Chest pain when hungry

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It's summer, and I have bad sleeping times. I sleep at 4-6 AM and wake up 3-4 PM

And I think it might be related to this. So a few weeks ago whilst I was hungry the middle bit of my chest started to ache. Idk how to explain the part but it's just at the middle of my chest 

So now it's been getting worse and whenever I'm hungry (not that hungry though) it starts to ache and when I eat it gets better or gone but the pain is really bad and because I fear that the pain might start it has caused me to eat a lot. 

Also, I have a lot of gas and my stomach is bloated and at night whist sleeping I can't move side to side because it sometimes hurts. (talking about the whole of my stomach) near the sides but still at the front if u know what I mean. My English is a little messed up when it gets to explaining so I will make a pic of where I get pain.

Pain at middle of chest when hungry

Pain at stomach at night when trying to move in bed from side to side or stretching because stomach is gassy and bloated 

Been to my GP and they said I'm fine. However I'm planning to go and tell them to refer me to specialist but often times they say you're fine but I'll ask them for a referral. 

Also over all stomach messed up and when I eat oranges, ketchup and lemon juice my stomach burns 


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    Sounds like your diet is at fault. Your sleeping habits dont help either.    What does your diet consist of? A lot of fat? Junk food? Do you have regular meals or just snack?
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      my meals are not on time because of the sleeping times. i usually eat rice and meat, chicken , yogurt and besically middle eastern food .  i dont take snacks and i dont really think the food contains a lot of fat because everyone else in my family are fine and have no problems

      but for example my sister eats the same food as i do. she is fine and not overweight but i am 

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    Your stomach is obviously sensitive to acidic food, so try to keep those items out of your diet.   Does your sleep pattern have to be so erratic? due to work or some other reason?

    If you could reeducate your body to sleep at night you may find that will help but your symptoms could possibly be the start of a stomach ulcer . Are you under stress for some reason?  

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      thanks for the reply

      I don't know why my sleeping is so bad. I'm young only 17 and it was summer so I was playing and wasting my time and using my phone before bed and all that. next thing ik my sleeping is destroyed.

      im not stressed. just sometimes it comes and goes but when i try to sleep at night my heard pumps very fast and very loudly so as if I am stressed but im not. also I can feel the heart pumping hard and it's scary.

      and about the gas, even with good sleeping i had there was still gas and bloating. the gas and bloating is being going on for 2 to 3 years now


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      Ali do try to get your sleeping habits back into proper time.  Cut out the screen time at least 1 hour before bed and sleep 7-8 hours at night and not during the day.

      You may be intolerant of some food you are eating. Try cutting out anything with milk in it. eg yoghurt There is a large group of people around the world who cannot digest it and it causes similar symptoms to yours.

      If you drink beer then try going without. 

      Try not to sleep flat...use 2 or 3 pillows to stay reclined at an angle. If you are laying flat too soon after eating it will cause a problem.

      Also you can buy a digestive remedy. Dont know if you are in UK but something like Gaviscon can help or Zantac {Ranitidine} or if these dont help try a course of Nexium {esomeprazole}  If Nexium doesnt help then you really need to see your doctor for advice.

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    Hi Ali. I have same problems. totally the same symptoms. Did you find any cause or did you go to doctor again? My pains differ depending on my sleeping hours, eating hours and what I eat. By regulating sleeping hours and regularly eating hours, I reduced symptoms. And i had some blood analysis + heart analysis (ekg other one, forgot name), there was no any problem. And most probably it is related to neurotic issues.

    I have an anxiety problems and whenever I'm stressed or I'm hungry my chest ,heart becomes tight and painful. also when I sleep late(like 1 or 2 a.m) the next day symptoms get worse. My advice is , visit a neurologist and he or she will get it easily what you say and what you have. Usually they give a food supplement or antidepressant.

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    hi i been having the same pain in the middle of my chest most of the times either after i eat or when im hungry, i also have been getting pain in the stomach after i eat meals. My diet is bad at all and im healthy and keep fit, since im young i do have trash food but ive never had these problems before sometimes this pain goes for a week and then comes back it is pain in the middle of my chest and in my lower stomach. Also when both of these pains occur i seem to get very hot i can tell this by touching my forehead and just body in general. I have been a little bit stressed recently so that might be it but if you have found a solution or if there is anyone who knows what to do and can help it will be appreciated.

    I have googled before on this pain and ive seen alot of things come back to IBS but im not sure.

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