Chicken Pox at 29... what the?!

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So it started last weekend. Saturday - I was TIRED.. so very tired, but my mates kept insisting I come out so I did... drank lots, kind of overcame the tiredness. Next day Sunday - , I noticed one spot on my waist. Thought nothing of it until that night I was running a temperature (38.5)...

Monday morning, woke up with about 10 spots in total, on the neck, chest, arms. Suspecting chicken pox I took myself to the GP who said it was likely chicken pox, but hard to tell so soon... well 5 days later, I know for sure its the pox!

I've had a sore throat since Wednesday, and while I didnt experience fever on Tues or Wed, ran a temperature again on Thurs night and this morning at 38.8. I've headaches, sore gums, diarrhea, blocked ears and insomnia... it is absolutely VILE.

Given the repeated fevers, I got a doctor to call in today. He checked my ears and said he suspected some kind of secondary infection and gave me antibiotics. He said not to worry too much about the fever, as it is to be expected afterall.

My face is a mess, I just want this to go away!

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    Hey I'm feeling your pain, I'm 23 and on day three of the pox. Had a horrendous headache all day Sunday and one wierd \"itchy bit\" on my head. Then the fever started come Monday morning I had about 20 pox in my scalp and tons on my back and chest. Now they're just multiplying before my eyes! I've even got two in my mouth and either my throat is sore or there is one there too. Do your's hurt as well as itch?

    It's killing me not being able to brush my hair or get any work done as concentration brings out either fever or headache! I find Piriton and calmomile useful but not great, any great remedies for you?

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    I have this from Friday Morning.

    so, here is the story

    Wednesday- Fever, no spots nothing, just took sensodyne

    Thursday-Fever, shivering, had tablet, went ok in evening as wife's birthday but by the 11 pm in night, shivering and fever. found one spot on my thigh/

    Friday- Morning, woke up and found these all over, OMG, ring doctor, not much help, he said CPOX but trust me, thats safe game they play,

    Saturday-High fever and spots become millions.

    Sunday-Took a shower today and spot increased (i will not advice shower to any adult).

    Now its Sunday night (or i say 3 rd day), my face has become so ugly that i hate it, some people say 3-7 days, some says 4th day they start going down,

    I am surprised there is no immediate injection to stop it in a day or 2 or stopping spots, Please god, get me out of it,


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    I finally dont feel alone. I have the same case senarios as everyone here. same symptoms and problems. ITS A NIGHTMARE!! Its funny you dont get good medical help in one of the most developed and rich country like UK.

    Chicken pox is much severe in adults. So taking a shower does not increase it, its just natural. In fact take shower 2 times a day so you wash out all JUICE coming out of those little devils. Change you bed linen daily. Basic hygeine like these will make our journey thru this much easier.

    Get well Soon!!

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      In Adult-Chikenpox cases showering 2 times a day is not advisible certainly. Also it is always better to avoid bursting the blisters no matter what. Bursting them would cause much more infection and increase the risk of having skin problems.
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    I hope you all recoverd well and are ok now!

    Oh no!

    Im 22 with bad asthma and iv been unwell all week, was sweating all night last night(nice)went to bed with a blister looking thing on my back and this morning im coverd and its the first day ..........not good.....iv proberly got about 60-80 spots allready! im not looking forward to waking up tomorrow with more!but they are just red at the moment sad

    whats the best things to do to help yourself?

    whats horrible is iv been a achne monster for years and only recently my skins got better and now im going to be back to stage one again with scars etc and this is the first daysad poo

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    it was my birthday on saturday and managed to contract chickenpox from my daughter as a present. i am covered from head to toe and is hidious. I sympathise with all on this board.
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    Hi there,

    I am on day three with this dreadful dreadful condition at 31. I am living in the heat so am finding it difficult to keep my temperature down, my face is absolutely destroyed, not to mention my body. Please tell me this goes away after 7 days and these lumps and blisters go, I am dreading being scarred :-(

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      I'm on day 8 and the spots are getting worse and don't seem to be calming at all I must have well over a1000 or more my head looks like a squashed Pizza the pain is unbearable I've heard it takes 14 days at least

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    i'm on day 3 as well and i'm 25. the blisters are starting to filled with pus and it looks like i have really bad acne. I accidently touch one of the blister and the pus came out and i saw the root of it. i freaked out, i could not believe how deep that sucker is. Can someone tell me how long it will last to clear up and when you're actually clear up, do you get scar???
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    I just had 3 weeks bebore at age 34

    and it sucked life out of me.

    I am left with around 50 marks on face and around 1000 on rest of my body.

    Few of them are quite deep and i dont think my skin will ever recover from it.

    Only advise as all NHS doc says plz do not pick them( I know it is hard to hell once you start getting caps on them) but let them heal naturually.

    after end of start eating plums,cherries or similar anti - oxident to get rid of the black/brown spots.

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    I am 25 and have the chicken pox! Here is what happened to me:

    Day 1: Headache, sensitivity to light

    Day 2: Fever, temperature of 39 C, headache, drowsiness, muscle ache, neck ache (but eased with use of paracetamol or ibruprofen)

    Day 3: All of the above, sweats, shivers, light headedness, loss of apetite

    Day 4: Spots appear on stomach and back

    Day 5: Spots start radically spreading to legs, arms, face, eyelids, scalp

    Day 6: Spots start itching, still spreading

    I have been using Calamine lotion, antiviral tablets and antihistamine tablets. This is THE worst! Does any one know how long the spots last???

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    Chicken pox at 66 - I DON'T BELIEVE IT.

    Doctor very nice, but trying not to laugh. Feel like death warmed up. Friends find it hilarious. Itching is not too bad, baths help a lot. Eating does not appeal but drinking a lot. I think I will abandon a lifetime principle and ask for sleeping pills.

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    :ill: well that sorta sums up how im feeling at the mo!

    i'm 37 & got diagnosed last Sunday! The dreaded Chicken Pox, never thought id ever get it as my mum has been so insistant that i had it when i was a child! lol but hey its here.

    i'm on day 5 & to be honest they're still appearing & spreading, doing my best not to scratch and keeping myself cool, which seems to help, moreover i think its all about will power which in my case is up & down!

    Ive just been advised (NHS Direct) that i'm still infectious as long as they are appearing and untill the LAST one has 'crusted' over and no more appear. I'm glad that got cleared up as i have found several conflicts of information regarding this point?

    Anyhow, i hope if your reading this you are having better times than me, good luck in the battle of the Pox!!!![/i][/b]

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    Right I know this is from AGES ago so you will all be nice and healthy and probably not see this post but I just want to say how hearing that other people are (well were) going through the same thing has made me feel so much better! I am 17 and babysat for some young children with chickenpox about a fortnight before my symptoms appeared. I had thought I would be fine as I had what we thought to be chickenpox when I was 8 so either I am one of the lucky few who get it twice or it was misdiagnosed.

    Anyway I am now in the forth day of horror and am stuck in a pit of miserableness! Here is my story:

    Friday: functioning in the morning but felt strange with temperature, bad headaches and sore eyesockets. Got worse throughout day.

    Sat: discovered rash on chest and thought "oh sh*t". More spots steadily appeared throughout the day especially on face and chest.

    Sun: KABOOM woke up after about 3 hours sleep covered head to toe in horrific spots. More were still appearing and face and scalp were particularly bad. Also have two in my mouth and I suspect one in throat as feels sore and inflamed (taking 2 paracetamol every four hours and coating myself in calamine lotion...which I must say is only adding to my attractiveness...)

    Mon: back became incredibly itchy and spots on face appear to be crusting over. Again had very little sleep and even slept with 2 pairs of socks on my hands.

    tues (today): back spots are now sore and stomach itchy. My face feels disgusting.

    Hopefully things are set to improve I can no longer remember what my face looked or felt like before it was this vile thing, am purposely avoiding mirrors. Anyway thanks for sharing everyone!

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    Hi, I'm 18 and is currently day 2 of cp! Had to take 2 weeks of medical leave, missing school lessons,

    To add on this f***ing pox, My face is already covered with lot of acnes, and now I look super hideous and ugly. Looking at the mirror makes me feel like crying. Had read each and single post on this page and glad that there are people out there can experience what I'm going through right now. My friend told me that I shouldn't bath and switch on the fan or the air-con so everyday I sweat like buckets, and I do sweat a lot which make it worse. Now I look like a freaking monster and I can only pray hard that the pox will heal completely especially those on my face. Everyday had to take 3 kind of medicine and I can't even sleep with all the pox on my body!

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