Chest pain when cold

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Whenever I get cold I start getting chest pain. It can be any situation like sleeping at night as the temperature falls in the room, wearing a wet t-shirt for some time, not being dressed properly in the cold weather. The result is always the same, I get terrible pain in my chest, every breath hurts, the deeper the worse it is. It only goes away from one thing I cover up, put on a sweater or jacket, even if the rest of my body feels fine, I need to feel really warm and then I recover and the pain goes away. This started happening about a year ago. I really don't understand it. I don't even get that cold. The rest of my body feels fine. It's like I have to always maintain a high temperature around my chest.

I'm a 31 year old man. No major health problems. Exercise regularly. There's some stress in my life but I generally manage it. I am pretty skinny (5'7 at 135lbs) and have been all of my life. I've been going to the gym so I'm relatively muscely. I don't know if it's body composition, but it feels strange that just my chest can cool off so much to cause this pain. The pain is bad, it makes me worried about going to places where I might not be able to get warm when I need to (like camping). Why is it happening and what should I do? Why can't I find any info about it on the internet?

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    Hi yuri

    I don't have an answer to your question, Angina usually means moderate to severe chest pain that requires medication to relieve the pain,if GTN doesn't get rid of the pain then it's a trip to the emergency department. cold weather is a prime trigger for angina, especially the unstable type as is emotional stress another trigger. As a rule of thumb if it hurts it's muscular  in origin, other causes are lungs or the lining between your lungs and chest wall, I forget what they call this lining but when that gets inflamed it causes great pain but it doesn't usually go away just by warming up , it's called pleuracy.

    Other things you could try and look under via google is panic / anxiety , unstable angina , even see what it gives you when you look under pleuracy. Hope this helps.

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      Sorry I made a typo last post and you might be scratching your head....sorry... it should of read

      As a rule of thumb if it hurts to breathe it's generally muscular in origin.

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    I have asthma as well as angina.My asthma is worse in cold weather.Wearing scarf over nose/mouth so air is slightly warmer on entering lungs helps me.If GTN spray does not work maybe GO could check your lungs.Good luck
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    Hi Yuri , i am so sorry to hear that .

    I am 31 and got exactly same symptoms of yours .

    Once cold sneak inside my chest i feel pain in every breath and even if i swallow my own saliva , sometimes it comes with cold feets .

    The only way to get rid of it , either to take hot shower that will give u fast recovery , or to worm ur self and deink something hot ( slow recovery ) .

    From my researchs and notices it is most properly from sophageal .

    I don't think this is something serious or related to heart problems.

    For me it comes 3 or 4 times a year , if you have it more oftenly then better you consult a doctor .

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    Hey yuri , I experience the same exact things as you and I think I've been like this for a long time . Once I went camping and didn't bring enough to cover up with. Woke up with serious pain from sleeping cold, but what woke me up was that I had to pee . The pain didn't go away for the whole night since I had nothing to cover with. Last night I had same issue and it took about an hour after putting on a sweater to get back to normal. I feel as though we don't have a serious issue but it's definitely temperature related or maybe sensitive lungs ? Who knows man It may be angina but it doesn't fit description.

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    it is temperature related

    it is not. bad health issue. I have it sometimes. not only in d chest. but it could be any part

    sometimes,.my back. it happens if we don't dress well during the cold. the best solution when

    you geel to warm that area up and apply a mentol.on.the surface.

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    Hi Yuri,

    Sorry to hear about your trouble but strangely I too suffer with chest pain in winters with same causes as you mentioned and it's about 12years now!! Terrible pain engulfing sternum and surrounding with increased breath that doesn't goes away without getting warm.

    I am really looking for the answers as I am tensed and don't want to loose my Family in 31yr of age!!


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    These are classic signs of one of the triggers for prinzmental angina.

    GTN spray, will most probably relieve your symptoms if it is indeed prinzmental angina.

    I had a heart attack as a result and am recovering now, 1 year and 2 months. I’m 35.

    Ask your doctor about vasospastic angina/coronary artery spasms - different words for the same thing.

    Calcium channel blockers should also stop the spasms from happening.

    Best of luck 

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    Hi Yuri

    I'm 31 and for years I've been sensitive to cold temperatures. Feeling intense pain in my chest and back when I've neglected to bundle up, or made the mistake of falling asleep with my window open overnight. I never knew what it was. Nor have I ever sought treatment for it.

    I'm no expert. Nor do I know if we are dealing with the same thing here. In my experience, however, something I learned from my aunt long ago does the trick and my pain is gone within 5 minutes. Every. Time.

    Make a cup of tea. Any tea. Chamomile, green tea.... powdered cinnamon in a cup of hot water even. Add honey, if you've got some, for sweetness.

    Measure about half a teaspoon of baking soda (a little more is fine)

    Alternate taking small sips of tea followed by a little bit of baking soda... until both the tea and baking soda are gone. This should go quickly. 2-5 minutes.

    You will start burping like crazy almost immediately afterward. Don't fight it and let it all out. Within, a few minutes, your pressure/pain should have completely disappeared. Sounds crazy, but this has been what has worked for me every single time. I hope it helps!

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