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After two spirometry tests I have been diagnosed with restrictive breathing problems .  I get shortness of breath with slight exertion, dry cough, tingling in legs and feet.  Dr says I may have problems with my chest wall -  does any one who also has AS have this problem? Can it be caused by AS?

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    I used to get tightening of the chest. My boss made me go to hospital on one occasion but it was diagnosed as a side effect of AS. On another occassion I was driving and had to pull into the driveway of the nearest house much to the surprise of the resident who brought me a glass of water and allowed me to relax for a while until it cleared up.

    My brother (also AS) has very limited chest expansion nowbut is o.k. otherwise.

    Knowing my brothers experience I started very deep breathing whenever I got the problem. It was quite painful but I still have decent chest expansion.

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      Thanks foryour reply  .  Ive had chest pains in the past - drs thought it was from referred pain from the thoracic area as my spine had been very tender in that area at the time.  Doing deep breathing exercises sounds like a good idea.
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    Hi Denise I get shortness of breath cough as well, I just put it down to 35, years of when I was a smoker I go for breath tests next Tuesday never thought they may have been linked with as, will ask about that next Tuesday. My breathing and cough started last August when I started with af don't ask me to spell it heart goes out of rhythm ever since then I have had cough n shortness of breath I always thought it could have been that if it gets any worse may start smoking again only kidding will update after next tuesday
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      Thanks for your reply.  Im a non-smoker so I have to blame it on the AS I think.
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    HI Clare, will be 62 this yr.  Have had AS for a while.  Neck problems for 20 yrs, psoriasis for 15 yrs, Uveitis for 5yrs.  I worked 12 yrs in the oil fields of west Texas ('70s and early '80s) where I had several injuries to my neck and back (resulted in extended hospital stays}.  As I got older and started having neck and back problems, I attributed them to wild days on the rigs.  My neck is completely fused. I drink via a straw and if something is directly overhead, I have to walk some before it is in my field of view.  Before Humira, I had horrrible hip and lower back pains.  Felt as though my left kidney would explode.  I do sit ups so I can breathe.  My stomach was too big and taking up space my lungs needed.  I can't feel my rib cage move no matter how deep of breath I try and take.  Walking is not so good.  I ride my bicycle twice a week.  Headaches from straining to look ahead instead of down.  Flexeril has helped a little.  Not feeling well is now the norm.  Don't know if I have enough yrs left to get use to the "norm"._ 0 votes F Report g Share


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      I apologize..please substitute Denise for Clareexclaim
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      Thanks for your reply.  It sure sounds like you have lots of difficulties due to your AS.  I hope you continue to cope as well as you can. One crazy thing about AS for me is every day is slightly different - I never know which area of my body is going to feel the worst.  I get it in my spine and most of my peripheral joints - walking can be difficult.  I tend to go one day at a time and try to concentrate on the positives.  Some days I struggle to think positive when Im feeling exhausted.  My husband is my rock.
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    Hello Denise. I was diagnosed in my late 20s (about 20 years ago) with AS, even though it was at its worst around 18-22 years of age, in a different health authority. Told to swim (I'm a non-swimmer) and do exercises that were already beyond my capability. Amazingly, in my early 30s, I was able to play a bit of 5-a-side football, and yes, I did get a sore lower back afterwards, but I would take a diclofenac that usually sorted me by the next day.

    Having moved health authorities when I was 32, I thought nothing of the AS, and it never occured to me that there might be future problems other than potentially being bent over. Consequently, I rarely mentioned the AS to my new GP, and I think I had one batch of diclofenac that lasted me about 6 years (out of date!). Then, after a sleep apnoea test revealed poor lung function, I went through the rigmarole of trying various inhaler therapies (currently on Relvar) to improve my breathing. Alas, none of this seems to have worked, and despite mentioning that I occasionally took diclofenac for AS, no-one put 2 and 2 together to suggest that my increasing chest discomfort was possibly related to lack of chest expansion. It took 13 months from first mentioning use of NSAID combined with poor lung function for the penny to drop. I have now been on Humira for just over two months, and I am hopeful that it will reduce the pain and discomfort, although it is unlikely to halt the decline of my lungs. The respiratory consultant was slightly perplexed though because I show all the signs of COPD (chronic obstructive airways disease) rather than restrictive breathing difficulties which are more common with AS sufferers. Have you been tested for apical lung fibrosis, because I think that can be linked with lung issues and AS? I have shortness of breath, especially when walking up a slight incline, and my stomach is now becoming a problem if I want to bend forwards to pick things up. Other than that, in answer to your question, chest issues are quite common with more severe cases of AS, especially where the spondylosis is encroaching on the thoracic area of the spine........I'm not a medicall practitioner, and in fact, most of this might just be waffle, but good luck Denise.

    I am now 48 (49 next week), and I hope I see 50!!

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      Thankyou for your advice.  Ive had a ct scan of my lungs which showed there was no fibrosis (which was a relief as Id had double pneumonia last year).  I go for more breathing tests in 5 months and another xray to see if there is any improvement or if its from AS.  Had to be taken to hospital on 2 occasions previously as I was having bad chest pains - Im 57 so thoughts of heart issues - all ok - my thoracic area had been very tender before this and drs thought I was having referred pain from that to my chest - bending over doesnt help!!


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