     

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    alright E,

    I'm not going to paint a pretty picture - just letting you know my experiences with PE. Nice sunny day where I am, just came back after another walk...feeling stronger and heathier compared to May '14.

    That's a tough situation to deal with buddy.

    Having endurance /fitness interests, your cardio vascular system, veins, and muscles should be in good condition, and to excell in your sport; i deduce you have a balanced diet and a strong will to be amongst the best.

    I find it difficult to get my head around having a bad vein (though never say never). Now we're facing internal issues and internal health recovery with treatment from NHS. I try and relax and let my blood 'just flow...whereever'

    I'm in a similar situation to you- re clot in leg...travelling to lung pain, stress - future, bills etc....

    When I think back and listen to my body, (prior to anticoags) I visualise my OWN  blood clotting over an extended period of time (maybe days, months years!!!!) circulating around my body and have a tendency to settle from my legs to my chest, so if I have long legs and and long body - i'll have plenty of veins for the clot/s to settle and attach/detach itself to arterial/vein walls, or maybe an accumulation in my calf.

    Like any form of training - real results takes time, effort and perserverance - especially healing from the inside to outside.

    I don't know whats going to happen with me tomorrow 'all is not lost' (sounds like a robert redford film),  but being there for your child and wife is more important than anything else.

    Priorities/targets/interests may change.

    If/When the pain subsides - you will want to get back on top- even if it takes 3months/6months/12months/18months? more? or longer for the clots insitu to gradually dissolve in specks and or clumps - let the doctors help you and your body recover.......

    Got to be careful m8, pain and discomfort may go away - but the clots inside you may dissolve in a different time frame...

    Ahhh time for chicken, lentil and chickpea lunch, catch some sun and music in back garden...

    take it steady buddy,

    all the best


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      Also thinking last night about maintaining optimum fluid levels in the body at all times, so that we/I never dry out and have concentrated blood...gonna start taking a bottle of water with me, on my walks...

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      Hey mate,

      Thanks. That is a good idea as my biggest problem is that i usually drink one glass of water per day only...i should force myself but ze problema is that, anytime i try to drink more, i do it only for a couple of days and then i go back to my bad habits...

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      Hi E,

      understand m8, I used to think tap water is boring, full of flouride and suppresses the pineal gland, and I also used to think I could derive all the liquids I require from the foods I eat daily, ie noodle soup, porridge, fruit, soft drinks, milk shakes etc etc...

      but for the moment, this condition is affecting your/my income - and tap water is cheap and accessbile. I've got/started out with a 1 litre measuring jug and drink from it in the morning and then refill in the afternoon....night...might be difficult at work (bus drivers?) but I'm starting to think it is important to be hydrated when convienient/all the time.

      My new habit of walikng 30mins+ in the morning is liberating - and each step I take, I feel is doing me some good - I'm also on a slower energy release high fibre diet - lentils, chickpeas, porridge, peanuts etc..., I find I am drawn to drinking more fluids -

      favorite drinks at moment:


      marmite & hot water



      honey & lemon




      at the end of the day, each to their own (i'm rediscovering food at mo) - I don't want to have another PE if I can help it

      take it steady m8, i'm a year into this condition and I've started to feel a bit better these last two weeks!

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      Thanks brother,

      Do you still have chest pain when you deep breath? I have it and sometimes looks worse than when i was diagnosed with pe...maybe cold air and position can affect

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      Alright Wallypower,

      I came off rivaroxyban for 4 days beginning of May and felt bad on the 3rd day. Since then, I've channelled my energies/anxiety into more weight / body weight assisted exercises through the day - to a point now exceeding targets set in my youth. Ive also, started jumping for short periods aswell.

      This past week, I felt mild palpitations/irregular heartbeat, more noticeable at night & (tired mid morning early afternoon) maybe residual clots/plaque breaking off? No pain, but feel lump in throat, slight restriction when breathing, heavy chest and felt faint on odd occasion)

      Maybe time to cool off exercise...esp pushing/pressing heavy.

      I carry less body fat now, simple diet and good hydration all the time. All being well a change of exercise and a break,

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    Hi I'm 29 female who got diagnosed with bilatiral PE in both lungs and a right lower lobe PE in my right lung. They "suspect" I had a dvt and that it was all unprevoked with the question as to weather I have a clotting disorder. It's been 9 weeks since I first got diagnosed following what they thought was an ongoing chest infection. After 3 weeks of being plide with antibiotics and steriods for asthma I started to cough up mucus and blood it was only then that the practise nurse sent me straight to hospital where a positive Ddimer was made and later a ct scan revealing the clots . I've been extremely frightened since my anxitey has been awful and I feel like no one understands that I'm living in fear every single day to think that there were no symptoms of the dvt is extremely frightening , I've been feeling alot better the last few weeks but for a few days now I've been coughing short of breath and have new pains in my lung I'm not sure if this is normal ? Just wanted to say your not alone I have 3 small children one whom has cerbral palsy so I need to stick around I'm on clexane 120mg for the next 6 months I don't know if your still able to clot on that as I can't find much info can someone help with that question
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    Hi I had my my PE in Jan this year still have a lot of chest pain my dr tells me its all normal  mainly because in my case and maybe in your I have some blood clots that haven't dissolved and scaring in my lungs I have just been in hospital again with an upper Aways infection  so am just recovering from that

    my pain is mainly on my left side and I am still breathless  I had my first clot  10 yrs ago and got over it in about 12 mths Good luck and and try not to worry hope you and wife have a beautiful baby and remember you are only young  so if you look after yourself and don't overdo things I am sure all will be well 

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    Just been reading this thread with interest having collapsed after leaving work on the 1st July with shortness of breadth and subsequent dizziness, passing out for a few minutes. A CT scan confirmed the doctors fears that I have a large straddle pulmonary embolism. Discharged on the 6th July.

    I didn't have any chest pains or difficulties breathing before the incident, just some niggly pains in my right calf 5 weeks earlier that didn't ease over 5 days before being diagnosed as DVT, just advised to keep legs elevated and where compression stockings.

    I've always been a reasonable fit active cyclist and currently feel very confused. I was released after 4 days as blood pressure and oxygen percentages had both stabilised and they felt there there was nothing further to be achieved keeping me in hospital any longer as I was keeping as mobile as possible, every 40 minutes to an hour, walking around the hospital ward or on the exercise bike.

    My confusion stems from the lack of guidance from the consultant over whether exercise or how much exercise will aid recovery. Over the past 8 days since discharge I notice that I do occasionaly feel mild chest pains if I remain in one position too long, eased by just pacing about slowly or gentle walk, barely stressing breathing or raising heart rate. Any guidance on what signs to look for with regards to improvements in my condition would be greatly appreciated.


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      hi all,

      5/2014 DVT

      10/2014 Large PE

      11,12/2014 Chairbound/bedbound - Porrige and water diet

      1/2015 Walking 40mins a day

      3/2015 Started Walking 3-6 miles + a day

      4,5/2015 Lifting light weights, push ups

      6/2015 Jumping & upper body tension exercise

      I went to A&E middle of June 2015 because I was feeling discomfort again and was worried about an old clot breaking off and travelling to my chest,

      i developed an exercise anxiety, doing up to 500 pushups throughout the day and more!. I was also pushing/pressing/lifting heavy weight 4-5 times a week, My objective, was to strengthen my heart.

      about 4 days prior to going to A&E, i introduced jumping/skipping into my exercise routine. I only jumped for about 5-10 mins. I think the jumping was the cause of my discomfort. After talking to the doctors I underwent  some tests 3 x ECGs, CT scan.... and the doctors concluded there were no new clots in my lungs.

      Exercise is good for you but take it easy, i am hesitant about doing too much exercise with my legs and also impact work. I think being hydrated is very important - drink more water...

      I've just spent 2 weeks doing some exterior/interior painting and gardening and I am shattered. I am aware there is something still in my chest, its sad but i'm learning to live with it.

      I  feel 60% fit when compared to beginning of June.

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      I feel 60% fit when compared to beginning of June.

      Apologies, the above statement is not true. I've been fatigued and in bed for past four days, energy low. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be well rested and out of this trough.

      Its hard to keep bouncing back. I hope in future, medicine advances for the sake of the patients and not politics nor commitments to existing treatments.

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