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I am a 30year old female quite active usually a good recovery time from working out from my target heart rate in the gym twice a week.  Do exercise of some form e.g walking the rest of the week.  I have a BP of 120/80 usualyl however my resting heart rate doesnt seem to get beneath 90beats a min and every so often i will get chest pain like a pulling/stabbing pain for a few mins then it dulls down into an ache I take some pain killers adn it goes till next time its quite often any ideas?  I had an ECG and it was normal

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    Hi Diana.   I understand your distress, and maybe  you are suffering from  ERTI,or  exercise related transient injury,,  sometimes known as  atheletes stitch.   ,,I am not a doctor or claim to diagnose  but i have trained athletically in the past  and  i learned that some foods taken just before exercise can adversely affect performance and  heartrate recovery  ,particulaly if containing caffiene of soluable sugars.  if your ECG was normal then there is not much to worry about  ,   in fact  worrying  is probably the commonest form irritation to the system, apart from smoking and achohol abuse  ,, good luck      
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      Thank you. I don't smoke or drink that much and before exercise I usually have water and some fruit (aboit 30 mins before hand)

      I was please my ECG was normal it's just been for a few weeks and my resting heart rate just doesn't settle

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    coronary specialist
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    i assume  this  fast heartbeat is post  EEG?  if not why did the medic not question it?  As an athelete  i would expect a resting heartbeat of around  60-65 bpm  so i suggest   ,if you are worried you ask to see a cardiologist  or at least  further  investigation by your GP  take care and  i hope all is well eventually
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    HI diana ,thanks for reply  ,and im really pleased you are seeking  professional advise  please  ,if you will  let us know how you  get on ,i wish you well 
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    Good day Diana.  Your lifestyle seems very short of sedimentary and your blood pressure is impressive with a normal pulse pressure.  In terms of the increased pulse rate, although not immensely fast, it can be regarded as higher than expected for someone that is maintaining a reasonable level of fitness. 

    Two explanations for the increased pulse with associated chest pain include an overactive thyroid gland or pre-existing anaemia.

    Hyperthyroidism increases the rate at which many chemical reactions take place within the body.  When the metabolic rate is increased, the heart starts to compensate by beating faster.  Like all other organs, the heart also requires a fair amount of oxygen to support its function.  Although rare in the case of hyperthyroidism, an imbalance between the amount of available oxygen and rate of oxygen consumption can exist.  This phenomenon clinically manifests itself as angina, a common type of chest pain.  Chest pain can be hard to describe, but in most instances, a crushing pain or any sensation of heaviness for that matter will accompany a heart deprived of its oxygen.  This could be the reason for your chest pain, although as mentioned, this is a very unlikely complication of a hyperthyroidism.

    Other signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism include irritability, heat intolerance, frequent bowel movements, weight loss, a fine tremor; warm, clammy skin and brittle hair.  If you don’t have any of these, it becomes way more unlikely that it is a plausible cause.

    For interest’s sake, causes of hyperthyroidism can range from something as benign as excessive intake of iodine to something more severe like a pathological change in the thyroid gland itself.  Clinical signs and symptoms in conjunction with laboratory levels of thyroid hormones will aid in the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism.  The T3, T4 and TSH levels will be established in the blood to not only diagnose the disorder, but to also give an idea of where the problem could be residing at.

    On a completely different note, something as mundane as anaemia, which is simply a decreased oxygen carrying capacity within the blood, could very well be responsible for your problem.  A vitamin B or iron deficiency, among other causes, would be worth taking into consideration as probable causes for anaemia.  If the conjunctiva (membranous area just below the eyeball and behind the eyelid) is abnormally pale, as a single example, anaemia can be regarded as a possibility. 

    If your Hb (Haemoglobin) is normal, you of course have nothing to worry about.

    Besides chest pain, patients with anaemia can experience extreme fatigue, headache, light-headedness or shortness of breath.  It is important to understand that anaemia is not a disease, but rather a sign of an underlying disease. 

    Very often, ECG results are normal under non-strenuous circumstances as there is no extra demand on the cardiovascular system, but as soon as an extra strain is inflicted by a stress ECG, the picture may appear otherwise.  From your mentioned history, it seems that only a regular ECG was conducted. 

    I hope that this could have at least ruled in/ out one disorder in your mission to find the underlying cause of your problem and also hope that you will get better soon.

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