Chest pain could be gas?

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Ok so I really need help or can someone tell me if they had this problem before. I had recently posted this in the anxiety group, because I have Anxiety but now I wanna know if this problem could be a stomach/esophagus problem.

I have a pain in my chest and it's towards the right of my chest, like on the right side of my sternum. I went to the emergency 2 days ago and they did an EKG, blood test and had hooked me up to a heart monitor. The doctor told me reviwed everything and said that everything was normal. But I was still feeling this pain. The day I went to the ER I had experienced it all day, but now it comes around once in a while. Whenever I burp it seems to go away for a little while but it comes back until I burp again. I haven't been eating much lately. So I do have A LOT of gas. The ER doc said that my anxiety is causing the pain, but it was so bad that day, now it's stressing me out. The day after the ER I stayed home and I drank ginger tea and that made me burp so much that most of the pain was going away. The pain was so bad that it felt like that spot was getting "sore" from the pain.

I don't have pain anywhere else. I haven't been sweating(except at work when I'm running around) , no numbness, no shortness of breath, no wheezing, no coughing, sneezing when something is tickling my nose, a little dizziness (but I attribute this to not eating much), eyesight is fine, no,skin discoloration. Blood pressure is normal, diabetes and stroke runs in the family but I have neither. Sometimes I feel like the pain is travelling to the left then goes back to the right.

I hope this is not problems with my lungs.

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    I get the same chest pain and a professor i saw recently said his opinion is 1 because i have had my gall bladder removed and 2 he thinks the gullet and top of the stomach is getting inflamed.

    I hope you get some answers. He did say if i had attended the emergency room with the chest pain if i had been older they would have treated me for a heart attack as it is a similar pain.

    Take care

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      Thank you for your response.

      I still have my gallbladder. Btw I'm 19 years old. My doc believes it can't be heart related because I don't have a family history of heart disease/heart problems nor do I have any underlying condition.

      Next week when I see my doc, I'll ask her if I can see a gastroenterologist.

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      Ask your doctor whether it could be gastro related or whether it could be your gall bladder mention could it ve sludge in your gall bladder or could it be an issue with your bowels as that can cause chest pain. Let us know how you get on
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    Ive been struggling for 8 - 9 months now with bloating, burping and what the doctors call referred pain (a problem in one part of the body that causes pain elsewhere). I also suffer anxiety, which makes my pains worse. The pains can occur anywhere around my abdomen and chest, and can range from mild nausea to feeling like someone is stabbing me with a screwdriver. I also get the internal sore feeling you described, particularly around my sternum, which I have put down to my stomach bloating so much, it is putting pressure on other internal parts around my chest area. However there is usually a nice big burp or two lurking around the corner, and when I do release the gas, the pains tend to subside. Everytime I go to the doctors to get my pains checked out, everything seems normal, heart rate, oxygen levels, lungs all seem fine. I have recently had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. The endoscopy was fine, no probs with oesophagus, stomach or duodenum, the colonoscopy revealed 3 polyps that were removed and benign, and that my sigmoid colon was long and very mobile, however this is unlikely to cause me any problems until I get older, when my chances of a volvulus (twist in bowel) may increase. I've also had loads of blood tests done, again with no real problems, and an upper abdominal ultrasound that found all my internal organs to be fine. I've now been told my problems could be food related, and therefore have been put on a FODMAP diet, and told to go Gluten free for a bit, as I seem to have a problem eating bread and bread products. Been doing this for 4 weeks now and there is still no change, I still experience the problems I listed above. I eat little and often as I think eating large meals makes my problems worse. 

    But like you I've been thinking lately that I may have problems with my lungs as I get chest pains more frequently, but with no other symptoms, and my next appointment with my doctor, I will be trying to get them to follow this up, preferably with an MRI or abdominal CT scan. Whether they listen is another matter, but its the only other tests or investigation I can think of doing.

    Before all this happened I was fine, and only saw a doctor on a few occasions in my life, mostly injury related. It all seems to have developed from mental and physical stress I was under with work, and being put onto Naproxen to help with back pains I was getting. According to the last doctor I saw, stress and Naproxen are a 'lethal combination', and since coming off them, I have never been the same. I take Omeprazole and Colofac to help, and it does to certain extent, but there are still those days that I have these problems for no apparant reason.

    Sorry I can't offer you anymore advice, or help you diagnose your problems. I do hope you get to the bottom of your problems. All the best.

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      Thank you so much for your response. We might not have the same diagnosis but at least I know I'm not the only one. I remember back in January I had grown REALLY intolerant to milk, and this cause a whole bunch of stomach problems. Ever since then I've been having problems eating (which is probably how my anxiety flared up), so I'm actually hoping its a stomach problem. I'm 19 and my doc is not really hearing me out, so I'm gonna have my mom talk to her about having some test done. I'm suppose to take Famotidine for heartburn so ill actually start it today and see how it goes.

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