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Hi, so I'm currently suffering from chickenpox. I am 19 years old, living in a tropical country. I worked with kids, and I noticed this wound thing a few days ago. I had a bad case of acne growing up, but my face was clearing up so I popped. It would scab and itch for the whole day and all.


basically, I was diagnosed with chickenpox. I'm a little of a workholic, so this was really devastating. That, and my dad is 51 and my mom is 46. As far as I know, both cannot recall if they have chicken pox. We lived in a pretty small house, and it was hard to avoid them. But I did it anyway.

So anyway, I had a bad case of chicken pox. It was easy to resist scratching bc nothing itched. Except for that damned pox on my face. It itches really badly, like my whole face is filled with scab and redness and it was horrifying and painful to look at. Because I didn't have the best hygiene growing up and I'm starting to take better care of my skin.

So anyway this should be day 3. I really don't know how the chicken pox days work, but today would either be day 3 or 4. Blisters spread everywhere - but it was somewhat slow. And anyway, my back is starting to itch a lot from all the chicken pox. I read online that when itching gets bad, you should use oatmeal bath, and catamine. I would want to get the lotion, but I can't walk out looking like this. So I would get my mom/my sis. While my sister is generally supportive, and my dad listened to me - he didn't come near me and stuff. My mom on the other hand, was constantly butting heads with me over the best way to treat chickenpox. she told me to endure the itching ( which had kept me up for 2 nights ) and even told me that chicken pox wasn't that big of a deal. one of the nights, what felt like my nymph nodes were swollen and I had a fever. I wear specs and every time I wore specs, that pox under my eye would burn and sear in pain. It was really painful, and to think that I thought I had a minor case.


sorry for boring you with my long story and all, i also lastly have some questions.

- To soothe the itchiness on my face, I first decided to wash my face every 30-40 minutes. It stung, but the scabbing got a lot better. When I first took a shower, I decided to spam baby powder all my body, including that open sore. I felt less dirty, and it was easier to sleep. but I took a shower just now and the pox under my eye had grown to this grosteque size (it was smaller than when I did nothing with it and it was all scanning and all) . It doesn't itch, doesn't hurt. But I saw there was a bit of liquid coming out. Is it infected, or am I overreacting? Also, if it is infected, are there any home remedies to get rid of the swelling?

- as I said, I've read that talcum/baby powder has drying effect and helps to reduce itching. While that is true, I still itch. Doesn't matter how much I apply on myself, it itches or stings? It really affects my sleep because even though it is bearable that I don't scratch myself every 5 seconds, it is bad enough that I end up twitching in my sleep and waking up.

- other than that, can chicken pox spread through toys and all? Do I have to disinfect them? I know this is very childish of me, but I have a lot of toys on my bed that I sleep with. I'm not sleeping with my favorite one, but do I have to disinfect everything or does the virus die without a human host?

- lastly, my sister sleeps in the same room as me. She's adamant about not leaving the room, so she sleeps above me. I don't cough, I don't sneeze and we make no physical contact. Can the virus still be spread that way? Similar to my mother and my father as well, I hardly talk to my fathe anymore and when he is in the room, i talk through a blanket. Can the virus spread that way, or will it die? Similarly with my mom, my mom looks after my meals and all and she washes it. What are her chances of getting chickenpox? My dad is 51, my mother is 46, my sister is 17. They are all coughing and all, but they insist that they don't have any pox. I think my dad is vaccinated in the army but none of them know for sure. I am worried bc I have read about all kinds of complications when chickenpox hits adults, and I just want to make sure I don't end up spreading chicken pox to my parents.

Sorry for the word vomit, it's just been a while since I can talk to anyone and it feels good to finally get some real answers. Have a good day and thank you for answering in advance.

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    I had chicken pox (dec 2014 posted above)

    There are still some black spots on my face

    .... It spreads fast but not too much

    I REMEMBER I talked to everybody in my home everyday .... I played football too with my Brother during CP....

    Yeah if someone stay too much with victim then there IS some chance

    You may too much hot while sleeping

    TOYS .... i Passed my days with my smartphone ... so spreading through toys is not possible (chance if cloth type of toys )


    SO IT DOES NOT SPREADS SO FAST... according to me 😊

    So just make a plan about how to spend next 5 days staying in home.

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    Hi, I'm also dealing with chicken pox at the moment. We sure do share most symptoms. I'm 23 and this is my fourth day.

    You seem really worried about it, just as I am. I've read a lot about it on the internet in the past few days, so maybe i can answer some of your queries.

    Chicken pox symptoms get more serious with age. In the absence of complications, CP can be far much more mild on children below 12yrs. I got the serious itch on my second day, and the blisters were at maximum. Ive used calamine lotion, and it sure does help. Applying some olive oil on the blisters has also worked for me. I'd advice you to keep your skin clean. Dont get too worried about the blisters. Once they burst they wont come back. Im not really sure if your blister is infected but if you keep it clean and give it time,with minimal disturbance,im sure youll b okay.

    Use calamine lotion and olive oil for the itch. If it affects your sleep, u can get a sedative eg piriton. It will help you sleep and reduce the scratching.

    If you are planning to share your toys then maybe you should disinfect them. However if they r for personal use, then you dont have to. Its very rare for someone to catch CP more than once.

    The virus causing CP can be spread through contact with the fluid from the blisters or any body fluid. Even in the absence of physical contact, spending more than 15mins with a person with CP is enough for infection to occur. Additionally, 90% of people who have never had CP will catch it from exposure to the virus. If your siz has never had CP or has low immunity, then probably she will get it from you. It takes between one and three weeks for the symptoms to show. Dont worry so much if they get it from you. Even if they dint, theyd probably end up getting it from someone else.

    As of now my blisters are all bursted. They dont itch anymore. The only problem i have is the mouth sores and occasional fever+headache. I know I'll b fine in two days. Quick recovery mate!

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      I've been taking antiviral medicine. The blisters dont appear anymore and the previous ones have formed scabs, while still others have diaappeared. I feel completely healthy at day 4. Maybe the antiviral med helps...i dont really think it can take months for the spots to disappear. I'm sure i wont b having mine by the end of the week.
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      Hahaha ... just Kidding bro ....

      They will never re appear ...

      It will take about 4,5 days So that blisters over your body will be fully removed ... first they turn black then they end ....

      But little spots will stay on your body which will be removed by some kind of beauty cream.....


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      I hope that your chicken pox is getting better. It turned out that I suffered from secondary infection from chicken pox on my face because I woke up and there were a couple of pox that looked green and all. But now most of my spots on my face are just dark and some have completely healed, but left pit-like scars. It's been about 2 weeks since my pox but it seems like there are small pin like rashes on my body. I'm unsure if it's chicken pox or something else (because my friend who had chicken pox twice said his chickenpox looked like that, but my doctor said that it wasn't) once again, they aren't itchy but it worries that it came out so late and I was glad to finally get it out of the way. I was on google for a while but I still can't figure out if it's pox or not. I'm also not sure if i am infectious, because there are some poxes that have completely turned into dark blisters. Online advice have also been conflicting thus far.

      I hope that your case of chicken pox hasn't been confusing as mine and that you got better real soon because this really sucks.

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      Hello, OMG thank you for responding. I know chicken pox takes about 10 days to recover but today is day 14 already and most are in various stages of recovery. However there are a bunch of small rashes that have turned up at my stomach that look like chicken pox but are relatively smaller than one. They also only appear on my stomach and there's one on my shoulder. I asked my friend about it (he had chicken pox twice) and he said it looks like a final outbreak of chicken pox. However, my doc said that it was nothing but didn't tell me what it was specifically.

      Also, when do I stop being infectious? Because I have a bunch of blisters that have started drying but seem to be filled with fluid. So I'm unsure if I'm in the clear or if I still need some time to let the virus run its course? You seem quite knowledgeable so advice would definitely be appreciated! Thank you smile

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