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Hi there,

I am 22 years old. I was admitted and was diagnosed with "Gastritis Erosion Over Antrum", with GERD (Acid Reflux). I was recently discharged from the hospital and told me to continue my medications at home for one month with omeprazole 40mg and mucosta 3 times a day. I was confused because I was having chest tightness, chest pains this past days. I took all the labs (3 Chest X-Rays, 3 ECGs, 2D-Echo, Ultra Sound, Blood Test and Endoscopy) and all came back fine with normal results except for the endoscopy, they found out some few pinpoint erosions over antrum. Im also having shortness of breath, when I breathe deeply I cant catch my breath. I am so worried because I think these symptoms may lead me to a heart attack. I also asked the doctors if theres something wrong with my heart? They just answered "we haven't seen any problems with your heart. Youre fine and your heart is normal" I was just confused if I have to believe them or not. Could someone tell me if these symtoms are just related with my GERD? How could this be related to my GERD? Is the "Gastritis Erosions" cause all these symptoms? Why am I having chest pains? Shortness of breath? Am I having heart problems? Im so worried all day thinking about my health conditions. Any response will be much appriciated. Thank you so much. God bless

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    So. From what you've written I'm going to be honest, this is probably anxiety related. It's a very common cause of chest pain. You have had far more investigations than I would deem to be necessary and they are all fine. Take that as some reassurance. You're young, heart attacks are incredibly rare at your age. I think you're having panic attacks, which are made worse by thinking you're having a heart attack. Not uncommon. Speak to your doctor and suggest this. You may benefit from a beta blocker and maybe some counselling. Especially if something else is going on in your life. 

    all the best


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      Hello. Thank you for the response. I have been told from my doctor to comeback at hospital for a follow up check. Currenlty, I'll just have to stick to my prescribe medications and balance my diet. I think you're right, it might be just an anxiety. I'll be having a follow up check up with my doctor and I have to tell every symtoms I felt. Thank you so much.

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    Do you mind me asking what your BMI is?

    Its just you’re very young to have reflux. 

    22 Years olds dont have Ischaemic Heart Disease and your doctors have done an ECHO to rule out rarer heart diseases that can affect younger people.

    As Acuteabdo said, it could be anxiety. Panic attacks can present with chest tightness and SOB.

    Some more questions: 

    Do you have a wheeze?

    Do you Smoke?

    Do you remember the day when the symptoms first started?

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      Hi ben1994! Thank you for your reply. Regarding about my BMI, I have 5'4 feet height and I currently weight 132 lbs / 60kgs beacuse I controlled my diet for almost 1 month but I was 143lbs / 65kgs before. I don't have wheeze or even snore sounds when I sleep and I also don't smoke. I don't even drink alcoholic beverages such as beer or wine, but I admit that I do always drink coffee and softdrinks everyday but that was before and now that I have learned my lesson, I already quit coffee and softdrinks. This all started with the feeling numbness of my both arms. I'm feeling like I'm about to die. I'm feeling like I'm about to paralyze. This was a month ago then these symtoms were gone for 2 days but then it came back again and then gone again. I was really confused, nervous and afraid of what I felt. After that, we went to clinic for consultation near our house. The doctor asked me so many questions regarding the symptoms that I felt and I completely anwered all her questions honestly. Then, she ended up telling me that I had hyper'acidity and she prescribe me home remedies and medications, omeprazole 20mg and semico. I was confused thinking how were these symptoms or these feelings related to my stomach disorder. Anyways, I took omeprazole twice a day as what she said. After 3 days from my consulation, we, with my parents went to our province because at that time we had a family reunion. I didn't feel those symptoms in that 3 days. As we arrived in the province, the symptoms came back again. I was so weak and I felt like I couldn't raise my both arms. My relatives were so scared because they didn't know what to do. What they did is that they decided to do a massage to my body and fortunately, I was relief. After that, for about 2 hours rest, I suddenly felt shortness of breath. It feels like I can't catch my breath when I breath deeply. We went back home with my parents and we planned to have consultation again. This time, we went to Hospital at Out Patient Department and by that time I was diagnosed with GERD because the doctor said I was having a severe symptoms such as shortness of breath. I also told the doctor about my previous consultation. The doctor said that the shortness of breath symptoms that I had was a "dyspnea"? I didn't hear clearly other words he had said beacuse I was having a trouble breathing at that time. He just prescribe me the same medications like from the first doctor I was consulted but this time without semico. After for 2 weeks taking those medications, the symptoms were gone. In just about 3 to 4 days, the symptoms came back again and this time, aside from the shortness of breath I felt, I suddenly felt pain in my chest. Very tight. The chest tightness took 4 to 5 hours before its gone. Then we went to hospital again. They took me ECG and Blood Test and both laboratories came back normal. They just told me that "You're fine. You're heart is normal". After the laboratories, they prescribe me the same medication again but this time, it was omeprazole with 40mg and they added another tablet called "iterax?" Sorry can't remember. We went back home then the symptoms were gone as I took those two tablets. After a couple of days, it came back again and by that time I decided to be admitted at hospital because I really didn't understand these symptoms that I felt for about 1 month. So thats all happened. As I stayed in the hospital they took me 2D Echo, Chest X-Ray, Whole Abdomen Ultra Sound, and lastly was Endoscopy. All came back normal except for the Endoscopy as I said in my post. Until now, the same symptoms is still inside wrecking my body. I have to wait few more days for my follow up check up. I'll just also have to stick with my medications and balance my diet, as well as exercise. Anyways, I already detailed my story. Well, thanks for your reply Mr. Ben1994. Very much appreciated. Sorry for this long response. I'm just really afraid and nevous thinking this health condition.

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      So you definitely have gastritis, as confirmed by endoscopy and need to continue taking Omeprazole.

      Who diagnosed you with reflux and why?

      Do you get burning symptoms going up to your throat?

      Reflux can cause chest tightness, SOB and cough, if its very bad. This is called laryngopharyngeal reflux. 

      Chest tightness can also come from chest muscles.

      Do you or any of your family have a Asthma, Eczema or Hayfever?

      Are you eating and drinking normally.

      Your BMI is normal.

      I would advise start drinking full fat milk - this may do wonders for your gastritis.

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    Hi! I was wondering if there  any updates on your condition. We have exactly the symptoms. Was admitted also thinking it was a heart attack. thank God all my cardio tests were normal. However i havn’t had endoscopy yet. How are you? 
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